My Second Passion Project Blog 1

I intend to do cooking for my family once a week on a pasta night.

The technologies I am planning to use is cooking tech like a rolling pin and even more. My project targeted at my family for the cooking. I am looking forward to getting feedback and their reactions on my food that I cook.

Here is an image of what describes my Project.


My First Passion Project Blog 3 (final)

What i achieved in the original set up when i started and finished

Was when I focused more on my passion project finished the time laps film in 2 days and finished my book in 6 days when it was due.

the successes or challenges that I experienced toward the end of your project

Is where I felt like I haven’t done anything and I managed to get lots done it in 4 days

How I can extend my project if i continue this project

Is if i do more recipes and I am going to do something different


here is my finished project

My first passion project blog 2

My Italian cook book is going great so far I have achieved completing the front cover, the contents and the first main meal recipe. the learning and skills I discovered was if I just write in ingredients cheese I need to add what type of cheese and how many grams and if it is whole or grated. The next step for me is to get every recipe done and the blurb in two weeks. what I can improve on is to get things done, I feel like I haven’t done anything but I need to get cracking get focus and spend more time working on my passion project

this is what I have done so far

My first passion project blog 1

This term for my first passion project I am going to make a Italian recipe book so what I am going to do is I need to make front cover and a blurb. I am going to do a contents so everyone can see which page that meal is on. I need to make a title too. so please suggest some ideas for the recipe book. the main dish in the book is going to be my Nanna’s famous lasagne. I will be using my laptop to do a published recipe book I will be using my camera to record the process. this project is targeted at that everyone loves Italian food and it is one of the best type of food in the world. I am looking forward to the finished recipe book and a great rating of it.

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

This is Birke Baehr he made a TED talk on organic and supermarket food.

The three main messages are,

1. We can all make a difference 2. Choose organic rather than the supermarket stuff 3. If you are going to be a CAFOS farmer don’t, please be an organic farmer.

Every research that he has done the most powerful was,

Don’t put fish DNA into tomato DNA because it is completely out of your mind. Make farmers organic rather than being supermarket farmer. Eat more organic rather than supermarket spread it one kid at a time.

Richard Turere’s TED Talk

This is Richard Turere and made a great invention to protect the Farms in his country


    1. The message was strong, try not to kill lions find peace with lions.
    2. He got his message across the audience by using his humour and great punctuation.
    3. The technical support he used is the invention’s parts and the clicker which is a tv remote and the microphone.
    4. The presentation technique’s he used was his photos and making his invention and also the microphone.

Thomas’s Suarez TED Talk

This is Thomas Suarez he did a live TED talk on how he created his first apps

    1. What are the main messages / โ€˜take-awaysโ€™ in Thomasโ€™ TED Talk?
    2. he said that students know more than teachers
    3. How did he get these messages across to his audience?
    4. his script and the microphone
    5. What technical support did he use?
    6. he used iPhone software developing kit.
    7. What presentation techniques did he use well?
    8. the microphone attached to his head his iPad which had the script and the clicker like the TV remote.

Online Think

before you post on social media Think before you do. T-H-I-N-Kย ย those letters stand for a word it is asking a question here is the version of THINK.

T is it True? so like are you telling the truth?

H is it helpful? so like are you helping people

I is it inspiring? so like is it interesting?

N is it necessary? so like does it need to be online?

K is it kind? so like are you being a great person are you being a bully?

There are other words that could stand for THINK here are some examples

for N is it needed?

for H is it helping? is it hurting?

forย I is it interesting

for K is it kindness

Film School Clinic 11

This is the final Clinic in film school

This is one of the hardest clinic tied with Clinic 10

We learnt about the Green Screen and how it works I really enjoyed This clinic because this was one of the stages of make a film.

here is a video on what I learnt


Film School Clinic 10

This clinic was the hardest of them all because we learnt about the editing software called Adobe Premiere Pro this program gets used in some movies that go into the cinema. I know it is veryย good for a Pro software

here isย two videos on what I learnt

this was the best clinic by far.