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Robotics week 6

In week six Mr. Colbert taught us about touch sensors. Touch sensors are sensors are small devices that you attach to your robot and we had to programme them so when the robot hits a wall, it will turn the motors off. Once we had done that, we where asked t programme the robot so when it hit the wall it would stop, turn around and keep moving.

inside the touch sensor there is a small spring so when the axle on the the front of the sensor hits a wall the axle is pushed down into the spring and when that gets pushed all the way down it will tell the robot to stop moving.

At the start it seemed quite difficult but once we got it we got it and it was very easy from there on we ended completing the task way before the lesson finished. so we had a lot of time to make some of  our other programmes better. I am very exited for next week because we learnt that next week we will be using colour sensors



robotics week 4 and 5

Week 4
in week 4 we pretty much did absolutely nothing we where waiting for Mr. McKie to find us a new brick, so we did a LOT of waiting. At the very end of he day we got our brick but then the bell rung.
Week 5
in week 5 we got our brick WORKING!!! and also we completed all the challenges from moving strait to display blocks. On Thursday day I wasn’t at school because I was playing in the districts tennis and we also had a maths test on Thursday so I did not get to do it so I had to do it today during design. once the test was over I went and joined my group again and we did a lot of programming. Credit given to Charlie because he did the most programming. So Alice and I thank you a lot for that.

Robotics week 3

in week three we where still trying to fix our robot we tried everything we could to fix our robot. But we still failed so we asked some friends who where very good with robots but even they didn’t know what to do so the only thing left we could do was to ask Mr McKie

He thought that our brick had to many programs from people with our robots in the past,

so he plugged the robot into his computer and gave it an update witch wiped everything of the brick. Unfortunately it still did not work. Mr. McKie took our brick and said he would swap it for another one. Next week hopefully our brick works.

Robotics week 2

Creating: What should I do next?

our robot was not working properly because it failed to upload programmes from our computer so we should try our best to fix it

Evaluating: How well did I do?

I think we didn’t to a very good job because we did not end up fixing it the end

Analyzing: Do I see any patterns in what I did ?

No i didn’t really see any patterns

Applying: Where could I use this again?

Probably nowhere because we did not get very far with our old

strategy. So this time we will find a new way to do it.

Understanding: What was important about it?

Now we have a faint idea of how to fix our robot for next time

it failed and hopefully it is success next time.

Remembering: What did I do?

Failed to fix our robot (SAD)

Robotics Week 1

Remembering: What did I do?
We started robotics by building our robots obviously, and that was quite fun. it took about half  a day to build our robots. once we finished building the teachers explained how to program your robots. We built our program, but when we tried to upload or program to the robot.

Creating: What should I do next?
Afterwards, we then began programming our robot. We were quite frustrated that we weren’t progressing like the other groups

Evaluating: How well did I do?
We did quite well. We worked as a team because we had different jobs to do. These included finding, building and checking.

Analyzing: Do I see any patterns in what I did?
I saw patterns in following the instructions that was similar to other LEGO and building projects I’ve done

Applying: Where could I use this again?
I could use these skills throughout Year 5 in Design and also any time I get a chance to work with a team

Understanding: What was important about it?
It was important because we needed to build the robot in order to program it.