VCE Arts Exhibition

Today On the 29th of October, we went to the senior school a little earlier than usual. We went to the Keith humble Centre for the VCE arts exhibition.  While we were there, we saw paintings, photos, bed frames, movies and heaps more. My favorite things were the bed frame, the tragedy of apple piece movie , the dresses and clothing and the marble elephant. AKA the elephant made out of marbles.


the bed frame was cool because I can’t believe some one actually made it. It was life size and I think it was beautifully made and designed.

Second of all, the tragedy of apple piece movie was rally funny. It started with the apple. they drew a face on it so it looked really funny. It was being chased by a knife and then got cornered by another one. The apple was surrounded. It got cut into about 50 little tiny pieces. One piece survived. It was apple piece. It had another really funny face. It was trying to find  it’s food group. It went past the oranges, the bananas, and a lot of other fruits. It finally found the odd shaped apples. It was so happy but as soon as it started to walk over, it got squished by a boot. I thought it was really good animation and was funny and clever.

I’m going to skip to the marble elephant now. I think it must of taken a lot of glue! it was basically heaps and heaps of marbles shaped as an elephant. it was really clever and must of taken a long time. It looked really detailed and very hard to make. I wish I could make something like that!



My favorite one out of all of then was a movie called tragedy of apple piece. I can’t wait for VCE to do our own project for the exhibition.

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