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This week, I’ve read a couple of different books but haven’t finished any of them yet. They are Cleo, a biography about a lady called Helen brown and her cat Cleo, camp Nightmoon, a book from the Goosebumps series, and Nancy Drew and the Ivory charm on my kindle. Even though I have read all these books, the one I found with the most challenging words is The man from snowy river. I will choose 10 interesting words from the book that either describe something really well or I found challenging, and write their definition.



I had to google this one two because I had no idea what it was. I found out that it is a rocky peak or ledge thing that you would find in the you yangs or something, like a mini cliff. – The sound of the wind in the granite tors.


Whither is an old fashioned way of saying where to. EG Whither away? – from book.


Shied is when a horse jumps or darts in fright. – A small snake peered from the bushes so the herd leapt and shied.


A mound or small hill is called a Knoll.  – The stallion stopped on a high knoll where the snow gums had long ago been killed by fire.


To split or divide something especially along a natural line or grain. – He had seen lightening cleave the sky and forests set ablaze.


To obey or take notice of something. – Any mare who had heard his neigh ring out from that high knoll, would heed his call and follow him.


This is a type of tree dwelling lemur like creature which is native to Australia and Papa New Guinea. – a giant flying phalanger, near the top of a smooth ribbon gum, stopped climbing and sat and listened to the sound.


A thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser type of wood or other material – He stood up, a fair boy of about 18 , and gently ran his work-scarred but sensitive hands over the veneer surface of the instrument.


A book or other collection of financial accounts. – Ledgers and notebooks lay open on a desk.


Conflicting or disagreeing. – the wheezing and discordance was even worse.


I hope all these definitions will help you to understand some words better. I certainly do now.

I would recommend the Man from snowy river to allot of people. Basically anyone who is into great books about horses and the wilderness.



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  1. Well done Emmaline. What a cool word, tors. I learnt something new today already because of you! 🙂
    Do you think that you will use any of these words in your writing? If so, which ones?

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