This is a blog post about the word conclusion.

I like the word conclusion because  it makes me

feel good when I finish something (or conclude

something). Conclusion means : The end or finish

of an a event ,process or text. The other meaning is:

A judgement or decision reached by reasoning.

An example to put it in a sentence would be:

The conclusion of building my new house.

And for the other meaning : Each group

came to a similar conclusion.

I hope you liked my blog post about conclusion!




Triangles Investergation

Throughout the past 2 weeks we have been learning

about triangles and there measurements. We have been

useing a tool called a protractor and what it does is

measure your shapes angels. Like the example on

the top of the page the measurement was 26.6 degrease.

And today I made a few different triangles with different

names like equilateral and acute triangles. I can’t wait to

learn more.




Hair Scarf Project

This is my scratch project on Hair Scarfs and I am going to tell you about what happens

in the story. The main character is called Sally and she loves hair scarfs and she also has

a favourite hair scarf and it is the one that is in the picture. when she comes back from

her hair cut (that she really needed) she tries to put her favourite hair scarf in ad she can’t

get it in her hair. Sally had cut her hair to short! After 2 months her hair grows back

and the hair scarf fit in her hair! THE END!

I hope you liked my blog post and I will see you soon Bye!



In our class we are reading a book called

Refugee by Alan Sunderland.

There are a few themes in the book including hope, identity, hardship and freedom.

I chose to base this blog on hope. In the book the main character called Ali Ismail

and all throughout the  book he hopes a lot! Like on page 38

he hopes that he passes the interview and gets to be free in Australia and

also on page 96 he hopes that he can leave  Wommera to Adelaide to a

much better place with some of the other kids that don’t have parents.

I think a refugee is some one who comes from a country because

they don’t think it is safe like there could be a war or they could be threated to leave

and there are many other ways. A  refugee can be anyone it could be a child,

a woman or a man. I think  everyone should treat refugees the same way as

everyone else!



Dance Challenge!

In this scratch project we got to make our

sprites DANCE! I connected mine to something

I love and do. That is ballet. In the program

I made the sprite do all different dance

moves!  Even including the splits! I

think that this project was very fun

because I do dance and I can connect

it with what I like to do.


10 Block Challenge

This scratch project is called the 10 Block Challenge.  As you

can see most of the blocks are the same colours and that is

because we  could only use 10 certain blocks. In my project

I made the sprite disappear and also shrink. You have to

click the sprite for it to start. I found it hard because

I could only use a few different blocks. But I also had

a lot of fun making it.




Orange Square Purple Circle

In this project we had to include

a orange square and a purple circle.

As you can see I also used a “O” sprite

and a”N” sprite. The ‘O’ is representing

a circle and the “N” is representing a

square. What happens is the circle and

the “O”,  and the square and the “N”

dont like it because the look the same

but then someone says that they should

become friends and everyone agrees and

they become happy! I hope you liked my

blog and see you for the next!





About ME scratch project

For this scratch project we had to make a project

about ourselves. I was very excited for this project

because I  got to share with everyone what I like. So

I made a character/sprite and tried to make it look

like me as much possible. If you tap on the different

sprites they tell a bit about why I like them and they

all play a piece of music at the end to describe what

it is. I am also excited to share this wit my new year

3 buddy!