Passion Project Reflect


Did I achieve what I originally set out to make? Sort of. I had planned to do more walks but things don’t always turn out as planned. But I did make a dog walking business which I think is still a pretty good effort considering how long I’ve wanted to do it for.

A challenge I experienced was getting business because no matter how many flyers we printed out, people weren’t getting the message. Also most of the houses in my are have a ‘No advertising’ sticker on their letter box. A success was getting my first walk. It was relief to know something was happening and that effort hadn’t been wasted.

Overcoming challenges is hard. Especially with a business, even if it’s a school project small business, it’s hard to overcome. This is because you can’t take money out of peoples pockets and do work for them without consent. Because that’s stealing. So I honestly don’t know how I overcame those challenges.

If I was to continue with this project I would do more and be more organised. Being more organised would to buy printer ink and to make sure that the flyers would print properly because I nearly had a mental breakdown with my printers issues. And by do more I mean I would promote more and get out more.


Passion Project Update

So far I have achieved in making a suitable poster that I am going to give out to my street. This way the message get’s spread. I have also made a business plan.

I have learnt quite a few new things. During this progress I experimented more on Adobe software’s. I created a short film about making the poster which I edited and lost but during that progress I learnt a lot about premiere such as how to blur, how to add pictures with layers, how to motion track, how to zoom in and out. Then with Photoshop I learnt how to full colour a page with my amount of knowledge. I learnt how to add text and images over others.

With successes or challenges I have achieved, I think a mini success was getting my mums ok and another was finding time to actually make the poster/flyer.

The next step is to hand the flyers out and do some walks!

My Passion Project Term 2

Term 2 Passion Project

This was written from a business point of view.

My passion project is to start a dog walking business. I chose this idea because I want to learn how to start a business. In the future this could help me manage tasks and assist me with whatever I’m doing in business. I know how life can get busy and people don’t have time to walk their dogs so this could potentially help people as well and make them more efficient. So its a win-win situation.

What I’m going to use/learn would be A. Photoshop because if I’m going to have a business I need a logo and B. Time. Hopefully well used time. And resources.

My project is targeted at people who don’t have time to walk their dogs. Dog’s need their fresh air.

I’m looking forward to my project to have at least ten walks down pat. That’s my goal to reach ten walks before the end of term which I hope I pass.




Birke Baehr’s TED Talk


Birke Baehr’s TED Talk was about the food system. He highlighted topics like about how animals we confined and how our plants and food are getting sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Some of his messages were towards the parents warning them about the dangers for them and their children. Like to know where the food is coming from and how dangerous it is for the animals. Some were directly aimed at children like to choose organic and to spread the word. The rest were aimed at all generations. He talked about how “scientists” genetically modified seeds to make them last longer. He talked about how those seeds continued to grow and go into food making us sick.

Some things I found powerful that he shared are is how he decided to change his career goal so drastically. How he was willing to change from a NFL football player into a fresh food farmer. Another thing was that a man got bullied by the food industry and was called a lunatic for doing the right thing. I found that so ridiculous that a man was too busy not getting sued and doing the right thing and he was getting called a lunatic. Also the part where he said “Would you rather pay the farmer or the hospital.” That is true and its bad that its true. We shouldn’t be needing to go to the hospital because of eating a bowl of cereal. But it’s happening now.

Richard Turere TED Talk

Richard Tureres TED Talk was about an invention he made to keep lions away from his dad’s farm. It was a lion light. During his talk he told us about how he tried times beforehand to keep them away and failed but he kept coming back with other ideas and eventually one of them worked. He talked about how he wanted to become a plane engineer and how he wanted to keep making inventions in the future. He said that even though it had already been invented he wanted to make an electric fence.

His messages were very clear during his talk and they were to not give up and try again. He told his audience about how he made the light and included some humour. He told the audience in a way that made you know when it was serious and when it wasn’t. He used lots of pictures that were relevant to what he was talking about. He used a microphone and projected his voice. He used his hands when talking to provide more expression.

THINK Online


I have been to three schools and at every school they have enforced the THINK acronym. The THINK acronym is what you should think before posting something on the internet.


Is it TRUE?

Before you post make sure what you write is true. Don’t start any rumours or tell any lies that could come back to haunt you in the near future.


Make sure it doesn’t put anyone or anything down before you post. Make sure it helps the other person instead of harming them.


Make sure, once again, it CAN’T hurt anyone. Give them nice critique. Make sure it makes them want to keep doing the thing and/or do it better.


Make sure it’s relevant. Don’t see picture of a llama and type in photosynthesis as a comment. Why? Because it’s not relevant.

Is it KIND?

Make sure it’s not putting anyone down or being mean or rude. It has to be nice to be acceptable.



Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Thomas Suarez’s TED talk was focusing around his passion for app designing. He said that he had made many apps and that he made some for his school friends. He never gave up with app designing and said that he made an app club at his school which one of his teacher had sponsored. He showed two of his apps called Earth fortune, which told you your fortune based on the colour of the earth, and Bustin Jeiber, which was a whack-a-bieber. He said he was going to start focusing on making educational apps and that he would make what the teachers wanted.

He told all this to his audience in a way that made you pick up all the information and made you feel entertained.  He had digital aid in the back ground that was relevant to what he was talking about. This way it showed you exactly what he was talking about. He made eye contact with the camera and audience. He projected his voice even though he had a microphone.

He rarely glanced at the ipad which held his script the whole time and when he did he didn’t even stop talking. He engaged with the audience and used his experience and stories to draw the audience in. He used a clicker as well so he didn’t have to look away and stop talking.