Birke Baehr TED Talk

Todays TED Talk was presented by Birke Baehr. It is about what’s wrong with our food and what we can do to help. His message is that farmers are putting chemicals into our food and we can make a difference. He has a few more messages stop eating food with chemicals because you can get sick. Also he wants adults to buy local and organic food that is safe and cheap. Another message is that imported and CEFO food should be clearly labelled so consumer knows what is in their food.

He got his message across by using scientific facts so the audience believes more. Also he uses a slideshow to give the audience more evidence about what he is talking about. He tried to make the audience laugh so they were a bit more involved in his talk. He look like he was Passionate about local and organic food which made the audience interested. Someone watching a 11 year old talk, would like to see the perspective on the our world.

He use a microphone so the audience could hear him loud and clear. Without a microphone, the audience wouldn’t be able to hear him.

Some of the presenting techniques he used was doing hand gestures so he looked like he had a passion for what he was talking about. I think he use too many gestures because even when he wasn’t talking, he was doing them. Also he moved around so it didn’t look like he was nervous because if he was the audience won’t be as interested. I think he could have moved around a bit more because he didn’t look free and also sometimes his feet were glued to the floor.