Passion Project- Redecorating My Room

For my Passion Project this term I am going to be redecorating my room because of a small house fire we had in February. So, I’ll be putting a new bed in and decorating my room to my style. I am going to be using items that I think look good in my room.


My project is targeted to people who think that their room needs redecoration, because I am probably going to be making a film about this or scrapbooking what I did and how I did it as well as blogging, when I present this project.


I am REALLY looking forward to adding my own touches to my new room because it’s like starting again! I also look forward to showing you all how and what I’m going to do to my room.

By Eve Shing 6B

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Passion Project #3 update

I did try hard to achieve what I set out to do by making separate bits of music using the Mixcraft program. I succeeded by making many smaller pieces of music rather then the BIG mix I set out to do but did not fully complete the mix because I then thought it would be to much, so that was a challenge I faced thinking about if I should keep going with the mix or choose to believe that some small ones would be better. If I ever faced a challenge example: not knowing how to change the volume on a certain instrument then I would wait till the next Mixcraft lesson in music or ask somebody. Well if I were to extend this project I would probably make longer pieces of music and a big mix, because I think that if I did that then it would be better for me because I would be trying something more and extending it rather then just give up on it, which I’m NOT going to do to this project.

If you also look close enough you can see I added the saxophone to my BIG mix that I didn’t complete.

By Eve Shing 6B


I have done some really good mixes that I am happy with and that are different types of styles. I get some ideas and find new ways to do stuff from Music at school and that helps me tinker it more so it’s better and sounds real. I haven’t really had any trouble except for ideas on what to create because sometimes I can’t think of anything I haven’t done. The next thing I’m going to do is make a whole BIG mix with all different types of music that is different but flows well.

By Eve Shing 6B


Birke Baehr TED Talk

I think Birke wanted his audience to go away from his presentation thinking about how their food they eat every day is made and produced. He talked about how organic is much better then processed modified foods. Did you know that they modify the seeds they give their animals, and the animals are put in cages!

I think that some of his most powerful statements were about how you rather should pay the farmer’s for organic foods. Not a hospital bill. I think that this was a very powerful statement because he was referring to how they mixed fish DNA with tomato DNA, and that meant that if you had to much of that stuff, you would be facing kidney failure and other types of body failures { problems }.

I also think another thing he said that stood out was how he realised that those sparkly or colourful packets were just attracting little kids. He actually admitted how he used to be one of those kids, so he actually shared an experience { memory } with his audience.

Finally, he was trying to say how we could grow our very own garden, and how we would then be eating our very own produce, because at the end he said Choose Organic! I thought that he got across the message to the audience well, because he said it with energy.

Richard Turere TED Talk

The messages that Richard tried to get across to his audience were:

  1. Some animals are pests

When he says that his town had to protect their livestock it meant that they actually had to kill the animals who tried to get through and kill their cows.

2. Not to give up hope

I think Richard really tried to say that he didn’t give up, because if he did the Lions would keep on coming into his farm and killing his cows, so therefore if he hadn’t had come up with the flashlight idea then the predators would keep coming back in.

I also think that the way he got his messages across to his audience were good because at times he was serious about what was happening, but he sometimes he did throw some humour in, but at the right times.

The technical support he used was a clicker to help go to the next image on his presentation. And he also used a lapel microphone to help project his voice loud enough for everyone to hear.

As well as the techniques he used to help keep the audience involved and engaged in his presentation, so they would leave thinking with that stuck in their head.


THINK Online

The THINK acronym is a poster you should consider reading if you are about to post an image or comment on social media.

  • True

I think this first part of the poster is important because you have to think to yourself is this what I’m about to post true or am I just spreading { uploading } nasty lies on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat?

  • Helpful – Harmful

This basically means if you are about to post a comment is it helpful in any way to the world or your friends? Can it be harmful in anyway or disturbing to someone in particular?

  • Inspiring- Inclusive

Inspiring means will it inspire people to do something or maybe change something in the world? Are you choosing to include people you don’t know well because it could be putting you in danger…

  • Necessary- Needed

This means that are you just posting something random, or something everyone knows, so therefore is it necessary and does everyone need to know about it?

  • Kind

Kind means that if you have anything to say that is negative to someone about their post, you should tell them face to face because otherwise people might not know what you mean because there’s no expression because no-one can understand how you feel.

These are the 5 things you should THINK about when ever about to post something on the internet.

Thomas Suarez TED TALK

I feel the messages Thomas Suarez tried to get out to the audience in his TED talk was that kids can do some things better then adults, which mean’s that they can sometimes work independently without an adult. And I also think that the audience took away a LOT from Thomas’s TED talk because of how good his message was, and how he interacted with the audience mad it really good as well.

He managed to get his messages to the audience by interacting with them, and also adding humour to his TED talk to keep the audience interested and engaging.

The technology he used to help him through his TED talk are:

1: I pad to help him look at his script { Which he didn’t use that much…} to help him remember.

2: A clicker to move or show the slides on the screen so they could see what he was referring to when speaking.

3: And he also used a lapel { Wireless } microphone to speak louder so the audience can hear him well.

I think when he was presenting his whole TED talk well, because he projected his voice well, and he also got the main message which is, Kids can make things too as well as adults.

By Eve 6B


My Passion Project

For my Passion Project, I intend to create a mix of music on Mixcraft. Mixcraft is an app installed on my computer, and it has multiple types of instruments that can be mixed together as a song or mix and variety of backing tracks that would be used for songs. I am doing this project because I want people who LOVE music like me to start making their own. I am REALLY looking forward to making a mix of music that everyone can enjoy and dance to, because if people like it, then I will know that I made some good beats {Music}.





By Eve Shing 6B

Green Screen And Lighting

This was my last Film School Clinic, and we were learning about how to use and look after the green screen room.

First of all Green Screens can be used to insert a background, image or it can be a video inserted into or onto an other video, to suit the setting, or make it look intriguing. For example Green Screen would be used in Supernatural themed movies, weather reports, cartoons because it’s cheap and easy to impose. As well as it actually being a Green Screen, sometimes they aren’t all green, but the reason that most Green Screens are green, is because it is not a common colour to be wearing. It is also green because it does not clash with your clothes, or your skin. We have 1 Green Screen Room in our Year 6 space.

As well as a Green Screen Room, we also have some Lighting. We have 4 Lights on ceilings and 2 Light stands, and they both need to be used when filming. With the Standing Lights, we have sandbags to help support that light so…

  1. They don’t fall
  2. So if someone trips over on it, it isn’t really likely to fall

There are also Costume Racks in our Green Screen room just in case we need to dress up or look like a certain person or thing to suit the setting background. There is also a Green Cloth, that can be used for special effects. There is also an extension lead because it’s a safety hazard, so we have to make sure we don’t trip on that lead. Another safety hazard is the step, so we have to also be careful not to trip or fall on it.


Make sure after you are finished that you leave the space neater then you found it. If students are found either spending more then 20 minutes in there, then the person who is next will get annoyed and… they might knock on the door which you don’t want, because it could disrupt what your doing, and it mean’t that you were spending more then 20 minutes in there or you might have locked the door. Students who break the rules in the Green Screen room will also be banned.

Make sure to switch on all lights in the studio- light stands and ceiling lights will be turned on and off when you press wall switches 2, 3,4 and 5. When lights are on, Actor must stand about 1 metre away from green wall and try to avoid shadow when filming. And absolutely NO SHOES FOOD OR DRINK!!!

Now I’m going to tell you how to use Adobe Premiere, with Green Screen. It is quite simple. First make sure to put the video in V2 this time instead of V1, because if you want a video background then you need to put it in V2 instead,and if it’s a plain background behind them, click on effects, video effects, key, Ultra Key, and then drag onto the persons video bit, standing in front of the Green Screen, then go to effect control to key out the colour, chose your colour and put it as close as possible to the person as you can to get the best background. Press setting, and then aggressive. Aggressive helps to make the lighting better. And then put audio in A1 as usual.

That’s what I learnt in this Film School Clinic, and I hope to be getting my Director’s hat soon. I have really enjoyed all these Film School Clinics, and I really look forward to making Films with the knowledge I now have.

By Eve 6B




Adobe Premiere Pro

In the 10th Film School Clinic I learnt how to use this editing software, and I am now going to tell you what I learnt and did in this clinic. We learnt that editing is the most important step when making a film. Now when using this software you would probably want you laptop at it’s best performance, so click onto your battery icon and make the best performance 100%, so that it can produce the most clear succesful film. If you want to accessΒ  your videos or pictures, press Alt, tab which should bring up your files. Here is a video on how to get to your files. Make sure your files are open, click on your files and find the image or video you want to insert. Make sure it is not backed up to one drive, you can see that because if it has a green tick, that it is backed up to one drive.

Here are the Adobe Premiere Tools.The first one is the mouse, which you click on most. This tool is able to help another tool to delete… The only other tools we know at the moment is the razor and the edit tool. The razor basically deletes the part, but you need to click the part with your mouse, get the razor, so it basically cuts a part, or you can press backspace after you have clicked on the part you don’t want. The edit tool helps to trim parts, so when the Director says action, or cut, you can easily trim that out.

In this snip I took, it shows V1 AND A1. V1 stands for the video, and A1 stands for audio. so if I muted the audio, then I would only be able to see the video. If you want to turn the audio up, right click the audio, press Audio gain, and you should be able to turn it up or down. The best volume is 20 because it is not to loud but clear and you can hear the music in the background still. Make sure to use headphones when editing so that you can hear the bits you need to edit clearly.

If you want to make the video faster or slower you right click the audio, press Speed/duration,Β  and you can make it slower or faster, it can either make your voice low or sound like a chipmunk, so if there’s a photo you can slow a bit down so you can see the surroundings and details. If you want the music to fade in you go effects and then cross-fade.

If you ever trim a middle part of your video out you are able to drag it back next to the first part otherwise it will go black for a little while.

I hope you now know what I did in this Film School Clinic, and I am really looking forward to using this program in future when making films, or should I say editing films…

By Eve 6B