Passion Project Planning – The Chase

This term for my passion project I’m thinking about making and chase scene at Ted’s far on a dirt road next to a channel. The storyline is around an undercover agent who his enemy find out his real identity and job. He is ambushed and is chased by a car alongside the channel. Follow his epic journey escaping from death.

We are intending to use a GoPro, iPhone. One of the challenges will be filming. We want the film to be realistic but safe at the same time. I’m thinking of film in parts. Every time the camera switches we will film just that part an some on.

The age target we are aiming for is 12 and above because younger people won’t understand the film. The message is that people risk their life for their country and we need to respect it.

I’m really looking forward to going to NSW to film and pick up some new film and acting techniques.