This is a blog post about the word conclusion.

I like the word conclusion because  it makes me

feel good when I finish something (or conclude

something). Conclusion means : The end or finish

of an a event ,process or text. The other meaning is:

A judgement or decision reached by reasoning.

An example to put it in a sentence would be:

The conclusion of building my new house.

And for the other meaning : Each group

came to a similar conclusion.

I hope you liked my blog post about conclusion!




One thought on “Conclusion

  1. Hi Quinn,
    Oh the joy of finishing something! I love the feeling of a job well done, so I can understand your choice of the word conclusion as your favourite this week. To be honest, I also like starting a new project… do I always finish the things that I start however? eek! Maybe that is a good goal for me… thanks Quinn!

    The only thing I don’t always enjoy is the conclusion of a book! Sometimes I agree with the authors choice, sometimes I REALLY disagree and think the book should have ended differently… and sometimes I am so sad that the book is finished I want to run back inside of it and live in that world for a bit longer!
    Gee, your word really got me thinking today Q!

    Mrs Watters

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