Me as a Reader

Me as a Reader

My favorite genres are mystery, diaries, comedy and just any good book. I read in my spare time and LOVE it! I think reading is a choice for people to be what they really aren’t. If you have a boring plain lifestyle, books take you on an adventure from time travelling around space to crime fighting and mystery solving. It’s a great way to get your imagination going before bed or to just take yourself somewhere that nothing ever has before.

My favorite authors are really hard to choose because there are so many. Paul Jennings, Jacqueline Harvey, I can’t even think of them all straight off the top of my head. I only just learned today that Jackie French has dyslexia and all her words are jumbled up and so confusing that the editors have to feed through it all to make it readable to her fans. Personally I think that is pretty amazing. It just goes to show that if you truly love something, and have talent for it, nothing can get in the way of that.

Reading is good because in a movie, you can’t use imagination. It is set on the screen and only uses your eyes to watch. Reading uses imagination (brain/mind) eyes (to follow the words) and your limbs (to hold the book or to turn the pages). Reading is an experience you clearly can’t get from watching a movie.

My reading preferences (books, kindle etc.) are probably kindle (digital book) normal book and on my I-pad on I-books. Whether you’re readinga href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-484″>snoopy-typing-clip-art-1650015

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