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July 27, 2016
by Myles
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first essay

hey everyone.

today i will be talking about my first essay. i just got the results back today.

it was about refugees, which we all know, is a very touchy sort of topic.. we had to choose which side we were on, against or for.

i choose against for a bit of q challenge, and also because i think that this is the correct way to deal with the problem.

the project was for us to get used to writing essays on topics that are relevant.

it was also to see what kind of writers we where, and if we could write formally.


it was also a test on i we could keep focus and maintain positive points for  a lengthy amount of time.
it was a real challenge!


anyway i ‘ope you a enjoyed my reflection.



February 9, 2016
by Myles

Year 7 Library

hi everyone! today’s post is to announce that there is a new category  for you to look at, this is the Year 7 Reading category.


in it you will find all of my book suggestions and other posts that may occur because of the current situation!

and here is my first suggestion, the Skulduggery Pleasant series. this series is for the Potter fans and anyone looking for a funny smart and intriguing book.

“meet Skulduggery Pleasant, detective, magician, warrior… oh yes, and dead!

the books are fantastic, they are action packed and always funny, and it is almost too easy to lose track of time, its like that you turned the first page and suddenly opened the fifth!



the books all seem to have a new villain but the further you go through the series, the more you realize that the previous books are the back-story’s of the characters and that you can feel a plot rising from each page you turn.


i find these books so interesting i pick them up when there’s light, and put them down when there’s now sign of daylight.

these books are the perfect blend of comedy and fantasy.

i would really recommend these books to someone who has just finished their own book series and is having trouble adapting to new tastes because of the hypnotic rhythm of the words.


so there is my first post to go in the library section, os if you want to find all of my library post, head straight over there!

February 3, 2016
by Myles


Hello  everybody.

This is the first post of 2016, so here goes.


My goal for term 1 is to improve my foot work in fencing. This may sound a little bit odd but foot work is the most important part of fencing.

And hitting your target.


I want to achieve this goal because i want to get into a fencing competition sometime this year, and they are not easy.


Three actions i will take to start to achieve this goal are to keep my feet quick and agile while in a fencing match,

to also focus on where my blade is, oh, i just realized that what i’m saying may or may not make sense to someone not familiar with the sport. so brief lesson,

a bout is a fencing match, an epee is a type of sword you can use, and lunging is attacking.


practicing at home up and down the corridor. and practice at school. (not during class!)


My final mini goal is to not get to close in with my opponent.


I think this goal is realistic because it isn’t huge and it is accomplish-able but work still needs to be put into it PERFECT!


i think it will take me a few weeks to get better, but the beauty behind this goal is i can do it again, and i could do it forever if i feel like it because you never can stop getting better.


i think there is two people who can actually help me with this goal, my fencing coaches. this one is pretty obvious, and it will also finish this post.


thank-you for reading and i will see you soon.

December 2, 2015
by Myles
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FRANCE last travel journal

bonjour everybody! this week I am doing France. but I have some sad news, this is the final travel journal post so I really hope that you like it.

here are my top 10 facts on France!

1.  France is the most visited country IN THE WORLD! they have about 83 million tourists visit in 2012.


2. France once owned more than 8% of the land ON EARTH! crazy!


we have interrupted this top 10 with a very interesting fact! todays interesting fact is about Napoleon. as it turns out, Napoleon wasn’t actually short. in-fact, he was above the average French male height!

back to the list.


3. the French government actually gives out medals to people who raise several children without a fuss! amazing!


4. there is only one stop sign in the whole city of  Paris.


5. in France, you can marry a DEAD person!

6. a fifth of France has experienced depression, making it the most depressed country in the world!

7. Louis XIX was king for just 20 minutes! “hey I’m king now!” 20 minutes later. “it was fun while it lasted.”

8. there is a café in France that if you say “please” and “thank-you” your coffee is cheaper!


9. potatoes were illegal in France  in the 1700’s. “hey guys, I just brought some chips if you wanted so-!”


now, before I finish this post, I would like to think back on all the countries we have studied this year.



ok, I’m done now.


10. for 16 years, the French flag was plain white!

what? that wasn’t a good enough ending to the year? fine. here are some more facts just for fun!

for 214 years, women were not allowed to wear pants.

there are more people in Africa speaking French than in France.

the average French person has 8.83 hours of sleep per day! which is more then the world today!

I hope you enjoyed and I wish you all a merry Christmas!

December 1, 2015
by Myles


hey everyone! today I am doing my travel journal on Mongolia.

this country is just about untouched, and the most amazing thing about this place is the nomadic life-style that some of these people live in.

they don’t only survive, but thrive in one of the most barren, dangerous country in the world. Unbelievable!


here are some of my favorite facts about Mongolia!

1. during the winter you may find shop-keepers selling ice-cream, BTW (by the way.) they don’t need freezers to keep their ice  cream cold when its below -30 degrees Celsius!


2. Genghis Khan was a great noble and ferocious leader of the Mongolian people.

some people say that he founded Mongolia by terrorizing the nomadic tribes that lived in north east Asia.

3. Genghis Khan’s empire was even then the romans , but was beaten to first place by the British Empire.

4. a 131 foot Statue of Genghis Khan was built and is the largest statue of a horse ever made (and no, Genghis Khan Is not a horse.)

5. in-fact, Mongolia is so big that you can fit the Netherlands into it!  THIRTY SEVEN TIMES!!!

6. in the good old days of the 1920’s, fossilized dinosaurs were found in the Gobi desert. and along with it came dinosaur eggs. I’ve been told that you can still find some remains to this day!

7. Mongolia stands at a height of 5,800 feet above sea level! that’s 1767.84 meters high!

8. Mongolia may be land-locked (meaning that Mongolia’s edges don’t reach the sea.)

9.Mongolian throat singing is a type of singing that you use two vocal notes at the same time of the human voice.

now, before I get to number 10, I would like to show a clip on the Mongolian throat singing, and what it sound/looks like.

ok, now I am here at number 10!

10. the most popular sports in Mongolia are horse racing, archery, and Mongolian wrestling.

Mongolian wrestling is a game where you can only let your feet touch the ground, and the first person to touch the ground loses. this Is one of the “three manly skills” in magnolia, horse racing and archery are the other ones, (if you couldn’t guess!)

I hope you liked my Mongolia post!

November 17, 2015
by Myles

travel journal: Belgium

 goede morgen everyone,

this week we are in Belgium, a country that is mostly centered around the cities, and most of the population lives in them. I hope you will all like my 15 facts about Belgium!

Belgium shares a land border with 4 other country’s, now that’s what I call surrounded!

Belgium has a population of 10.5 million people, and has a problem with everyone all being crowded.

The largest city and capital of Belgium is Brussels.

there are three spoken languages in Belgium, I better scrub up on my Dutch then! and the other two languages are German and French.

97% of Belgians live in cities! 

During the 16 century, Belgium was supplying the best scientist the world had seen.

the town called Spa inspired the kind of spa’s we have today!  the ancient romans used to come to the town to bathe in there hot springs.

 Belgium is famous for two things; beer, waffles, and chocolate!

 Today, Belgium is the world’s number one exporter of chocolate, with 220,000 tonnes of chocolate produced per year and shops in Brussels international airport are said to sell the most chocolate in the world, now there’s a reason right there to fly straight to Belgium!

 there is three types of Belgium waffles, the liege was eaten like a cookie, a Brussels waffle was a light color and eaten with ice-cream, while the galettes were eaten for breakfast.

French fries are believed to have been invented in Belgium not France.

n 1846, Belgian instrument maker Adolph Sax invented the saxophone.

Brussels sprouts, as we now know them today, are a popular vegetable in Brussels and are said to have been first grown in what is now modern Belgium. I don’t know why THEY would be a popular vegetable!

Belgium has more comic makers then any other country in the world!

soccer, tennis, swimming, and judo are some of the most popular sports in Belgium.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my Belgium post, and I’ll see you all, in the next one.


November 15, 2015
by Myles

travel journal; australia

hello everyone!(gee greeting people like that gets repetitive,  so instead I might use the language instead.) nyoora wooreeyn everybody! (much better!) today we are Aussie.

but no, if you were actually reading the first paragraph you would learn that I did not say G’day mate! we are in fact in the Geelong region which was once owned by the Wathaurong tribe! ( may or may not be actual Wathaurong tribe!)

the Wathaurongs have been living here since 25,000 and descendants still live on today!

in the famous William Buckley story, the Wathaurong tribe find and mistake the convict to be there passed relative, Murrangurk. William, starving and thirsty, stumbles upon Murrangurks grave, were his ceremonial spear was placed.

Buckley takes the spear and uses it as a walking cane. then the aborigines find him, and think that the spear must be Murrangurks, so they mistake him for a ghost from his pale skin.

they then welcome Buckley into the tribe and 32 years, before being discovered by John Batman (not the super-hero) and his expedition gang.

Buckley is then used as a translator between the two colony’s to help settle differences.

now its time for…



oasis anu ta


Oasis Anu Ta is an aboriginal burial place. it is 50 hectares of grassy vegetation . the property is lined with aboriginal artifacts.

there isn’t a whole lot to know about oasis anu ta,  but it sure still has a lot of mystery to be solved.




lake Hillier is a bright pink color, and scientists aren’t still sure why!

there are more kangaroos than people.

Melbourne used to be called, Batmania, nananananananana, Batman!

24 rabbits were introduced, and ten years later, theirs 2 million of them!

75% of Australia’s species are unknown to man.


I hope you all enjoyed my Australia post, and I’ll see you in the next one!


























November 6, 2015
by Myles
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year 6 expo reflection

My expo reflection.

Here is my reflection on the year 6 expo. If I’m going to do this, then I’ve got to do it right, by beginning at the start.

On the way back to school, I started to feel kind of nervous, but those nerves were completely over-run by the thought of how fun it would be.


As soon as the parents started filing in, the nerves took charge. After the song, I started making my way back over the area of rooms that were being used for the expo. Lucas and I set up and patiently wait for the guests to arrive.

You know the rest.

Now I think it’s time to tell you my personal favourite moment. I had enter one of my photos for show. I escorted my parents over to the year 5 class room.  my parents had a  “yeah well it can’t be that good but I’ll just act happy anyway” look on there face, and as soon as my photo came up, there faces lifted and there eyes sparkled, like I had cracked open every murder mystery ever.


my parents asked me if they could frame the photo and have it hang somewhere. best. moment. EVER.

now I’m not going to just go on about myself, (even though I would really like to!)

I would like to write about Thomas and his scratch tutorial.

I don’t think he was really great with handling the crowd, (even though they didn’t listen or cooperate the way he would have liked) but still it was a good turnout.

seeing all of the adults looking at our work was really honoring, and I enjoyed watching the other classes work that I hadn’t seen before.

the night was a lot of fun for all of us, and I hope to do something like this in year 7!

October 26, 2015
by Myles
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hello everybody, this week we are in Portugal.

Portugal is named after its 2nd biggest city! and it’s not even there capital!

tourism is a big part of Portugal’s economy, with 14,000 tourists every year!

Portugal is one of the oldest European country’s in the world, it has maintained its borders for 900 years! the city of Lisbon is older than Rome

Portugal was drinking tea before Britain even new about it!

Portugal as a whole does not have an official religion, but 84% of their population says Christianity.

Lisbon was struck with one of the worlds largest recorded earthquake ever! and it was unfortunate too, because the date was  a holiday known as all saints day! which were  churches would light candles and set them all around the church. which, as you could imagine, started some major fires. 275,000 people were killed and destroyed 85% of there buildings.

Portuguese is the main language of 9 country’s other than Portugal.

the biggest wave ever surfed, measured in at 30 meters! it was successfully pulled off by Garret McNamara.

Portugal and England have had the longest alliance in the world, since 1373.

Portugal was the first country ever , to abolish the death penalty.

Napoleon had tried to conquer Portugal 3 times, and failed miserably each time.

Portugal has 1000 different recipes on how to cook codfish.

the Portuguese brought chili to India, without Portugal, there would be now curry!

thank you for reading and enjoy your day/night/evening/morning!

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