Beetle Blocks and Turtle Art

Hello this is my Beetle Blocks and Turtle Art blog!


Here is my heptagon I extruded the lines and I got this!

This block divides 360 into however many sides your shape has and it adds up to the angle that you need and makes the shape


The code didn’t load into this but I will explain I put four heptagons next to each other and changed the colours each time you do not need to do the colours.

So this is my rotational symmetry


I made a cool pattern and stacked it on top of each other I did this by using the change absolute block


I have experimented with x and y axis I have not worked it out yet but I will continue next session


Starting Turtle Art

I have tried to do what I did on beetle blocks with turtle art. I have not worked it our yet though. I have tried to divide 360 by seven to make a heptagon like what I did on beetle blocks.

I made this heptagon with another inside

I did it twice but changed the pen size and colour!

Here’s my rotational symmetry design

Here’s a different colour

Here is a new design. I basically just drew big lines and change the colours and the background.

Here’s another version of the other design I put on a black background

Here is another thing. It looks like a sun

By Kaleb Cooke 5C

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