Left Leg Drop Punt

Day 1

For PE we have to choose a skill to master. I chose kicking a drop punt on my left foot because I would like to be able to kick with both feet and it would be handy when I am playing a game. If I can kick with my left foot I have a better chance to get a goal because I can kick with both feet.

Day 2

Today in PE I practised keeping my eyes on the balls so when I kick it is more accurate. When I was kicking I found out that I was kicking better. I think next week I should focus on my drop.

Drop Punt Left Foot

Day 3

Skill Acquisition

My Chosen Skill: Left Foot Drop Punt

Three Teaching Points for my skill for today’s lesson. (Research if required)

– Eyes Focused on the Ball

– Step forward with your foot you aren’t going to kick with

– Guide ball down, with one hand, so it makes contact with the top of the foot

Today, working in a group of three you are going to film a demonstration of your skill. You will attempt the skill 3 times and then review the footage.

Observing my skill from the iPad footage.


Am I successfully demonstrating the three teaching points in this footage?

I noticed that my ball was not guided down correctly because it was drop down. Most of the times the ball span because I held the ball on an angle and tried to have my foot straight. All the time my eyes were focused on the ball and if they weren’t focused I wouldn’t know where the ball is going to go.

Day 4

Today we play games that were linked with the skills drop punt and two-handed strike. When we played the two handed-strike game, I notice that making one home run will the one shot was nearly impossible. Also hitting the roof was the best option because it would take longer for the fielders to get the ball. We had many drop punt games. The first one was to get the ball to the end of the oval and back will everyone touching the ball and the kicks needed to be drop punts. It was hard because our ball was hard and pointy so it would hurt my toes. The second games was kicking and marking the ball competition. The hard part was that you needed to share the ball and kick it straight. The last game was a boy vs girls game. We couldn’t hear what he said so we cut it short. But it was still fun. I think I need to practice dropping and guiding the so it can have back spin.

Day 5

Today in P.E, we were making and 10-second film about how to kick a drop punt. My teaching points were keeping your eyes on the ball and follow through. When it was my go, I forgot to say my third teaching point which was step with your non-kicking leg first before kicking the ball.

Drop Punt