The Philippines Crocodile

This term in inquiry, we are making a persuasive film about a chosen endangered animal. Then we will to go Melbourne Zoo and research more facts about our animal. I’m doing this because I want to spread the word that we are killing innocent and harmless animals.


In the heart of the Philippines lays the rarest crocodile in the world. The Philippines crocodile. One of the most inspiring creatures on earth. Imagine being the crocodile and swimming in a river and suddenly having an explosive fall on your head. You know the rest. This is what’s happening to these small and beautiful creatures are close to extinction and we need to help.

In 1992, fewer than 1000 were estimated to remain in the wild. In September 2011, it was estimated that only 250 are left in the wild, which mean they are critically endangered. It is because of dynamite fishing, poaching and habitat destruction. Wait! What’s dynamite fishing? Dynamite fishing also known as blast fishing is when people throw explosives into the water and wait for dead fish to float to the surface which leads to habit destruction.

In 1999, 12% of Philippines fishermen use explosives to catch their fish. In 1987, 25% of fish caught in the Philippines was by dynamite fishing. In 1998, the Republic Act No 8550 penalizes the use of explosives with imprisonment of 5-10 years. In 2001, it was illegal to shoot or attempted to kill the crocodile and there was a penalty up to $2,500. On May 31, 2012, the Philippine Senate introduced resolution no. 790 to further strengthen existing laws for the protection of the Philippine crocodile.

We need to do something about this. Giving a donation will give the Philippines Crocodile a better future. This animal a descended of dinosaurs, a living fossil that has lived for so many years. So think about it. Would you like to get your home destroyed and head blown up?

PTC that I will do at the zoo will be; we need to do something about this. Giving a donation will give the Philippines Crocodile a better future. The shots that I’m, hoping to get is one of the crocodile swimming in the water and another shot of a crocodile eating something.