Billie Eilish Q&A

Billie Eilish's favorite movie growing up was 2014's 'The Babadook ...

My  makey makey project is going to be a Q&A about a well known singer…That’s right it’s Billie Eilish! How i plan to do it is i will have a base probably cardboard or just something hard. Then i think i will have a picture of her as a background a stick it there , The title will obviously be: Billie Eilish Q&A and there will be questions and underneath them i will have green and black shapes and when you press them an answer will be said by coming out of my computer. The shapes will be placed all around it the and i am trying to make it look pretty all at the same time!

Hope you like the idea!

Thanks Quinn 🙂

2 thoughts on “Billie Eilish Q&A

  1. Hi Quinn,
    I love Billie Eilish too!
    This will be a great get to know the star project.

    Will your picture of Billie Eilish be life size? It would be interesting to think of a way to include questions that connect with the model.

    Mrs Watters

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