THINK Online

We have been introduced to a new topic about digital citizenship and what it is. When online you must be kind, courteous and respectful.      

T is it true?                                                                                                                                

H is it helpful?                                                                                    

I is it interesting?

N is it necessary?

K is it kind?




I am happy to say that i’m really enjoying making my passion project. I have created a video of 2 different types of my treat  and i think i might stop at that because i’m a little concerned about the time.

I haven’t made these treats in ages so i think i did well, even though i was mostly winging it at some parts. I have also learnt that to make something good it takes time and effort. You can’t just expect it to be amazing but not work hard on it. I think that i have put lots effort into it. And i defiantly tried to.

The main challenges i faced was when my laptop was glitching and not working and i got really fed up with it. Nothing bad happened, but it was still hard to restore things from the recycle bin (25 items) And also with my brother who’s 5 wrecking basically every single video making me start them again.

Editing. I have all of a sudden stopped editing along the way since i was really busy so i just need to add a few things and touch up on the videos. After the editing stage i think i’m allowed to say that i have finished my passion project for term 2!



My Term 2 passion project will be based on cooking. I intend to be cooking sweet-treats that you could use at parties and special get-togethers. It will be a video of my all time favourite treats. It will be a challenge but it will be awesome fun especially since i haven’t made them in ages! I am planning to use an Iphone and perhaps a GoPro. I haven’t used a GoPro in a while so i might have to touch up a bit and learn how to transfer the clips onto my phone to edit them and make the movie. I plan to edit and make the movie using Movie Maker. My project i am creating is for anyone who wants to make some delicious desserts and has a passion for cooking, this goes particularly for ages 8-12. I hope that this will AMAZE my classmates and teachers. I am super exited to create the film especially to make the food. I absolutely cannot wait!

Birke Baehr TED Talk

From this TED Talk it seemed to me that the main message was to be aware of where your food comes from. Whether it be fruits, vegetables meats and more you need to have an idea of where it comes from. In his TED Talk he made us aware that fruits and vegetables are sprayed with chemicals, and that cows, chickens, pigs etc… are all fed with unhealthy products. Birke explained how what we eat can cause us different diseases such as cancer. His message was amazing and it just made me think of what i’m eating and where its coming from and what it is capable of doing. Birke said that we should all eat local and go to organic markets because there at least the food is organically grown with no chemicals that are a threat to us. Another thing was that many foods are advertised with plastic toys and bright colours to suck people into buying things especially children who are under 5. This can be a problem.


Birke was always adding lots of funny things like jokes. When he said something that was serious his  tone was just right and he was projecting his voice very well. I also think his accent was quite catchy. Birke added in things that made the audience laugh so much, they even laughed when he didn’t expect it. Although he didn’t use his space very well and his hands were just like robots moving up and down, it was kind of awkward he managed to have a great talk and got everything he wanted to tell us out. He communicated using very good vocabulary which i suppose helped get messages out and it made things seem a little scary. When he use specific words like ‘disgusting’ it really did seem disgusting.


To me it seemed that Birke was using a tiny microphone attached to his shirt to project his voice over to all the audience. A microphone generally is a good idea but he didn’t absolutely need it. Another source of technology that he used was a projector to show images upon a screen behind him to support his arguments and his jokes. I noticed that in other TED Talks the speakers often have a remote, well Birke didn’t but things went smoothly.


Personally, and i think this goes out for a lot of people, Birke had some sort of motion going on. Whenever he was talking he would move his hands up and down. Which for me was a little awkward but it seemed to help him. He also didn’t really move around much so he could have spread out. What i really like was how he was humorous and made the audience laugh and support what he was saying, i also think his moves in what he was going to do were inspiring for many people. I just really enjoyed the phrases and jokes he would come up with and it was just so entertaining for everyone to watch. As Birke said ‘would you rather pay the farmers or the hospital’.



Richard Turere TED Talk

From this TED talk it seemed to me the main message was that anyone can do anything, and that violence isn’t always the case to solve the problem. This young boy led me through to a thought that anyone can do anything no matter what. He and his family had a serious problem which he fixed with a few batteries and lights. Even though he wasn’t as wealthy as us and could not have done the things we have the capability to do he solved this problem and he helped others with the same problem. His message made me realise a whole new idea, whoever you are wherever you are you can do it, and he did.


We all laughed, felt happy, sad, grateful and many other emotions throughout the talk because he made us feel those ways. Richard would prompt his audience to feel an emotion, for example if he said something funny he would prompt his audience with a laugh to start up the vibe. If he was saying something serious he would change his tone of voice. Richard often used gestures which helped him get what he wanted out to the audience. When the subjects changed so did his position, he would move around the stage using his space wisely.


A projector was quite handy for his TED Talk since he came from Africa and we have completely different surrounding as problems the photos he had shown created a mood, and most importantly a subject. With the power of the projector it would help us, the audience and anyone viewing understand. He also used a microphone attached to his head through a headband to project his speech throughout the entire place so everyone could here what he was saying and get a clear message too. Richard also used a remote control to change the photos being projected upon the screen to match what he was saying. He could also go back if he needed to.


Prompting his audience to do what he wanted, or planned for such as when he said something funny he let out a little laugh to get the audience motivated. Another variety of techniques were used like tone of voice, when something serious occurred he was using a serious tone the same if something funny happened or if he joked. Since he didn’t have any scripts he spent more time interacting with the audience.He also used images to explain his story, these images were helpful since his English dialogue wasn’t as great as an average Australian person’s. Using hand gestures helped him speak out what was necessary. When he needed to quickly memorise the scripts ahead he used the time the audience laughed to think it over.