OTTT – Fort Queenscliff

Have you ever wondered when Fort Queenscliff was built or what happened there? I am proposing to make a documentary about Fort Queenscliff.

For my film I want to do a documentary on Fort Queenscliff because I am really interested in war History and I think it is very fascinating. Fort Queenscliff was built in 1860 and became the headquarters of the bay. The fort never shot at a known enemy but did fire 3 rounds at a unidentified aircraft on the 29 of May 1940. Its garrison included volunteer artillery, engineers, infantry and naval militia. Also Russians invaded the Fort, the fort held 2 war prisoners and the fort camanded Fort Napel to fire at the German freighter Pfalz, as she was attempting to escape to sea which was the first shot for WWI.

I’m going to pitch 3 stories. The gunner that disappeared, the German commerce raider Wolf that laided 2 minefields and the Japanese submarine 1-25 launched its seaplane in Bass Strait.

On the 1st September 1942 gunner Hulston, was discovered missing from his post. It was discoved that marks on the beach indicated a heavy object had been dragged along. When 2 soilders went out to try and find gunner Hulston they were fired at and 1 of the soilders had been shot in thigh. On 10 September Gunner Hulston’s body was found in the sea off Queenscliff.

In July 1917 the German commerce raider Wolf laid two minefields in Bass Strait. A few days later, British freighter SS Cumberland hit one of these mines near Gabo Island and subsequently sank during salvage operations. Another ship hit one of the mines and it resulted in a sunk ship.

In February 1942 the Japanese submarine 1-25 launched its seaplane in the Bass Strait. The Plane flew over Fort Queenscliff and RAAF Base Point Cook unnoticed before returning over the Mornington Peninsula.


At the bottom of the cliff there is a timber tunnel that leads up to the engine room which had a vertical ladder in it.