LED Cherry Blossom Tree

Bronte and I are making a Light Up Cherry Blossom Tree using Humming Bird. Here is a picture of how we will be painting it, we thought well why buy something to paint with, when you could recycle it. So we decided to make a { Paint } the petals using a recycled water or soda bottle.


We thought it looks simple to paint and use Humming Bird for this. Me and Bronte just thought that maybe we could program the Humming Bird lights to change colour, so that would mean that when you walk past the Cherry Tree, the middle of the blossom changes colour, to make it look sort of magical, I guess.

We are now starting the project after getting our ideas signed by a teacher, and then we are now testing to see that we have everything in the kit and that we just do a bit of practising, and once again getting used to using it, because me and Bronte haven’t used Humming Bird since Term 2!

Next Design lesson we will be investigating more, and at least try to get started and do the program and start a bit of painting at least, but if we don’t get to that we will just use the Humming Bird and get some of the program done.


This lesson we have not been able to change the colour of the LED to another colour arpart from green or it’s either off completely.

We have now just figured out how and what was wrong with the Tri-colour LED, it was not the program, it was the way the colours had been in the port, which also mean’t that green was the only one in the correct place.

So now we have programed the TRI-COLOUR LED’s to flash like this…

Now that the two TRI-COLOUR LED’s both work and are flashing, we are now going to pay more attention to the LED’s, and we want to be able to get them to flash, as in turn off quickly and then turn on quickly, or to change to another colour.

Next lesson we will probably think about starting to paint and find some cardboard, but if that doesn’t happen then we will document and blog, and Bronte will not be here on Friday, so I will have to think of some things that MUST be done!


Today because Bronte is not here, I am doing some things by myself. I have brought in a cardboard box, so now if we have the correct colour of paint, we can start painting the box.

As you can see this box will be used to paint on. The front is where we will paint and the two sides we will just print to of the same pictures out. The inside { back } of the box, will be used where the Humming Bird is kept, as well as the computer outside of the box with the program on it. I decided that painting would just take up to much time, so I got some paper and stuck it on the front, then I drew the Tree, and then put some wholes in the middle of some flowers, and then turned the lights on, and it works!! Now all I have to do is draw more of the picture on the sides.

I am SO happy that I have finished this! It didn’t even take that long, which was what Bronte and I were aiming for. Now  just need to finish a few things off, an then I will document for the rest of the lesson.

My Last Design Reflection


What did I do? In my first opportunity, I decided to make a Light Up Teddy Bear, and then in the next project I did a LED Cherry Blossom Tree.

Understanding: What was important about it?

The thing most important to me, was getting it done, because when I finish something, I feel like I have accomplished and archived something!

Applying: Where could I use this again?

I could use sewing in year 8, but I’m not so sure about Humming Bird, Because that belongs to Year 5, I’m pretty sure. But as I said I could possibly use Sewing in Year 8 Create?

Analysing: Do I see any patterns in what I did?

Not really, because the two projects I did had some differences, which meant’t it was fun, because I did something different.

Evaluating: How well did I do?

If I could give myself a rating for Light up teddy bears, it would probably be a 7, because I didn’t actually complete it, so that’s when I changed my project to an LED Cherry Blossom Tree, and for that I would give myself a 9 and a 1/2, because I completed it, but Bronte was not here for most of it, in my opininon.

Creating: What should I do next?

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do next, so I’ll just have to wait and see what is ahead of me.

By Eve 5C


Shining Stars Part 4


So far this term My group and I have decided that because none of our own bears actually work we are now making one single bear instead. This is what we have done so far….

We have planned it out as you can see, and now we are busy altogether sewing. We are hoping this time that all of these LED’S work.  Below are some videos of each of us so far that have had a turn of sewing part of the bear.

We only have one more section of the positive left, and then we can go onto doing the negative. As this is our second time doing the same thing for the second time, me and my group are pretty tempted to finish! Next lesson we do hope to finish this bear, IT IS REALLY STARTING TO GET ON ALL 3 OF OUR NERVES!!!


This lesson we have encountered numerous problems! We have made a HUGE knot and we can’t keep going without it! And the knot has affected the whole circuit and created a small circuit! All of my group are getting very frustrated and have lost their passion for continuing to do this. We want to do a different project, but we don’t want to give up, but no matter how many times we try, we always end up making a mistake!


Today, Mrs Watson is going to help my group and I to make another bear each as our project, but then go back and see what we did wrong when our first bears, because if it has not worked 2 times in a row then there must be something we are doing wrong…

Here are the photos of the second bear, ruined…

The first picture is the outside of the bear and the second photo is in the inside of the bear. I hope that the bear that we make with Mrs Watson works, because this is the third time sewing a new bear! I’m stating to think about how I myself and my group did the second bear. I think we may have… accidently sewed the LED’s separately  instead of connecting the electricity to pass through them all, we did them separately!


These are the insructions to make a blob…

  1. Choose a colour
  2. Trace the template
  3. Cut it out { make sure the feet are together }
  4. Mark the spots with a marker to where your components will go
  5. Start sewing positive
  6. When finished positive get a alligator clip to see if the negative and positive works without waiting to see
  7. Sew Negeitive

Here is a video of me using the alligator clip to see if the positive and negative work…

I have just finished the Positive circuit, and next lesson I will be stating the Negative. I also learnt how to do a starting knot. Hopefully I don’t forget how to the knot by next lesson!… There is a video of my button working at the very top of the page.


This lesson was GREAT!!!!!! My circuit works!! Which was pretty surprising, because I used a HUGE needle, because that was all I could find. But when I first turned it on, I turned the battery on, but I didn’t need too turn on the switch, which probably meant that their was a short-circuit, so I turned my blob around and saw that a knot had not been cut! So I cut that, and now it works!!!!!

My Circuit

Next lesson I will probably be sewing it up, or I will go back and try to make a bear, FOR THE THIRD TIME! And see if I can make it work this time. Today I learnt how to stop a short circuit. Maybe that might of been the case when making the first bear?…. And that’s a good thing that I learnt how to stop a circuit because now I can use that knowledge for when I make the third bear.


Today I will probably be going back to my project or sewing my purple blob up. My group and I have come up with an idea on what we are going to do after the blob. We want this third bear to be simple, so we are each making a element instead. I am going to be making Water, Monica Air and Lena Fire. Because of previous experiences when doing the bear… We just want to do a simple project as this is still the first project. I am a bit confused and lost on what I am supposed to be doing because Lena is still going with her blob, so I’m not really sure what I should do?… So  I’m going to go to the documenting sheet, I only have 2 bits to right left, which is Innovate and Celebrate.


Today I needed another piece of purple fabric to trace one half of my Blob, so that it would cover up the stitching, so that it is not visible. There is a video of that below. Now I’m going to probably start sewing the eyes on, But I will not be blanket stitching, I will be doing straight stitch. I will also be doing some diagrams in my design book to show learning on my blog and Design book.

I have to trace the blob again because when I was cutting out the eyes, I made a big cut to big, so now I have trace it again!!

This is what my Blob will look like when I’m finished.

Of course I have not sewed these things on yet, but that’s what I’m hoping it will look like.

Now I am practising cutting eyes out of my old cover up bit, so that I can do it better when doing it again. Next Design lesson I plan to sew on the eyes if possible, but of course swimming starts next week which means that we will only have one period of design next Tuesday.


Today I only have one period of Design because of Swimming, which also means that Lena and Monica won’t be here, So this lesson I will just be doing some things in my Design book, for example doing the Innovate and Celebrate sections and doing some diagrams and writing the instructions on how to make a Blob.

 What I have done so far…

As you can see I have nearly finished the documenting in my Design book, but of course I still need to do Celebrate, and in my perspective of reading it, it sort of describes finishing the project, which we haven’t yet…

I will now be doing a new project { Blog Post } because I feel that with only a few weeks left I may as well try to do something simple but yet creative, I will be working with Bronte!  We will be making a Light Up Cherry Blossom Tree using Hummingbird.

By Eve 5C













Bombing of Darwin Book Review


This book is based in 1941, during the WW2. Tom Taylor is 14 years old and him and his mother are transitioning from South Adelaide to North of Darwin, where Tom’s farther works. War time is hard for Tom as he tries to dig a trench, in case of any bombings or Air raids. Tom’s Mother works at the Post office receiving telegrams and post, and Tom’s Farther works on the Wharf, where they unload weapons for the soldiers. As well as the Soldiers are trained, Tom’s farther thinks that these teenagers should not be serving right in Darwin, when all the proficient soldiers are in Tiwi Islands. War time is dangerous, and yet Tom’s mother wants them all to stick together… But in the end… Was that really the best idea?…

By Eve 5C

Light Up Animals { Progressing Part 3 } 7/9/2018, 14/9/18

This Lesson, I did some more Sewing and arranging my LED’s. There was a few Trouble Shoots because my Conductive string, was a bit { A LOT } tangled. So I will fix that next lesson, and all that’s left to do is to…

  1. Sew the rest of + Positive
  2. Start Sewing the – Negative
  3. And then Sewing the outside and decorating

Here are the Materials  I used this lesson, and will be using for as long as I am Sewing…

  1. Needle
  2. 3 LED’s { White }
  3. 2 Switches { one of them I’ve already Sewn }

Here is a picture of the small bit of what I call a dogs breakfast. I know I will fix it next lesson because it’s a MUST TO DO! As well as what I call a ”Dog’s breakfast”, it is also a Troubleshoot of my sewing during my project, and as well as just sewing problems.. it could be the LED’s, But since I have done the Light Up Masks, then I mostly know what I’m doing with the LED’s, because I’ve had experience with them before and have used them before.

My goal next lesson is to finish the + Positive, and start the -Negative. That is my main goal for the next Lesson to do and finish, Because if I don’t then it won’t be according to the plan my group and I made, and now we only have 7 hours of Design time left for our projects to be finished at least. I now have a very clear plan of what I will be doing next.


For some reason, I have finished my Bear, but it is NOT turning on! A small problem like this could ruin the whole plan! I am still looking for the slightest problems, but I feel like it’s either the battery or the stitching?

Here is a video, and hopefully this will give you an idea on what LED’s are working and which ones aren’t…

Here I am using .


To see which Led was stoping the other LED’s

electricity to the last one, because it only works slightly, but it doesn’t have enough energy to give the last LED some energy to light up.

Here I have switched the switch and used the button, and it works perfectly! Hopefully in last period if the Second LED still is not working then I will replace it. Te reason being, after the first LED has had power, it can’t actually turn on because it’s passed the energy to the second one, but then it’s trying to use all the power to turn it’s self on. Therefore being none of them will turn on if that LED stays in the Circuit.


Since all of my peers in my group, we have decided to just make one bear, because it’s to much trouble to have all of my group unpicking, while we could just start a new bear, so we can at ,least try to get this done! We will all take in turns of doing jobs, so that we are all doing something for example

  1. Myself doing one LED
  2. Lena does second LED
  3. Monica does third LED
  4. But when one of us sewing, someone else will be documenting, and taking photos






High Ropes

My heart pounds through my ears, as my clammy, sweaty hands clasp the huge clips. I feel a bubble of regret brush over me. ‘’You can do this’’. I whispered to myself. The courage was nearly there. As I walked across the bumpy log, I started to feel a bubble of excitement, as I knew that I had almost achieved this challenge, and I was not about to just give up. If my friends could do it, I could do it. As I slowly scurried to the middle of the log, it was finally the moment of truth… As I jumped, I’ve never felt SO ALIVE! As I came slowly down, Emily cheering like CRAZY, I finally knew that I could conquer my fears of heights! I had achieved something I had never done before. I learnt that I can do things, I just have to find the courage, and believe, and if you go on this Camp, I highly recommend that you have a go at everything, because it could be a once in a life time chance, and you never know what will happen next unless you try these type of things…


By Eve 5C


In this RVE Lesson, our class talked about Belonging, and what it can mean. For example, you could belong in a certain Sports Club or a certain group.

Here are some questions I will answer…

  • What groups do you belong to?

I belong in My Sports House ” Bellerophon ”, and we compete in House Sports as a group.

  • Pick a group that you belong to and disscuss the benefits of being in that group

As well as House Sport, I also do Swimming, so that would mean that I am a part of that community of Swimming. being in a Sports House means you must have good sportsmen ship and cheer on your house, because that’s where you belong and you are a part of this group. In swimming I have to participate just like everyone else, and swim in that group.

  • How do groups that you belong to differ among you and your family members/ Friends

For instance, I do Swimming and my brother does Soccer and Swimming. Differ means a Family of Friend who belongs in a different Sports club or Community. There are lots of other people who do different sports and belong in different communities of Victoria or Australia.

  • Are there any that are the same?

Belonging can mean all types of different things. For example a Sports Club, A Community, A place that you feel that you belong, and feel you belong in that certain group. Belonging can mean all sorts of things, But it only depends on what you think and feel in your perspective of what you believe about Belonging somewhere.

By Eve 5C

Learning To Sew With A Sewing Machine { For our Projects }

On Friday, all of the girls who were learning to sew for their projects, came into the Maker Space, and Sewed on pieces of Fabric to practise for when they do their real sewing on their project. If they are doing a Soft Circuit type of thing then you’ll need to learn to Sew quicker then hand Sewing. It’s good we know how to sew now, because when we try it on our Projects, we should be pretty good at it…?

Day 2 Sewing: Today we started making our own bags, using the Sewing Machine. Today was very productive, because after practising, we finally got to make our own little cute bags. Here are the steps on how to Sew with a Sewing Machine, and how to start yourself off…

  1. Fabric on Starting Line
  2. Foot Down
  3. LH Hold Cotton
  4. RH Turn 3 Stitches
  5. Swap Hands

If you follow these steps, you will know how to use a Sewing Machine, if you follow these basic steps.

The thing I found HARD today was…. Plaiting! Today when we had to make the Handbag Handle by using our knowlage of Plaits. I’d never actually Platied before, so Thavinsa helped me and that got me here…

This photo below is my bag nearly finished!

This Video below shows myself Sewing using a Sewing Machine, and hopefully this will give you a better idea as well as the 6  steps…

My group Lena, Monica and I need this knowledge for when we sew our LED circuits for our Light up Shining Stars { Light up animals } So, now we know how to Sew, we can move on to the next step… MAKING OUR CUTE LIGHT UPS!!!

All in all sewing is pretty cool when you put your mind to it, but if something goes wrong… Stop immediately!

By Eve 5C




This week I’m am doing BLOXELS, with Lena, Steph, and myself. BLOXELS is a building game sort of thing, what happens is you build a game on a BLOXEL board, and you create your game, take a photo with the BLOXELS app, and you can then play it.

These are all the Colours of BLOXELS, I’m going to tell you what they mean…

  1. RED= lava
  2. PURPLE= Enemy
  3. YELLOW= Coins
  4. ORENGE= Explosives
  5. PINK= Power ups
  6. BLUE= Water
  7. GREEN= Grass
  8. WHITE= Check-point

So all of these blocks are usable in the game, you can make easy levels, hard levels and  REALLY HARD levels. This is the first game I made, It was sort of hard.. but my friends could do it so that was a good thing.

If I could make this a level, it would probably be Level 3. I’m going to make another Level next time.

The picture that I made next to the course, is a Ballerina. She is going to basically be our Avatar { Character }. As well as making your own levels you can also make Characters, so the person that plays your game will end up being that Character.

BLOXELS DAY 2: Today Lena and I mad a few other Levels. Thses are some videos of us trying our own games, and having are go at each others games.

We made some easy levels and Hard ones, but that’s your opinion. Sad thing is my Phone wasant an Apple Phone, so we had to do it all on Lena’s phone.



This week we got to choose a thing to do in Design. Such as…

  1. MakeyMakey
  2. Scratch
  3. Speros
  4. Bloxels
  5. LittleBits

Out of these options, we could choose one for this week and one for the next week. I chose LittleBits. LittleBits is similar to HummingBird only you can make a type of image that goes with the program, Like this…

This is a Program that makes a noise and image.

This video below is the Program for the image above, you might want to turn your volume up to hear what happens…

In LittleBits We have struggled a bit with the Program because, its already there, and then it takes a little while to actually get it working.. So I don’t know sometimes its hard, and sometimes it isn’t.

The next thing we made was a Soccer Goal, which when you shoot a goal, you get a point. The video below is what happens when you shoot a goal…

So theres a button underneath the target, which when you throw a paper schruched up ball, behind the target the button is then pressed. Lots of people loved it, especially when they got a point… This Project was really FUN!! I’m still not sure what I’m going to do for my Project, But in time… I think I’ll know…

By Eve 5C