Micro Worlds

Screencast 4circles&4shapes-22wkt7nSession 1

In maths this term we have been focusing on micro worlds. I have a little knowledge of this as we did a little of this last year which came in handy because I already new commands like RT,FD,LT, which stand for right turn, forward and left turn. Sounds pretty simple right? But today we were talking curves. We had to write our initials. My initials are probably one of the most curved letters you can get. That’s right you guessed its S.





Session 2

Today we were working on quadrilaterals. I made a trapezium. Click on the following link to see what happened next!








Session 3

Click on the following link to see today in action!

Screencast 4circles&4shapes-22wkt7n



Today I have finished reading Toppling.

Dominic Fraser likes footy

and soccer

and cricket.

He has a dog named Butch 

and five goldfish

but no brothers or sisters.

He’s funny

and loyal

and he’s my best mate.

But when Johns friend Dominic becomes ill,

Johns world begins to topple.


Today we had our Allegro performance. At first we split into our groups flutes, trombones, clarinets and trumpets. Now we also had a Allegretto group which is a group involved with the following instruments such as strings, and flutes advanced, trumpets advanced and other instruments that didn’t have a group and were more advanced than others. I played the trumpet. Now your probably thinking that’s super easy because its got three valves but its actually quite difficult because you need to blow the right speed and get the right tone. In our¬†¬†groups we rehearsed our pieces. The main piece of was Go Go Allegro.

These are the notes for Go Go Allegro







The performance was great we had a great time I was very stunned how I played.


Session 1

Today I was away.

Session 2

Today we started to draw and label our robots. We could draw them from any point we wanted I did from the side and a birds eye of view. Today went really well but we need to finish our drawings next design session.

Where to next?

Next session I would like to finish off my drawing and start programing. 

Session 3

Today we finished off our drawings and labelling them and we started to program. We all went to sit on the floor and then after we learnt how to use the app we set off to work. We were only allowed to use the green instructions and we had to try make something that the robot could do. I was hoping my robot would at least move. But when we went to try out our procedures we found that something was wrong with our robot so we got another one and it wasn’t charged so we learned from others and helped them out.

Where to next?

Next session I want to try out my procedure on the robot.

Session 4                                                                                                                                                              

Today I achieved to make the robot move forward in seconds. In hope for it to at least move it was a great success.

 Where to next?

Next session I want to do my procedure for rotation and degrees.

Session 5

Today I wrote down my procedure for degrees and rotation.                                     

This is my degrees procedure.

For the rest of the session I was blogging.


Where to next?

Next session I would like to test out at least my degrees procedure and add all three procedures together.

Session 6   click on the following link to watch my screen cast.

Baseball diamond screen cast-16sypf0

Rube Goldberg

Session 2

Today we started a mini session for our Rube Goldberg project. There are three activities each with a different teacher. i started off with the Lego. we watched a video of a really amazing machine built out of lego and then we set off. First up we had to find on the laptop the number we were given ours was seven. And follow the instructions. But these weren’t ordinary instructions we had to figure out most of it ourselves. We started off to a great start there were some bumps along the way but other wise it was all going great. Near the end just as we finished there was a piece missing. One tower was taller than the other so we had to pull the towers apart and start them all over again. Just as we solved that problem another came in. We don’t know how to use the machine! We are still figuring this out.


Session 3

Today was our second activities and we headed off to the knex. Our challenge today was to build another machine out of knex this time. We chose the weigher because it looked quite difficult. We straight away looked at the page and got all the pieces we needed. Then we set to work. There were three people in my group including me so we all set of to do individual parts of the machine that way we wouldn’t be as slow. In the end everything summed up to a great!! Session and nothing got in our way!


Session 4

Today we were doing our last mini session. We were doing pulleys. The challenges we had were to make a simple pulley then a more challenging one and then another. My partner and I only got to the simple one. We used twine wire string, two cups and a few more things. Everything great this lesson. No problems ran into us and it was a great success. I really enjoyed making pulleys because then I can use them in my rube Goldberg machine.

Session 5

Today we got into our groups and started designing. In our design the ball started on the table, down a ramp, into a pulley which then would hit another piece of wood that will send another ball onto a see-saw then into a zip wire which would then fall into a cup and turn a  page. We planned all design session.




Session 6

Today we were still working on our design working out who was going to bring what. Mostly everything we needed was provided at school which was a great head start for we were a bit behind. Next session we want to start building.


Session 7

Today we started building.




Session 8

Today we had a shorter session because we had sport. This lesson didn’t go as planned. We couldn’t agree and talk nor cooperate. We could’ve wished for a better session. All we did was build the see saw and zip wire we also re built the pulley.

Where to next?

Next session we need to finish our simple machines and start putting them together


Session 9

Today we skyped Bellbridge Primary School from Hoppers crossing. They asked some questions and we did our best to answer them. Like we do we are building but they have just started but they built some pretty cool things like catapults, which they can later on add to their Rube Goldberg machines. Today we achieved to make most of the ending which included the ramp, zip wire and what happens is instead of the cup turning the page we actually turn it with the zip wire. Today went really well and our team cooperated the best we could. What I really like was how the golf ball would travel smoothly.

This is a fail

Where to next?

Next session I really hope to complete the start of the machine and hopefully get it working!

Session 10

This session was basically going over our machine and blogging. We absolutely need to finish it tomorrow. We have also been notified to be taking more photos and videos as we will be making a short movie that will summon up the term.

Where to next?

Next session we have to focus and sit away from others. And must take ore pictures and videos!!!!!!!

Session 11

This session was basically like the last nothing much happened. I was working on the end of our machine the way the zip wire would turn the page whilst the others were working on the start ramps. Our goal to sit away from others didn’t quite work.

Where to next?

As I said next session is our last and we HAVE to finish our machine and take more photos and videos!!!!

Robots Investigation

What is a robot? A robot is a machine that has been programed to do certain things.

What is needed to make a robot? The materials needed to make a robot are wood, synthetic materials, metal, mechanism and glue.

What is a program? A program is a ceres of commands and instructions to tell the machine what to do.

Why do you think people invented robots? I think people invented robots to do jobs that are too dangerous for humans to do like removing bombs. And to hard and they don’t need to be paid and don’t need holidays, lunch brakes or work insurance


Investigating Friction


Which surface has the most friction?

We will change

The surface

We will observe

How fast the car travels on every surface

We will keep the same

Wheels Weight Car


Friction is when 2 surfaces are in contact but friction can be stopped when something gets in the way of the 2 surfaces. The car travelled best on the bumpy quad which is quite unusual because it is very bumpy and that could stop the speed. From this experience I have learned how to understand friction a bit more.








Dear Friend,

I was there. I could not believe what was happening. A Friday I will never forget. The day that I lost my son. What did he do wrong? He was coming to Jerusalem to the joyous Passover Festival. However, that horrible moment when he was crucified. How horrible it was. How could those Romans whip him? The sounds of people mocking him was all I could hear. No one was there to help him. Even I was scared, but now I regret it. Friday was the day when smiles turned to frowns and cheers turned to mocks. Why were they so mean and gruesome? Why not ropes instead of nails? Why not a golden crown instead of those hideous thorns. I miss him, I miss him so


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