Micro Bit

This is my first time on MicroBit and i am obviously still learning, but i have also learnt a bit too! On MicroBit there are many tutorials  that helps you learn all the tips and tricks to the program!



Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is my code for the rock,paper,scissors game i did on MicroBit.

How this  code works at any time you shake the Bit  there will either be rock, paper or scissors on the screen and you can also do it with a friend!

This code was challenging at first but got easier as i went on (Ashaiya also helped me!).

Smile and Frown

This was one of my favourite tutorials!

This is how it works: If you press “A” it will come up as a smile and if you press a “B” it will come up as a frown it is so fun to play around with!

Overall it was a pretty easy code but it was sill so fun!


Thanks for reading                                                                                            Quinn:)