Mini Golf

Hello this is my mini golf project with Adam and Jake. We are going to use the hummingbird to program the course


Here is a scan of my book:

I am explaining our mini golf hole:

And this is me working on it

We have planned for it to go down a ramp and then split off then after they merge again it will have 2 pipes a good and a bad we did have the idea for a big pipe that takes you to the start but we changed our minds.

We are starting to use the hummingbird

This is some of our code

Here are some problems we had:

Here is how we solved them

Here is us working


Grass, Sand, Pipes and Cardboard


Here is where we got the gear motor to work what Adam tries to explain is it is where the ball will spin and it will go in a random direction it will go to either of the pipes, out of bounds or back on the track.

we have some cardboard and we are going to make a beach house where the sand is which is off the track

taping it up


Making a roof

Changed the plan for the roof

We ditched the beach house idea. Planning how the ramp could look

This is our hummingbird so far

Made the ramp just need to paint

We are painting it

This is where we will cut.

Here I am working

We got our vibration motor to work

Here is the code for it. we had our humming bird in the first port and we set it to 1000 to make sure it really vibrates.

We also got our Tri LED to work

The code for it. The first one it is in port one red is set to 100 so it will turn red the others are set to 0. The second one it has a wait before it then it is set to green the wait makes a flashing affect where it goes red green red green etc.

This is our ramp now we are trying to put it together.

We have got our ramp ready and here is our course:

We have changed the plan.

This is my explanation of it:

We made the hole

We made a sand pit. The pipe will lead to it.

This one has no pipes in it.

this has pipes.

I made a update because we added the box with sand in it

We are planning where to put our gear motor

Working out where the gear motor will go

This is our hummingbird

A windmill.

Our finished project

Here was our code


I have had a fantastic time on our mini golf project. It has been a great experiment and an amazing experience. I would 100% do it again I have had awesome people also helping with our project I have had a great time. The windmill was hard but we made it! I am so happy with how it turned out. a great project and a great time!!!

By Kaleb 5C

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