In year 5 we have been learning about a program called scratch. You have to drag command blocks to make your sprite (character) do something. this button SCREEN SNIPmakes the sprite move forward however many steps you like. This command SECOND SNIPmakes the sprite move however many degrees you want. you use all these different command blocks to make a game or other things.


My game is called CANDY RACE. You play it by pressing either SPACE or RIGHT ARROW to move. The one to cross the finish line first wins. I made it by….   STEP1: You choose your sprite and if you cant find what your looking for then you just have to draw it or get it from the internet.

STEP 2: drag your blocks into the command box and write everything you need.

STEP 3: after all this you check your background and make sure it is all how you want it to be and that the game actually works.

STEP 4: Play!!!!

With these instructions you should be able to play my game or make your own!cand race picture

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