Programming Scratch

Today in the big thing, e had to do programming or help another group if we had finished. We couldn’t find a group that didn’t already have help so we did programming. Since my tinker cad is ready to print (they just have to unblock the printer) I decided to do scratch as a change instead. I programmed a dance animation and it has dancing farm animals like a flash mob. It took about half and hour or more to get the figures right without destroying them and the rest of the lesson to program them. So far I have finished one tinker cad project, started another and started and finished a scratch one even though I probably will make some changes to make it better. The characters are a massive dog, a fox, a horse and a dove. The dog jumps up and down, the horse leaps, the dove flaps it’s wings and the fox kind of¬†glitches.


In the big thing test, we had to make sure that our machine joined and connected on to the components ¬†before and after ours. Seeing as ours was just a funnel stuck into a box, we didn’t really have to make any changes because it was already finished and even if the other group changed theirs somehow we wouldn’t because it was literally just a funnel.


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