PP – Reflection – The Chase

So Ted and I have nearly finished out passion project and I didn’t turn out as I expected.  I thought it would be more like a professional chase with amazing audio and graphics. Instead our audio is bad (Ted’s cousin is talking in quite a few shots, it was very windy and you can’t hear the car or motorbike engine). With that in mind, I had to do a lot of sound editing to make it better. I needed to find good sound effects for a motorbike, car, gunshot and punch. The car, motorbike and punch sound effects were really hard to find because a lot of the car and motorbike sounds were sporty and too sharp. And usually, if you find a good one you needed to pay or sign up. Once I found those two I had to make a punch sound effect. I found a video the showed up how to make a punch sound effect. I then needed to put the sounds together and edit it to make it sound good. It doesn’t really sound like a punch but all the other ones were too sharp for a punch.

I expected it to be harder to film and plan the chase, but it turned out that it was harder to edit because the sounds were bad quality. This project extended my knowledge on the stages of making a film and my editing. If I was to do it again I would put more effort planning at the filming locations to make the film flow better and make more sense.