The Big Thing – Lego stands

Today in the big thing, we found out that we had to use stands to keep the marble tube up right because we couldn’t tape it to anything. We decided on a plan in which the stands are made out of Lego. Our group thought that it was the quickest and easiest decision.


Once we actually got to the Lego box, there wasn’t enough Lego left for all five of our stands. I had the idea of using boxes as stands as it was actually easier than Lego and was quicker and the best solution to our problems. We were fortunate as there were the exact right amount of boxes for us. Three the same size – about 15 – 20 cm  in height, and two bigger ones for the starting point. Our plan changed quite a bit then.



IMG_0489 IMG_0484We also discovered the positions of each machine. Ours was lucky enough to start first!




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