Forsensic Science Camp

Set open book about science. Signs and symbols of science on a white background.

It all started with the murder of Jane Smith.

I won’t spoil too  much if you want to go next year. I will just state the layout and what we had to do. Everybody was given three sheets. The first one shows where they found the evidence and where all the furniture and the body was positioned. The second one has all the characters and their business with Jane smith. It was divided into sections for who had a relationship with her, who came forward with info, who came with her as her friend or who shares her cabin. It also lists everyone who works on the cruise ship like the captain the barmen and the CCTV controller.


We had to test the DNA and analyze the fingerprints to find who did it. There was quite a lot of evidence to analyze so we went in partners to do tests and write down the info we got. The third sheet was used to write down our answers and info from the analysis and the tests.

When we had a bit of an idea of what happened, we  had to interrogate the suspects to try to get the information or to make them confess.


Once this was done, we thought about everything we knew and had to try to put the pieces together. It took a lot of thinking and we often had to refress our brains with lateral thinking quizzes but we got there.


Like I said earlier, I won’t tell you everything incase you want to go next year so I won’t tell you who did it.


I really think anyone would like this because it is SO fun and really creative and cool. I would mostly recommend it to people who like mystery books or movies or just like solving crimes.






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  1. This sounds like the most fun ever!! I wish that I had the opportunity to do something like this at your age!
    What did you learn?

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