In my micro bit project, I’m making music with the codes in the picture the codes are the reason it can work if you put more then one play melody you can make a whole song even. I haven’t put much stuff in my project as you can see but that’s not what matters what matters is that it actually does something. It was fun making music because I’ve learnt how to code better then i did it was more fun then scratch because it was much easier to make music and it sounds better there was a symbol there i tried to make a band symbol so it would seem more real and more detailed then nothing there at all. i made a beat at the end of the song go from highest beat to lowest beat on the music pad, you can pick a lot of different beats there is high low middle there is a lot of different beats you can play i chose music but you can do much more then music.


micro bit

the micro bit tutorials weren’t that hard and i tried a game on it called crashy bird its were there are these dots and you have to get as much as you can and depending on how much dots you have in the end is what your score will be it is very fun. the  first tutorial was the flashing heart were you had to make your micro bit pad flash with a heart and many more like the love meter and the smily face. and the good thing about micro bit is when you turn it on it will say hello which i think is a good feature to put in micro bit and when you have done all the things it says you can make a shape in a project and the shape or number or anything will appear on the real micro bit that would be a reason micro bit is made by Microsoft because they are professionals because they are one of the biggest tech company’s in the world and they are really smart. its kind of like micro bit has a mind of its own. Thats why i like micro bit.













































































































































































































































































































































































































































my project

my project did not work but what i tried to do was draw on paper a thick line going to the middle as a target and you throw a ball at it and it would make a cheering noise because you hit the middle of the target. Although it was pretty basic so i don’t understand how it didn’t work. i was confident though but just because i was confident it doesn’t mean its gonna work cause it didn’t


with makey makey i did something called an unstrument in scratch which is where you make music with a certain instrument that looks nothing like the sound it makes and i used the makey makey arrow keys i did cello piano crash symbols and drums and it was really fun. i like it because it is a new experience because we are not using our keyboards but using the makey makey pads

i made two controllers in makey makey and it was difficult to control because i had to organise them in the right spot and i was still getting u    the hang of it. i was playing mega man and i kept dying every single time. so i used the two controllers for a two player game. i thought it was fun with the controllers but hard at the same time.

i am doing something called makey makey were there are  these cord s the to your connect to a pad and your laptop then you use play doe and put the end of the cords in the play doe and then you tap it and it is capable of using arrow keys click and space


my project was unsuccessful but i will describe it it is called the H2O  ZIP it was SUPPOSE to pour water in my dogs bowl there was a cup two straws one big straw were the string went through  at the top of the two straws and we put a peg through the cup so the straws could stay there and some glue tack to make shore that the straws did not come off i tried it a lot of times but it never worked so now i know how inventor’s feel when there design’s did not work and it would have been very frustrating


A while ago year 5 was working on ‘Scratch.’ We had to make characters dance. It was a bit hard for me because I am not that good at ‘Scratch’ but someone helped me and then it was easy. I had to make a program that made my characters dance. The characters are called sprites. The project was called ‘Dance’ and I had two characters dancing with a concert back ground.

build a band

In ‘Scratch’ we are doing a project called ‘Build-a-Band’. We have to make sprites to make music with instruments and you can make them dance. Different characters have different noises or music and some of the dance people make music also. I used the drums, electric guitar and hip-hop music. Each instrument needed to have its own program and eventually the programs all go together. There was also 3 people in my band and they were playing the instruments.