Interactive australia map project

What this is about

In this project I am going to make a interactive map of Australia. So when you press on a state it will say about that state. I am trying to teach people about the great country of Australia.


smallest continent

7th biggest country

scott morrison is the prime minister

25.1 million people

its the only continent that consists of one country excluding antartica

it is an island



new south wales

south australia

western Australia


northern territory

Australian capital territory




I have started planing in my book


I have written about the states


I have connected the makey makey to my project



i am making progress!!!


I am basically done


24/05/2019- reflection

I have learned how to program a makey makey properly. I am now planning on using it some time in the future I have also learnt more about all the amazing capabilities of scratch and I WILL use scratch a lot more (not playing games I mean doing work) so yeah I have really enjoyed this experience. We have had our fair share of problems including realising the makey makey did not have enough cables to do all the states but we found a solution we just put multiple states on the one bit of code. I think we have well considering a lot of people might find this hard and yes it was hard but we had got the hang of it after only FIVE weeks! I think if we did this again we would be experts! I have had a great time on Makey Makey and scratch hopefully we can use these great programs again.

Debug 2

debug 1