In our class we are reading a book called

Refugee by Alan Sunderland.

There are a few themes in the book including hope, identity, hardship and freedom.

I chose to base this blog on hope. In the book the main character called Ali Ismail

and all throughout the  book he hopes a lot! Like on page 38

he hopes that he passes the interview and gets to be free in Australia and

also on page 96 he hopes that he can leave  Wommera to Adelaide to a

much better place with some of the other kids that don’t have parents.

I think a refugee is some one who comes from a country because

they don’t think it is safe like there could be a war or they could be threated to leave

and there are many other ways. A  refugee can be anyone it could be a child,

a woman or a man. I think  everyone should treat refugees the same way as

everyone else!



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