For my hummingbird project we have not got ours to work yet because we have been running around for looking parts that we need and we could not find them all yet because everyone is using the parts and the parts that we needed were a rotation piece and wheels because we were making a rover and we could not get the wheels in the right spot and i wish i didn’t have to say this but we are by far the furthest away from completion and we don’t have code yet because we have to build and get the parts before we code


I have been having a lot of struggles with this in each part but some people helped me and I got the hang of it and then I could do them the hardest one was the last one because you cad to make a trail going to Geelong on roads and they were really small I felt like it took me a million try’s but it definitely didn’t. But I did it faster then I expected which is good. I tried in three different ways but the third way was the easy one so I ended up doing that one and it was a straight line and then 90 degree turn ten 100 cm and another 90 degree turn then forward and the last 90 degree turn then forward and that was the end.









For me and Oscar B we did not get much done at all because our drone got stuck in a tree and our camera was not working so I had to use my laptop to film it. When we got it down then it wouldn’t take off so we were definitely the most unlucky group so we barely had any time to film or do anything because when it stopped working we went inside. We are not up to the code yet we are trying to get films we are doing code next lesson. When we use the drone we do not make it go fast because there are sprinklers.



I’m doing Sphero with my group Jarrod and Campbell. Sphero is a robot in a ball that you can code to do certain things like go through a maze or you can have full control and drive it your self. Jarrod was away for the last lesson but me and Campbell have been working on a code for a maze but we have not got it through so we are starting again because it was not working out but at least now Jarrod can do it with us we got it at least half way through the maze but it kept going over  line or it would just stop and not do the rest of the maze that’s why we started again. we needed to improve the code because it was not working and it was not doing what we ask it to because it was the wrong code. now we finally got it to work.







Programmable Robot Ball: Sphero SPRK+ | Teach STEM with Sphero

lego robictics

it took us for ever but in the end we got there. The problem was that we didn’t do the code correctly but then we got the manual and we copied it and got the light sensor to work. We worked on the white board that had a black line. The light sensor worked for a bit but then it went straight and crashed into the edge of the board. We went back to the manual to check our program and realised what was wrong. The light sensor followed the black line around the big oval without any trouble. It was easier than I expected to get the ultra sonic sensor working. Next we decided to change the colour on the program so it then followed the white tape on the carpet.


In my micro bit project, I’m making music with the codes in the picture the codes are the reason it can work if you put more then one play melody you can make a whole song even. I haven’t put much stuff in my project as you can see but that’s not what matters what matters is that it actually does something. It was fun making music because I’ve learnt how to code better then i did it was more fun then scratch because it was much easier to make music and it sounds better there was a symbol there i tried to make a band symbol so it would seem more real and more detailed then nothing there at all. i made a beat at the end of the song go from highest beat to lowest beat on the music pad, you can pick a lot of different beats there is high low middle there is a lot of different beats you can play i chose music but you can do much more then music.


micro bit

the micro bit tutorials weren’t that hard and i tried a game on it called crashy bird its were there are these dots and you have to get as much as you can and depending on how much dots you have in the end is what your score will be it is very fun. the  first tutorial was the flashing heart were you had to make your micro bit pad flash with a heart and many more like the love meter and the smily face. and the good thing about micro bit is when you turn it on it will say hello which i think is a good feature to put in micro bit and when you have done all the things it says you can make a shape in a project and the shape or number or anything will appear on the real micro bit that would be a reason micro bit is made by Microsoft because they are professionals because they are one of the biggest tech company’s in the world and they are really smart. its kind of like micro bit has a mind of its own. Thats why i like micro bit.













































































































































































































































































































































































































































my project

my project did not work but what i tried to do was draw on paper a thick line going to the middle as a target and you throw a ball at it and it would make a cheering noise because you hit the middle of the target. Although it was pretty basic so i don’t understand how it didn’t work. i was confident though but just because i was confident it doesn’t mean its gonna work cause it didn’t


with makey makey i did something called an unstrument in scratch which is where you make music with a certain instrument that looks nothing like the sound it makes and i used the makey makey arrow keys i did cello piano crash symbols and drums and it was really fun. i like it because it is a new experience because we are not using our keyboards but using the makey makey pads

i made two controllers in makey makey and it was difficult to control because i had to organise them in the right spot and i was still getting u    the hang of it. i was playing mega man and i kept dying every single time. so i used the two controllers for a two player game. i thought it was fun with the controllers but hard at the same time.