Today I was introduced to Makey Makey. We were doing Tinkering. Tinkering is when you pull apart some electronic, and then you would have to create something out of the materials that electronic provided we also had a choice of some other things form a box. We found a really cool microscope.

And when you looked through it you could see all the strands of hot glue…


So far our idea is to make a creation where when you look through the magnifying glass and slide a board under it, you will see a dogs life in a big city. And as you move the board around it will show different parts of the dogs life.


Where to next?

Next lesson I would really like to start making our project.


Session 2

Today we had finally finished adding things to the microscope. We also spray painted it silver! And our board which you slide under is nearly done.




If I spin this spinner 10 times it will land on the white 7 times out of 10. I predicted this because there is more white than green but there is also a good amount of green. This makes it likely to land on both but since there is more white then there is a bigger chance that it will land on white.


 White  Green
 Experiment 1  7  3
 Experiment 2  9  1
 Experiment 3  6  4
 Experiment 4  7  3



Creating Spinners


Mathematical probability

Pink  8/40

White 9/40

Peach 6/40

Blue 4/40

Yellow 14/40

Mathematical probability

Pink 4/40

White 6/40

Peach 10/40

Blue 7/40

Yellow 13/40

Mathematical Probability

Pink 6/40

White 8/40

Peach 22/40

Blue 4/40





Today we were introduced to spheros. Spheros are small sphere shaped robots similar to¬†EV3’s but circular.

This is what one looks like…





At first I thought spheros weren’t going to be hard to move because I am quite familiar¬†with EV3’s and Scratch. I thought that the programming would be quite similar. But when we were just playing around with them it was quite challenging because which ever way you moved the dot on your screen the sphero would do the opposite.

This is what the programming area looks like…

The bricks are quite obvious and say what they do or are for very clearly.

Today we were straight on to the challenge. We had to make a chariot for our sphero and make the sphero pull something along with the chariot.

After we did that and it worked successfully we had to make our sphero go through a maze with the chariot.

We didn’t finish the maze but we got roughly half way.

I really enjoyed spheros!


Session 1

Today in robotics we had a challenge. It was to follow a black line. There were three parts to the challenge. The first was to follow a straight black line.

The second part was to go around the oval.

And the third part was to go through the maze which is basically a curvy mat.

Session 2

This week I was sewing.

Session 3

This week I completed the follow black line touch. I also experimented with the spheros. I had to change the follow black line touch once because the robot would go of course. I fixed it by adding two blocks which you could write in. I wrote…

If it sees black turn left.

If it doesn’t see black turn right. The thing about my program is that you had to start it a bit on an angle otherwise it will go of course.

Session 4

This week we were at camp and had sphero on Friday.



Session 1

A few days ago we were introduced to a new app, scratch. Scratch is an app that allows you to create games and cool characters. We were instructed to watch seven tutorials that would help our knowledge for scratch increase. I didn’t learn one new brick because all the bricks are very different from the ones we use in robotics so they were all very new. These bricks are much more advanced and say what they do or are for much clearer. We were instructed to watch the tutorials and then do or make what they did. Today I watch tutorials one to three, they were on how to make a sprite and change its looks and how to make it move.

Where to next?

Next session I would like to make at least one game

Session 2

Today I watched tutorials four and five. They were how to make a race game and a retro maze. This retro maze was very easy to make and didn’t have one extremely challenging bit.

Where to next?

Next session I am ready to try something new

Session 3

Today we had a challenge. It was to make our sprite dance. This was quite tricky but at the same time easy, the tricky bit was I have never used scratch before but because I was learning from everything the teachers said on the floor it gave me ideas and hints.

Where to next?

I am ready for something new.

Session 4

Today we had another challenge. It was the ten brick challenge. The ten brick challenge is when you have to make your sprite move but only using ten bricks. You had to use each brick at least once. The annoying part was that some bricks you could go without using and they were a bit useless but they still would fit in with the other bricks.

Where to next?

Next session I want to get my reflection finished

Session 5

Today we had to reflect on last sessions work. We had three questions. ( I answered them )

What did you enjoy? I really liked how we had a set amount of bricks because it challenges you more than usual which is fun.

What did you think was easy? Well my knowledge for scratch has increased so I know what does what and so that made it much easier.

What did you think was challenging? The challenging part was actually make sense with the bricks. Like I mean when you put them together you cant just say go there and the show yourself because then you wouldn’t see the sprite move there it all has to¬†makes sense.

Where to next?

I am ready for something new

Session 6

Today was our last session of the week, then we would have robotics for a week and then we would come back to scratch. In this session we got to browse around and save things to our liking to our studio. We had to look at different categories and see what people can make with this awesome app. Somethings I looked at were, Try not to laugh and try not to sing. Games and I looked inside the art category. If you loved something you could add it to your studio.

Where to next?

I am ready to do what is next

Session 7

Today we were debugging. Debugging is when someone is supposed to make the sprite do something but there is a problem, then you have to look at the problem and fix what’s wrong. There were five debug it problems. I am sharing debug it 1.5.

Where to next?

Next lesson we are starting the biggest project yet it has to be about us! I cant wait!

Session 8

Today we had some special visitors the were deputy principals from schools all around Australia! Some of us got the pleasure to show them what scratch is. We also had to do a About Me project, this will continue on as it is quite complicated. You basically have to make something about you in scratch. This must be interesting and fun to watch. ( It is useful to include games for more fun )

Where to next?

I am going to be away for the next four lessons

Session 9

Today I was away


Session 10

Today we left the about me project ( sadly I didn’t get to finish it ). We had a brand new challenge. We had to make an animation. To make an animation we would have to use a series of costume changes. First we had to choose a sprite. I chose a polar bear, then we had to sketch our sprite in our design book. If we didn’t have that many costumes we were encouraged to draw the other positions as well as the main. This is my animation…

Where to next?

Cant wait to see what’s waiting up ahead.

Session 11

Today we had to build a band. Build a band is when you have to make music how ever you like. This is my program so far…

This program is the donut program.

This is my program for the present.

Where to next?

Next session I would like to add music.


Session 12

Today I finished my build a band.

This is my donut program…

This is¬†the snip of the word¬†“Fly”…

This is the snip of the word ” Teamwork”…






Session 13

Today I added one thing to my build a band, instructions. I added instructions because then the people wouldn’t know what to do.


Now people know what to do and wont have any trouble with my build a band.