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Passion Project Checkpoint 1 #Description

My passion project for Term 4 is going to be a cook book. I intend to create a book with all my favourite recipes that I can make. I am planning to use my computer and my Mum’s iPad for… Continue Reading →

Passion Project Checkpoint 2 #Update

I have started to make my film for my trampolining and I have learnt a few more tricks. Some of the challenges I have had so far are that it is very rainy around my house at the moment and… Continue Reading →

The Addition Algorithm

Today in maths we were filming ourselves explaining how to add 1.586 + 0.549. We used MAB blocks and decimats. I was partners with Tessa and she helped to film me. Here is my film of me adding 1.586 +… Continue Reading →

Passion Project Checkpoint 1 #Description

My passion project for term 3 is trampolining. Trampolining is one of my passions because its fun and I love to flip and roll and go high in the air. I also like trampolining because I can use some of… Continue Reading →

Year 6 Science

Lesson 1: What is matter? Today we had science and we were learning about matter and its 5 states, there is: Solids Liquids Gasses Plasma Bose Einstein   What is matter? Matter can be found every where on earth and… Continue Reading →

Passion Project Checkpoint 2 #Update

PASSION PROJECT!!! What have you achieved so far? I have taken lots of photos and I have  experimented by making a mini movie with my photos in the photos app. What type of learning have you done to upskill yourself?… Continue Reading →

Six Squares

Challenge 1: How many different shapes can you make using 6 squares? Before today we were asked to get six congruent squares out of paper. With these six squares we had to make as many unique shapes as possible and… Continue Reading →

Passion Project Checkpoint 1#Description

Checkpoint 1: #description What do you intend to create? I am doing photography for my Passion Project, and I’m going to make it into a mini movie so I can show my work. What technologies are you planning to use… Continue Reading →

Green Screen Clinic

Today we had our last film school clinic. This clinic was about the Green Screen room in Year 6 and all the important things to know about it. In this video I will tell you about what I learnt.  … Continue Reading →

Adobe Premiere Pro

Today we had our second last Film school clinic. This clinic was about Adobe Premiere Pro. Professional film makers use this app. So here is a screen-cast on what I learnt about Adobe Premiere Pro.  

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