Fay’s Nines Reflection

Fay’s Nines was a problem where you had to make the number 999 with the digits 1-9 (they can only be used once in every sum) and you had to use vertical addition…

To make the number, the units column had to make 19, the tens had to make 18 and the hundreds had to make 8. The reason for this is because you need to carry to the tens column and the hundreds column, therefore they had to be the number 8+1 form the units and tens to=9

At first i was just playing around with the numbers, trying to find answers. I would swap numbers with each other, for example if there was a 8 and 3 in the units and a 9 and 2 in the tens. I would change the 9 and 8 etc…

I discovered some rules and patterns during this task and here are the ones i found…

-the units column had to=19

-the tens column had to=18

-the units column had to=8

-the number ‘1’ cannot be in the units column

-each column can have 6 answers but rotating the three numbers around in the same column.

As i dug deeper into the problem i thought i would find all the possible units, tens and hundreds column solutions. This would break the problem into smaller parts and make it easier to find a pattern.


I got as far as finding all the possible solutions for the units and tens column and figuring out a system which involves rotating numbers around one of the digits in the center. I found 30 solutions for the units and 3o solutions for the tens. I didn’t exactly make it to the stage of trying out my little system but i had a good feeling about it. I planned to do the first 3 or so combinations in the center before i tried to find a pattern.

A lot of the time i would get stuck on finding a pattern and it was so frustrating. The second part of the problem with letters i found was basically the same and just made the problem a whole lot trickier so i continued on with what i started with. So the most difficult part was definitely was the combinations involving the letters.

Overall i enjoyed this problem a lot 🙂





 So currently i am working on a movie series with different episodes about Halloween. So this is going to be some what serious. We have got plans, scripts and cast to be written and found. I would really love for the first ever episode to be released on Halloween itself. This is a big challenge so because this was my original idea i have an idea of what is happening and i will be writing the scripts. But one of my friends who has been helping me with this idea will also be a bigger part of this than just an actor.

So of course because this has to be good quality i am using a Nikon Camera and its tripod (if necessary)but if any case of water connection we will use a GoPro. I am not one of the main editors but we will be using Adobe Premier Pro for 99% of the editing. Movie Maker has some cool effects so i plan to use that for some cases.

This project is for anyone. It’s not too scary but it definitely isn’t horror. So since this project had to be for someone else i focused on making it for friends, family (who will also be in it;) and all of year 6. But basically anyone.

This is one of the biggest projects of my life and i have never done anything like this. I am excited to be directing the whole thing, so that gives me the ability to take control the editing, costumes etc…i know unexpected things will definitely interfere, but that’s the point isn’t it? Its the whole process that really excites me.

sorry there is no photo it wasn’t working 😉

*insert photo*


I originally set out to bake a cake. I did achieve my goal but not as i thought i would. I planned to add taekwondo moves to the baking process but i decided its too messy and tricky. I also intended to create a film but i ended up not doing that because it was a really hectic week.

Well to cook the cake we went to our other house but we forgot to bring the fondant so we went back to get it. I also did try a film but it wasn’t working out and i had no one to help me film because mum was busy.

I would learn how to decorate cakes properly and what is required. I also would’ve done a few testers for the decorating and baking purposes.

Overall i really enjoyed this project and i can’t wait for next term because i have a really good idea in mind 😉

Greek Culture

For the past few lessons we have all chosen to study a country, my country is Greece.

Greece has a population of about 11,142161, whereas Australia has a population of around 25 million. In Greece 99% of their language is Greek and the other is English and French. In Australia the main language is English with a bit of Chinese, Italian  etc…

Soccer is the most popular team sport in both Australia and Greece. Christmas is on the 25th of December for both country’s. Catholicism is in both Greek and Australian religion.

I would find it very difficult to learn the language because they don’t have the same letters. It wold also take some time getting used to not leaving anything on your plate at breakfast, lunch or dinner as it is classified offensive.



I have actually been absent this whole week since i went to the snow. We have been really busy this term since we are moving houses and all. So far i have decided what type of cake i want it to be and the ingredients.

I have learnt how to use iMovie a bit better and a proper camera for filming.

I only have one problem and that is filming time. I just cant seem to find anytime but i will fix that today hopefully.

The next step for me is filming and editing before we share our passion projects.

The Lost Princess

This lesson for “DC” we watched a film where different children encountered different issues due to the internet. Then we were told to choose 1 of the 5 people and analyse their problem further.


Keiran suffered from gaming addiction. He became a victim of the gaming world when he was 13. Each time he played he was more determined to become the best, which of course takes time. His father stated that he was gaming 13 hours a day! And at the age of 15 he dropped out of school.

Keiran suffered from many affects. He didn’t go to school, obviously this is leading to a very unsuccessful future. He also forgot about his hygiene, appearance is very important and not just for a pleasing look. Keiran would also have a very unstable diet, meaning he wouldn’t eat as much and or only unhealthy food such as chips as they take no time to cook and can be eaten quickly.

His addiction went on for a few years and after he realised what the consequences were he went up to his father and said “Dad, i think i need help.” His father was quick to reply and said so too.

Keiran could’ve though ahead and resisted the temptation to game. His father also could have been strict since he clearly knows what could happen instead of waiting all that time.

Although things may seem harmless, they can have devastating effects.


For my Term 3 passion project i intend to make a video on taekwondo incorporated with ‘cake making.’ I couldn’t decide between taekwondo and making a cake since i already have an idea for term 4 so i put them together.

I think i may just use my iPhone and for editing ‘imovie.’

My passion project is targeted for anyone who likes a little laugh and something creative.

I’m looking forward to filming it and eating the cake.


I am super happy with my end result, since edible slime goes hard after a while i decided not to bring the actual thing to school but a photo. I think i did well and my time management was good. I achieved exactly what i though/wanted to so yay!

I found i difficult to actually make it since family members were always coming and going. Also when it stuck onto me, or my brother ate the gummy bears other than that everything went a-okay.

I over came the sticky problem for my second slime by not getting my hands into straight away but until it was ‘safe.’ And with my brother i never left the gummy bears, ever!

I would probably not extend this project even if i had an option to i mean i didn’t know what to do so i chose this but its not inspiring or anything and it doesn’t educate you. If i had to then i’d explain the ‘logics’ behind the slime if that makes sense. Say why its sticky, why it goes hard and things like that. Also probably turn this into a movie i guess? Over all this was a quirky but fun topic.

I am defiantly ready for next term and i have everything set to go.