Billiard Ball Bounces (BBB)

For this term in project maths, we have been working on Billiard Ball Bounces (BBB). The ball starts in the left corner of the grid (any size). The then shoots off in a 45 degree angle. The challenge was to find out a consist formula and explain it to the class. The formula is simplify the grid size by find out the lowest common factor (not including decimals). Then you add the factors together and minus two.

When we started, we played with a few examples before collecting data. With the data I tried to find a pattern, but non accorded to me. The next session I went on maths300 and that’s when I thought I found one. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Hugo shared his formula and then I started to explore the formula.

Some of the maths skills I used were collecting data, finding a pattern and simplifying the project. One of my challenges was sorting out my data and trying to find a pattern. Also writing the explanation on this blog. I learnt different skills, strategies, how to find factors, and formulas and how to sort out data better.