in design at the moment were doing DRONES with our apple devices! (like our phones/ school ipads) We have downloaded an app called tello it is an app that helps us fly the drones it also has a camera that we can use to take photos and videos sadly our video isn’t working…. so i can’t share it on the post but i can insert a photo of the drone!:)

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Sphore is a little see throw  ball that listens/ does your codes, you tell them what  to do  with  you coding, Coding can be easy and hard mostly depends on what you want it to do. We in design and coding with Sphore with tape we made a maze for Sphore and now are coding for it!! me and my partner have got a BIG maze to code but much fun!!!!

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Micro bit!

Micro bit!

Micro bit has told me how to be better at using computer’s i am pretty bad when it comes to computer’s! also micro has helped my imagination to run “wild!!! With micro bit you can do anything, quite like Scratch; you go into a coding page and then build\ create anything! i’m not so good at, it but i will get better soon!

I have done a bit of coding: i showed my mum a ” i love you” on the micro bit witch wasn’t that hard but enjoyable.

See a quick video of the micro bit in action below;

sophia micro bit




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my inspiration is…………

my inspiration is anklets i love anklet i love making them so i have made a scratch project about it wich has been hard i’m not good at scratch at all so i’m still learning but i think i nailed this well i hope i did at lest hope u liked this

All about me

Hi my name is Sophia as you probably know. i have a two dogs one is called Lucy and the other one is Elfie. Elfie is ten and Lucy is seven Lucy may look cute and all but she is FEROCIOUS because she dose not like boys but she likes me and my dad/mum but not my brother she bits my brother its not bad but its funny how she try,s. she,s is tiny to. Elfie is such a kind dog to everyone i love Elfie as much as Lucy. okay moving on I also have a brother who is older he is one year older he is 12 and annoying nothing much more of him. I have also got a mum and a dad who work together as builders at our house because my dad is the boss of the Business not to brag he works in the office in the shed  there is a kitchen and a couch/ TV and so many computers nearly 10 by the way I play on all of them wich is so much fun any way hope you liked this little thing about me bye


ORANGE SQUARE PURPLE CIRCLE. this was not to hard for me because it was not to detailed but I like it like that I wish I could snip it as it moves it is SO satisfying anyway this was a fun


Welcome to Sophia G’s blog. I mainly post about scratch, maths and other things that I am doing at school. I hope you like my posts.

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build a band


In ‘Build-a-Band’ I have made a saxophone, the piano and the drums all make sound. This was so much fun and I recommend it.



I made a ballerina dance! At first it was hard to understand but then I got the hang of it. I had to try lots of different codes before I was happy with my ballerina.

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