Checkpoint 1: #description

What do you intend to create? I think I am going to do some of the highlights of the Richmond football What technologies are you planning to use / learn about ? I think I am going to a thing on premier pro and try put it into a little film and get better at premier pro. Who is your project targeted at? I think my  project is targeted about people that are new Richmond fans or just people that like footy and want to learn more about other teams. What are you looking forward to? I am looking forward to trying to teach more people of the highlights of the footy club and showing them the highlights.  

Insert an image that ‘teases’ your project idea to us.

2019 AFL Grand Final: Richmond v GWS Giants, live coverage from ...

Year 6 Science: What Is Matter?

matter is a substance which is in everything that has mass like pencil, paper, phone, table ,etc . Matter is anything that takes space or has a weight.

Mass is something that takes up space.

atoms in a solid are really compact but in a liquid they are a little spreed out and in a gas they are even more space apart. they are the common 3 but there are 2 more thatare a little less common which some people that dont know about. But there are 181 different types of atoms. The fourth one is plazmer and the 5th one is called bose-Einstein condensta which was created man made in 1995 wich is instead of lots of little atoms there is one super atom. and it is that cold that it is colder than Antarctica on its coldest day. bose-Einstein condensta is -273.15 degrees. On the moon your weight get taken down 16 % to what it normally is. In the university there 99.99 percent of plazmer.Here is what a atom looks like close up.

here are a picture of the three main matters

here is a picture of the man made atom

which is called bose-Einstein condensta

and under it will be the materiel that they used to make the bose-Einstein condensta

Facts about the Elements: Rubidium | 2019-09-25 | Industrial Heating


lesson 2

Chemical/Physical Change

today we learnt about the different between chemical and physical change.

first we got to watch Mr G put a piece of paper on fire then he explained why it was a chemical change and there was a physical change like scrunching up a piece of paper. That is a physical change because you can make it bake into what is was before so it is the same form. Also the same when you ripe the paper because you can put it back together. But when you put it on fire it is a chemical reaction because you can not make it the same form as it was before and it will probably change the colour.

Checkpoint: #update

  • What have you achieved so far? 

Some of the things I have achieved are how close and far away I have to get up to the thing that I am taking a picture of and I have also achieved a power point with some of the pictures that I have taken.

What type of learning have you done to upskill yourself?

Some of the learning I have done is how to to get the right angle of the picture to make It look the best I can. I have also learnt were i can get the good picture and at what time.

  • What successes or challenges have you experienced so far?
  • Some of the challenges I have faced are getting up early when It is really cold but then I can get some really cool sunset photos. The successes are i think i got some really cool photos.

          What is the next step for you?   (Insert an image that shows evidence of your process so far.)

The next step for me is to get some more photos in my power point and to try pimp it a little bit to make it look better.


Today we learnt about Microphones with Mrs Watson. So the are two micro phones there is the hand held one and the is the wireless one witch is better if you are talking in a interview. But if you are talking to other people you can easily hand it around. Here is a video of me doing a tongue twister while walking forward getting closer to the camera.

Copy Right Music

So today we did learn about copy right music in Mr G class. So what we had to do was we had to find non copy right music for all of this different movies,Wonder,IT,Greatest Show,Titanic,Star Wars.

So here are the music i did.

There is the one i did for Greatest Show.

Here is my one for IT.

Here is my one for Star Wars.

Here is my one for titanic.

Here is my one wonder.

Here is a video of my telling you what is copy right.