Design Hunt


This is a card board bowl form the canteen. This used for the pasta that the canteen put in. It can be improved by when the card board bowl feel no more weight in it, it dissolves with a harmless flame. Also the bowl hovers by having magnetic levitation at the bottom with grains of magnets.


This is a bin from the school yard. The bin is made out of wood, metal and plastic. The bin would be made by shaping the bin, and putting the fame together by machine or hand. My idea was to make the bin hover and move around using magnetic levitation. The bin would move around use a scanner to see if anyone has so rubbish in there hand. if there was someone it would move them and stop. When the bin is full it move to the spot when it started, sit down, empty it by opening the bottom of the bin and tart again.


This is a padlock on one of our lockers They use it be ropes so is decided it would be a good topic. My idea to change it was take the u shape away and replace it with a magnet on both of the sides. It will open and close it as if it is the lock. If one of the gears were not here the, locker would unlock with random numbers or will not open, no matter what you do. To open it, it will have an eye, face and finger print detector. It will also have a backup card. If you have the lock in your hand, you can throw it and it will quickly hover to the right locker using a scanner.