Math’s Shape Animation 2D to 3D

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In Math’s Project this term so far, we’ve looked at 2D and 3D shapes and their 2D nets. Another thing we have been looking at is the Vertices, faces, apexes and edges. The shapes we have focused on are Triangular prisms, square based pyramids, triangle based pyramids, pentagonal prisms and a few others. After we had researched these shapes and learned a lot about the different 2D nets we chose groups of 3 or 4 and were asked to choose one 3D shape. We were asked to create a short film with a great storyline, good audio and it had to incorporate the facts about the shape you chose into it somehow.  I was in a group with Abbi and Samantha. Our film was about saving pandas because we used a pentagonal prism for the cage that the pandas were transported in.


The hardest most difficult part was the wires connecting to the pentagonal prism so we could lift it in. It was so hard to use them because they kept breaking off and swinging around, it was overall challenging to control them. it was also difficult to get the voice overs to match the footage and fit together in the film.


I learned that it is really hard to make a stop motion right the first time because everything needs to be perfect and you can’t have a hand in one single picture without ruining it.


If I could have the chance to do this again I would of put the chrome key on because in our editing stage we didn’t have enough time and I would of added the music we chose into the finished version.








Powerful Sentences


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I found this Powerful sentence in a book I am reading called Wild Wood and thought you would be interested to hear it.

A powerful Sentence is just a bunch of words that convey a message to the readers or stands out from the rest of a book. It was hard to pick between these sentences because the paragraph was filled with powerful sentences so I will write the paragraph and highlight the one sentence.


The Individual birds were now indiscernible from the mass, and the murder coalesced into a single, convulsive shape, blotting out the flat light of the afternoon sun. The shape swung and bowed in the air, and the noise of their beating wings and screeching cries became deafening. Prue cast about, to see if anyone else was witnessing this bizarre event, but she was terrified to see that she was alone. And then the crows dove. Their cry became a single unified scream as the cloud of crows feinted skyward before diving at a ferocious speed toward her baby brother.



I think this sentence is so powerful because of the way the author described the crows and the similes and metaphors they used made it really strong. The words they used put a really good picture in my mind

I know I left you on a cliff hanger on that paragraph but if you want to know what happened, get the book!




Everybody’s reading routine is different. Some read before bed like me, some read in the mornings, some read anytime really and some don’t read at all.

This term I am going to follow reading before bed. It relaxes me and gets my imagination going.

What genres do you want to explore this term and why?

When I read, I don’t always read the same genre. I get inspiration from friends or they recommend me books. I nearly always enjoy them. Right now I am reading the Tom Gates series because Samantha recommended them to me. I am finding them really entertaining. The types of genres I want to explore are humour and Graphic Novels. Humour because I never read funny books and Graphic Novels because Mikayla recommended them to me.

Goals For the Term

When we finish our books, we are encouraged to do a Reading rant. A reading rant is a post that has all the info you need about the book you just finished,

This term I hope to complete at least 5 reading rants so that would be 1 each fortnight. I already have one so I think I will get there. I also want to finish the Tom Gates series because I am onto the second one and I am really enjoying them.




I think I can improve by doing my Reading Rants a bit earlier because I always leave it a little later than when I finish the book.

I think I could also put a little more detail into my regular reading blog posts and to read My books more quickly so I have more to blog about.




The Geelong College Mystery

In inquiry, we talked about different mysteries like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot and things like that. A mystery is just an unsolved problem. People choose whether to believe them or not. All of the year 6’s were put into groups to make our own mysteries for The Geelong College. When we were in groups, we had to make a Teaser trailer and a blurb for our mystery. There were some restrictions, there had to be no violence or death, we had to give evidence without giving it away. It had to be 20 to 30 seconds long and it had to hook the reader to want to know more.

To present the mystery we had to make a teaser trailer with either one short video and a picture, or to put 4 photos into our trailer. We chose 4 photos. In this activity, less is more so it actually puts the message across better if you use less footage and leave it a bit plainer than usual.

When recording our voice over, we were told to use a mysterious voice and act a little because if you have a smile on your face, it comes out in your voice and it ruins the mysterious vibe of the video. If you use a mysterious voice, it will make your video sound a lot better and it will suit your theme.

If I got the chance to do this again, I would have taken better footage in our time frame because we didn’t have much time to spare. We kind of gave it away on our first try because we actually filmed the chickens coming out of the grave. That proves it is true and defeats the purpose of the mystery so we had to use only the photos without the chooks in it. My group ended up using 2 or 3 photos instead of 4. We did have to make a grave and use that because the old ones had got knocked down. Over all it turned out ok. It was really challenging getting the editing done on time so we had to work through a couple of lunches but we got there in the end.


The whole experience was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.




Watching Words


This week, I’ve read a couple of different books but haven’t finished any of them yet. They are Cleo, a biography about a lady called Helen brown and her cat Cleo, camp Nightmoon, a book from the Goosebumps series, and Nancy Drew and the Ivory charm on my kindle. Even though I have read all these books, the one I found with the most challenging words is The man from snowy river. I will choose 10 interesting words from the book that either describe something really well or I found challenging, and write their definition.



I had to google this one two because I had no idea what it was. I found out that it is a rocky peak or ledge thing that you would find in the you yangs or something, like a mini cliff. – The sound of the wind in the granite tors.


Whither is an old fashioned way of saying where to. EG Whither away? – from book.


Shied is when a horse jumps or darts in fright. – A small snake peered from the bushes so the herd leapt and shied.


A mound or small hill is called a Knoll.  – The stallion stopped on a high knoll where the snow gums had long ago been killed by fire.


To split or divide something especially along a natural line or grain. – He had seen lightening cleave the sky and forests set ablaze.


To obey or take notice of something. – Any mare who had heard his neigh ring out from that high knoll, would heed his call and follow him.


This is a type of tree dwelling lemur like creature which is native to Australia and Papa New Guinea. – a giant flying phalanger, near the top of a smooth ribbon gum, stopped climbing and sat and listened to the sound.


A thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser type of wood or other material – He stood up, a fair boy of about 18 , and gently ran his work-scarred but sensitive hands over the veneer surface of the instrument.


A book or other collection of financial accounts. – Ledgers and notebooks lay open on a desk.


Conflicting or disagreeing. – the wheezing and discordance was even worse.


I hope all these definitions will help you to understand some words better. I certainly do now.

I would recommend the Man from snowy river to allot of people. Basically anyone who is into great books about horses and the wilderness.



Setting Analysis



My setting analysis will be about the book based on the poem by Banjo Paterson, The Man from Snowy River.

It is set in a bush type of area in my opinion, kind of like the You Yangs or the Otway from the way it describes the trees, wind and granite rocks and mountains. It seems to be untouched by the modern world because the way the author has put it, it sounds as if it is ruled by native animals and stallions.

I will write out a section from the first page because like in a film, the first page or scene is usually used to tell you where the book is set. I will also make the adjectives Bold and clear and write what they mean below.


The cold autumn wind blew over the mountain peaks. It touched the
hides of the wild horses, lifted the jet black and silver manes
that shone in the sunset light. The sound of the wind in the
granite tors, high above them, filled the
mob with urgent disquiet. The great black stallion
tossed his head, gathered his herd, and set off at a wild gallop
along the snowgrass ridge.

1: COLD- A feeling to describe your body getting affected by the weather.
2: JET BLACK- A really dark, rich, pure type of black with no intertwining colours
3: SHONE- when a source of light gives a bright glow.
4: TORS- a rocky peak/hill.
5: URGENT- with great rush or stimulance.
6: GREAT BLACK- something that’s strong and more of a leader than the rest. Black, 7: just telling the colour.

8: WILD- Un tamed or feral.

I find this book really interesting and entertaining because it is so descriptive. I always have a really clear picture in my mind and a really good time reading it.

This is a beautiful piece of writing and I recommend it to anyone who likes an enjoyable, relaxing book.

Plot Analysis – Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin



This story starts with a girl named Adara. She was born in the worst freeze/storm that anyone could remember. She had first glimpsed the ice dragon when playing in the snow, long after other children had fled the cold. She was not afraid, for she was a winter child. Due to her time of birth, she had a certain connection with the ice, snow, rain and most certainly the Ice dragon. In the fourth year she had seen it, Adara touched the dragon. in her fifth year, she followed it. in the sixth year, she rode the ice dragon.

War was brought to Adara’s home village and was forced to make the decision. Leave her father and go with her uncle to a safer place, stay and most likely die.
Unable to decide at this age, She ran to the forest in hope of safety and time to relax and clear her mind.

While there, she was saved by the ice dragon. With it’s wings of steel, it flew her over the village. Fire and smoke covered the sky. It took her to a safer place, far away from the war.

My Thoughts

I think that this book is very strong on emotions and is a great book to read. When I read it I picked up the book, read it till the end, and put it on my shelf and just thought about it for a second. My dad did the same thing when he read The Ice dragon.

It is a very touching piece and I recommend it to anyone who likes the genre fantasy because it fits into that category very well.

Over all this is a great book. If you ever get the chance to read this, I strongly recommend you to.

My Character Analysis

My Character Analysis will be on a popular book which has recently been made into a movie. Snoopy. Snoopy was written by Charles M. Schulz and I have picked one of the books from the Peanuts Series to base the events and storyline on. It is called Man’s Best friend. I have chosen the main character Charlie Brown. Charlie brown is a kid with low self esteem and cares very much for his dog Snoopy. He has many friends although they kind of ignore his opinions sometimes. He feels as though every thing is going wrong for him. I like him because I think he can relate to people in the real world and he is really funny. I kind of feel sympathy for him when I read of his misfortunes because I imagine if I was in that same position. He enjoys flying a kite but no matter how hard he tries, it is never the right time to fly it. He still keeps persisting. Charlie Brown is always trying even though he almost never wins.

I think snoopy is a really creative cartoon/book series and if you haven’t read or seen one of the books yet, I think you should go down to the library and grab a book right now.


Welcome to your new Digital Portfolio


Welcome to your College Digital Portfolio! A Digital Portfolio is like having your own website. It is a place for you to learn about being an active and responsible digital citizen by creating a portfolio of your best work to showcase and share with others. Through the creation of a blog, you will be able to write regular reflections and share your learning journey through photo and video with your teachers, parents, each other and possibly even experts from all around the world.

For more information and support, speak to your teacher, explore, play and learn from each other! Learn how to publish your first post by visiting Publish your First Post. After that see what you can do! Visit the Edublogs User Guide for more help developing your new online space.

There are so many ways in which to use your space, for example:

  • Documenting and reflecting on your learning, passions, and interests, both in and out of school
  • Curating and highlighting work for your Student-Led Conferences
  • In some instances, your teachers will also ask you to submit, reflect and comment on other students work in this portfolio

That’s enough to get you going. Your Digital Portfolio should be a fun, enriching and rewarding way to explore, find or create your place in the world. Good luck!