Shotgun Microphones

In this Film School Clinic, we used Shotgun Microphones to help improve audio, when filming. So I am now going to tell you what I learnt and did in this Film School Clinic.

First of all the Shotgun Microphones are located in the cupboard under the screen in the Cafe. These microphones help to improve audio to quality audio. These Microphones are to help make the audio louder and clearer, because the mics that are built into cam-corders aren’t really designed for high quality audio, that’s why we have the Shotgun Microphones.

They pick up sound not just from the front but everywhere. Another thing about it’s sound recording is if you are filming say in a tunnel and your voice echos through the tunnel, bounces of the walls and into the mic which will cause unnecessary audio. The mics are also very sensitive to winds, so try not to move to rapidly or film outside when it’s windy. These mics are also used for news and movies too. Shotgun Microphones is named for the long slotted tube in the front which is covered with a windsock, a windsock is to help protect the audio from being muffled.

To turn the Shotgun mic on, the switch is in the middle and it should turn green when indicated that it has been turned on. You should only turn to 1. Slide the shotgun mic into a silver adaptor on your cam corder. Then when tightening the Shotgun Mic to a HFG, or Zoom Camera, on the Shotgun Mic there is a blue nozzle you have to turn clock-wise, make sure it is tight and secure. Make sure to turn the audio on when filming, use headphones as always, and plug the Shotgun mic into the mic import.

For some reason the video that we made using the shotgun microphone has no sound and I can’t even handbrake it. I will try to fix the problem.

By Eve 6B



Royalty Free Music

This Film School Clinic was to help us understand what music we can download, and what music we can’t download. Here is a video of myself explaining what I did in this Film School Clinic.

Here is some of the music we found on Bensound. We had to find ones relating to these types of Movies…

  1. Wonder
  2.  Star Wars
  3.  The Greatest Showmen
  4.  Titanic
  5. Creepy


Eve 6B


Shotlists and Story Boards


This is what I learnt in this Film School Clinic. This Clinic was about how we start making storyboards and shot-lists. I hope you now know what we learnt in this Film School Clinic, and what we are going to do when we eventually use a storyboard or shot-list.

By Eve 6B


Zoom Cameras

The second week of Film School, the second clinic with Mr Henderson. I’m going to tell you what we learnt and did in this Clinic.

We have 6 Zoom Cameras in Year 6. When filming or walking with the Zoom Camera, make sure you tuck your elbows in, just like when using the Tripods. If you want a good volume, you are best off making the volume 7, because if you make it louder then 7, its going to pick up sounds in the backround which you don’t really want. If you force the microphone up it will probably snap or brake. And the good thing about these Cameras is that they are quick and easy to set up. This camera is not designed for zooming { it’s just the brand name } but it is best to go to the person themselves, but sometimes the zoom can be useful.

Here is a video we made of myself saying another Tongue Twister, using the Zoom Cameras!!


This is what a Zoom Camera looks like. The top bits are microphones except usaully the have an afro sort of thome over the microphone.

By Eve 6B

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Audio Booths

This video is about, and what I learnt in this Film School Clinic, Audio Booths.

As well as what I told you in my VLOG, I may not of mentioned that we have a Audio Booth Schedule, which means that you have to put your name down to use the Audio Booths. But If you have not signed the Schedule and you are in the Audio Booths, you will be immediately  removed from that Audio Booth and you will also be BANNED from using that Audio Booth for a while.

I really look forward to using these Audio Booths in the future.

Eve 6B

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Cam Corders was one of the Film School Clinics. It was about how to use Tripods. Here is some thoughtful and helpful information on how to use these cameras.

2 hands is very important because if you are walking with the camera, because  if you drop it, you aren’t going to feel that great.

Elbows tucked in when holding the camera

Concentrate on what you are doing and remember your purpose of why you are doing this

This thing that I am about to tell you is SUPER IMPORTANT! Do a close up near the person, not from where your standing, because otherwise it will turn out all blurry it will then sound MUCH better.

Image result for Camcorders

By Eve 6B


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Presenting Your Piece To Camera

This Film School Clinic was about Presenting your piece To Camera. Here is a Video explaining what I did and learnt and did.

By Eve 6B


Point And Shoot Cameras

In This Film School Clinic I learnt how to take pictures, and how to make them stand out or blend in. Below this video is some pictures I took.

Here are some of the pictures I took.

  1. Frame
  2. Balancing Elements { Background doesn’t stick out that much
  3. View Point
  4. Leading Lines

Rules Of Thirds

Image result for rule of thirds

For example I may not have mentioned this in my video, but here is a picture showing a particular feature. This a photo of a Leopard, as well as that these lines show the rules of thirds. Rules of thirds is 9 equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontel lines.

Backround doesn’t stick out so the main feature is the animal, up close can make the picture blurry.

LED Cherry Blossom Tree

Bronte and I are making a Light Up Cherry Blossom Tree using Humming Bird. Here is a picture of how we will be painting it, we thought well why buy something to paint with, when you could recycle it. So we decided to make a { Paint } the petals using a recycled water or soda bottle.


We thought it looks simple to paint and use Humming Bird for this. Me and Bronte just thought that maybe we could program the Humming Bird lights to change colour, so that would mean that when you walk past the Cherry Tree, the middle of the blossom changes colour, to make it look sort of magical, I guess.

We are now starting the project after getting our ideas signed by a teacher, and then we are now testing to see that we have everything in the kit and that we just do a bit of practising, and once again getting used to using it, because me and Bronte haven’t used Humming Bird since Term 2!

Next Design lesson we will be investigating more, and at least try to get started and do the program and start a bit of painting at least, but if we don’t get to that we will just use the Humming Bird and get some of the program done.


This lesson we have not been able to change the colour of the LED to another colour arpart from green or it’s either off completely.

We have now just figured out how and what was wrong with the Tri-colour LED, it was not the program, it was the way the colours had been in the port, which also mean’t that green was the only one in the correct place.

So now we have programed the TRI-COLOUR LED’s to flash like this…

Now that the two TRI-COLOUR LED’s both work and are flashing, we are now going to pay more attention to the LED’s, and we want to be able to get them to flash, as in turn off quickly and then turn on quickly, or to change to another colour.

Next lesson we will probably think about starting to paint and find some cardboard, but if that doesn’t happen then we will document and blog, and Bronte will not be here on Friday, so I will have to think of some things that MUST be done!


Today because Bronte is not here, I am doing some things by myself. I have brought in a cardboard box, so now if we have the correct colour of paint, we can start painting the box.

As you can see this box will be used to paint on. The front is where we will paint and the two sides we will just print to of the same pictures out. The inside { back } of the box, will be used where the Humming Bird is kept, as well as the computer outside of the box with the program on it. I decided that painting would just take up to much time, so I got some paper and stuck it on the front, then I drew the Tree, and then put some wholes in the middle of some flowers, and then turned the lights on, and it works!! Now all I have to do is draw more of the picture on the sides.

I am SO happy that I have finished this! It didn’t even take that long, which was what Bronte and I were aiming for. Now  just need to finish a few things off, an then I will document for the rest of the lesson.

My Last Design Reflection


What did I do? In my first opportunity, I decided to make a Light Up Teddy Bear, and then in the next project I did a LED Cherry Blossom Tree.

Understanding: What was important about it?

The thing most important to me, was getting it done, because when I finish something, I feel like I have accomplished and archived something!

Applying: Where could I use this again?

I could use sewing in year 8, but I’m not so sure about Humming Bird, Because that belongs to Year 5, I’m pretty sure. But as I said I could possibly use Sewing in Year 8 Create?

Analysing: Do I see any patterns in what I did?

Not really, because the two projects I did had some differences, which meant’t it was fun, because I did something different.

Evaluating: How well did I do?

If I could give myself a rating for Light up teddy bears, it would probably be a 7, because I didn’t actually complete it, so that’s when I changed my project to an LED Cherry Blossom Tree, and for that I would give myself a 9 and a 1/2, because I completed it, but Bronte was not here for most of it, in my opininon.

Creating: What should I do next?

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do next, so I’ll just have to wait and see what is ahead of me.

By Eve 5C


Shining Stars Part 4


So far this term My group and I have decided that because none of our own bears actually work we are now making one single bear instead. This is what we have done so far….

We have planned it out as you can see, and now we are busy altogether sewing. We are hoping this time that all of these LED’S work.  Below are some videos of each of us so far that have had a turn of sewing part of the bear.

We only have one more section of the positive left, and then we can go onto doing the negative. As this is our second time doing the same thing for the second time, me and my group are pretty tempted to finish! Next lesson we do hope to finish this bear, IT IS REALLY STARTING TO GET ON ALL 3 OF OUR NERVES!!!


This lesson we have encountered numerous problems! We have made a HUGE knot and we can’t keep going without it! And the knot has affected the whole circuit and created a small circuit! All of my group are getting very frustrated and have lost their passion for continuing to do this. We want to do a different project, but we don’t want to give up, but no matter how many times we try, we always end up making a mistake!


Today, Mrs Watson is going to help my group and I to make another bear each as our project, but then go back and see what we did wrong when our first bears, because if it has not worked 2 times in a row then there must be something we are doing wrong…

Here are the photos of the second bear, ruined…

The first picture is the outside of the bear and the second photo is in the inside of the bear. I hope that the bear that we make with Mrs Watson works, because this is the third time sewing a new bear! I’m stating to think about how I myself and my group did the second bear. I think we may have… accidently sewed the LED’s separately  instead of connecting the electricity to pass through them all, we did them separately!


These are the insructions to make a blob…

  1. Choose a colour
  2. Trace the template
  3. Cut it out { make sure the feet are together }
  4. Mark the spots with a marker to where your components will go
  5. Start sewing positive
  6. When finished positive get a alligator clip to see if the negative and positive works without waiting to see
  7. Sew Negeitive

Here is a video of me using the alligator clip to see if the positive and negative work…

I have just finished the Positive circuit, and next lesson I will be stating the Negative. I also learnt how to do a starting knot. Hopefully I don’t forget how to the knot by next lesson!… There is a video of my button working at the very top of the page.


This lesson was GREAT!!!!!! My circuit works!! Which was pretty surprising, because I used a HUGE needle, because that was all I could find. But when I first turned it on, I turned the battery on, but I didn’t need too turn on the switch, which probably meant that their was a short-circuit, so I turned my blob around and saw that a knot had not been cut! So I cut that, and now it works!!!!!

My Circuit

Next lesson I will probably be sewing it up, or I will go back and try to make a bear, FOR THE THIRD TIME! And see if I can make it work this time. Today I learnt how to stop a short circuit. Maybe that might of been the case when making the first bear?…. And that’s a good thing that I learnt how to stop a circuit because now I can use that knowledge for when I make the third bear.


Today I will probably be going back to my project or sewing my purple blob up. My group and I have come up with an idea on what we are going to do after the blob. We want this third bear to be simple, so we are each making a element instead. I am going to be making Water, Monica Air and Lena Fire. Because of previous experiences when doing the bear… We just want to do a simple project as this is still the first project. I am a bit confused and lost on what I am supposed to be doing because Lena is still going with her blob, so I’m not really sure what I should do?… So  I’m going to go to the documenting sheet, I only have 2 bits to right left, which is Innovate and Celebrate.


Today I needed another piece of purple fabric to trace one half of my Blob, so that it would cover up the stitching, so that it is not visible. There is a video of that below. Now I’m going to probably start sewing the eyes on, But I will not be blanket stitching, I will be doing straight stitch. I will also be doing some diagrams in my design book to show learning on my blog and Design book.

I have to trace the blob again because when I was cutting out the eyes, I made a big cut to big, so now I have trace it again!!

This is what my Blob will look like when I’m finished.

Of course I have not sewed these things on yet, but that’s what I’m hoping it will look like.

Now I am practising cutting eyes out of my old cover up bit, so that I can do it better when doing it again. Next Design lesson I plan to sew on the eyes if possible, but of course swimming starts next week which means that we will only have one period of design next Tuesday.


Today I only have one period of Design because of Swimming, which also means that Lena and Monica won’t be here, So this lesson I will just be doing some things in my Design book, for example doing the Innovate and Celebrate sections and doing some diagrams and writing the instructions on how to make a Blob.

 What I have done so far…

As you can see I have nearly finished the documenting in my Design book, but of course I still need to do Celebrate, and in my perspective of reading it, it sort of describes finishing the project, which we haven’t yet…

I will now be doing a new project { Blog Post } because I feel that with only a few weeks left I may as well try to do something simple but yet creative, I will be working with Bronte!  We will be making a Light Up Cherry Blossom Tree using Hummingbird.

By Eve 5C