Micro Bit

I was exited about this project because I have never done micro bit in my life. My favourite game was 7 seconds because it was lots of fun to play and you had to make sure you didn’t click it at the wrong time, and hear is a snip of my code.

The best part about this game was making it and coding it they where both fun because that was like the second or third one i did so is was still trying to get the hang of it. Playing the game because i like to try out new games because i am into gaming.

the most challenging part was coding because it was one of the first microbit i have coded again and sometimes i would put the code in the wrong spot and have to start again.

i have learnt from microbit that you have to be familiar with coding otherwise it will be really hard.

Makey Makey

Makey Makey has been a fun experience because we have been learning about interesting things like electricity and what things use electricity like, a lamp, Makey Makey, phones, TVs, and lots of things. Makey Makey is hard because you have to sort out all of the cables and if the cables are touching they both pres.like bongos and a piano and it was sooooo annoying because all of the notes are playing at the same time because they were touching but I organised it in the end. bongos wasn’t as as hard because there were less cables and you had to use click and space bar to make them work. Makey Makey has been fun because you can play games like PAC MAN and lots of other games that’s why I like Makey Makey.






Rube Goldberg machine

This project has been soooooo annoying but fun at the same time because every time we re positioned the tubes it would hit the jenga block and then we tried it again and it did not work the second time and i got mad!!! When i tested this Rube Goldberg machine the balloon would not pop when the jenga hit it. I tried to fix this by adding another jenga block on top of another jenga block so it would hit the top of the balloon and pop it but it was still not popping, so we added a pin onto the jenga block by using sticky tape, and it was still not popping. ugh.

We though for a while how we could get the marble to run through the tubes, and then we thought to connect them right up next to each other so the marble wouldn’t fall out. When we did this it worked.

These are the materials we used to make our project, scissors, wooden wedges, cardboard box, tubes, cardboard, sticky tape, pin, and marble

After a lot of more tries it worked and  was really happy 😁it was finally finished. 

this project was fun because we got to create a really cool machine that was satisfying to watch.

By Evan Horvat

scratch progect

This scratch project has bean challenging because we had so many stages the hardest one was the coding, of my game because we had to explore and i had no idea of how to make a game. when i got help i new what i was doing. when i was adding sound i could not get it
of you tube so i got sounds off of  Ben sound this is some of my code. the code was the hardest because i had to find lots of websites for music but nearly every one you have to have a account for but then i found Ben sounds and you can download music for free. these are all of the stages i went throe inspiration page. 3 ideas. chosen idea and the code. This has bean a fun task because we got to do some more work in our journal because we usually we do scratch











About me has bean hard because i did not know how to get  a picture on a sprite and then i had to get help. this is my scratch protect i have bean working on for two week’s

maths addo  is a game were you make cards 0-20 and you pulled out two cards from the pile and you have to add the two numbers up and if you have the number that you put on your game bored you get to cross that number out

I learnt from Scratch that it is not easy to make a game on Scratch. You have to program a character to make movements you want them to do. The ‘Build-A-Band’ challenge was fun. I used two instruments in my band, the cymbals and the trumpet. Adam helped me with the coding to make a sound.