Robotics week 6

In week six Mr. Colbert taught us about touch sensors. Touch sensors are sensors are small devices that you attach to your robot and we had to programme them so when the robot hits a wall, it will turn the motors off. Once we had done that, we where asked t programme the robot so when it hit the wall it would stop, turn around and keep moving.

inside the touch sensor there is a small spring so when the axle on the the front of the sensor hits a wall the axle is pushed down into the spring and when that gets pushed all the way down it will tell the robot to stop moving.

At the start it seemed quite difficult but once we got it we got it and it was very easy from there on we ended completing the task way before the lesson finished. so we had a lot of time to make some of  our other programmes better. I am very exited for next week because we learnt that next week we will be using colour sensors



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