Building Views

For the past week for project maths, we have been doing an architecture project called building views. The first part of the project was building a house just with numbers on a 4X4 grid.

Once we thought we had the correct shape we would get out of our chair, go down to eye level and find the front and side view.

Part 2 was the opposite. We had to work with the front and side view and try and build a bird’s eye view plan with 15 blocks, max blocks and min blocks but still keeping the same front and side view. Once we had finished that, we could do the variations. We would create a birds eye view plan, keep the same min blocks but change the plan still keeping the front and side view.

The last part was going onto Maths300, using their software to create more plans.

Some of the most challenging bits was doing the variations because you needed to keep the same front, side and min number. Also some of the 5X5 grids on the software was difficult because there were a few spaces where it was trial and error.