Royalty Free Music

We learnt about Royalty Free Music. Here are the songs that i tried to match to movies.

For Wonder

For The Greatest Showman

For IT

I tried to upload it but it wasn’t working so I’ll try later on.

For Titanic

For Star-wars


Zoooooooom Cameras

Today we learnt about Zoom cameras.

We were put up to a task of recording a tongue twister with out table group.                                                                   We did the classic many anemones sees and enemy anemone.

Term 4 Project Reflection

What did I do?

During our project I did lots of things. I learnt how to use hummingbird, resilience and I acquired more patience. We made a lego platform 9 & 3/4. We also made a pensieve to display the pictures from the building process. I programmed the hummingbird to flash lights.

How well did I do?

I feel like we did great with accomplishing our goals. We did what we planned and more. However there were some times were it didn’t work properly.

What skills can I reuse and where can I use them?

I can use the coding skills in school projects and later life. I learned how to control my temper and keep calm and I can use that when I’m in frustrating places.

How can I use this?

I can use it to help my self and remember the things I did and what I went through.

Do I see any patterns in what I did?

No, not really. I don’t see any patterns in what I did. There probably was but I didn’t see it.

Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter. New project

Week 2 Tuesday

Today I accomplished three tasks. I finished my peer assessment on Anna. She was a good partner and did a great deal for the project. It would have been more convenient if we fished before when she left for Cyprus so I could do a little project. It didn’t go to plan because the doors always remained open and I couldn’t think of new ideas to put light bulbs on the window.

Today I also contacted my mum and made sure we had the things we needed. We have a train at home that I could paint to look like the Hogwarts express. I realised I could make the most of the situation and also make some Harry Potter character’s.

I finished my planning page in my design book and had it checked off by a teacherNext lesson I have to bring in my lego blocks and start making our station.

Week 2 Friday

Today Java was with me. I had also brought some lego so we started building. We started with bases. We taped the under side of some lego bases together so the building would be stable. After that we started building up around the barriers of the bases. We made it a fair height. 

We worked on another part of the lego construction and I started making a passage way from platform nine to platform 9 3/4. I had brought a bag of random lego from a my lego tub at home so it was a hit or miss situation. We mostly hit our target of building the station. I, luckily, had another lego train in my bag.

Here are some pictures of progress so far.

g g g  g g g g g g g g g g g g g g  g g g g g g g  g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g  g g g g g g g g g g  g g g g g g g  g g g g g g  g g g g g g g  g

Week 3 Tuesday

Today we finished the first platforms walls and started making the passage way between the platforms. I was with Java today so we got some done. Today was the day I started making thestral wings. Thestrals are horse/bird things that tow carriages up to Hogwarts. They are (usually but cross breeding exists) black. However our thestrals are horse colours and have white wings.

I brought my character box today as well.

Week 3 Friday.

This day was the day we got most done. Not only did I do most of my blog but we built a whole other platform. I took on building one half and Java built the other. I hadn’t brought enough lego so it was left unfinished, for now. I also made A LOT more thestral wings.

Here is the platform not finished. You can see the passage not finished.

This is the entrance.

This is the platforms joined together.

This is the passage way.

Tuesday Week 4

We finished the walls on the second platform today. We had not much else to do that day. I had brought my hogwarts train today. I also had made another thestral. Java is a good partner because she always knows what to do.

*Java took pictures for this day and hasn’t sent them through yet. I will update the post when I have the pictures*

Friday Week 4

Today I was a little upset. Java had hurt her wrist and I was left alone, worried. Today, however, was fairly productive. I have some problems with a specific someone who kept coming to my project and distracting me. 

I started decorating the platform today. I’m quite proud of my work. I also finished the passageway. That passage way was the death of me I swear. It kept falling apart and breaking. I had also brought another compartment for the train today.

I brought train tracks for two trains today.

b d e d d d d  d d d d d  d d d d d d  d d d d d d  d d d d d d  d d d d d d d  d d d d  d d d d  d d d  d d d d d d d d  d d d d d d d d  d d d d d d  d d d

Week 5 Tuesday

Today we came up with other ideas for our platform. We thought we could use Led’s with Hummingbird and Snap to spice things up a little. We would put the LEDS in gaps in the walls that were planned to be there.

Week 5 Friday

Today I started out with setting up the station but after a brief talk with Mrs Watson, I started using snap and Humming bird. I learned a lot about coding from Matilda and how to set it up, as well. I made some simple codes using Snap and tested them out. They worked really well and I was proud of myself.

Week 6 Tuesday.

Today I didn’t have much to do. I saw Lexie doing something with a program and I asked what it was. She said it was Micro-Bit and I asked how to use it. She said it was simple, you got the program, the parts and put them together. I ended making a Micro-Bit unit and making it say words. I learnt a new skill of coding and how I could use it.

Week 8 Tuesday and Friday

These days were some of our most productive days. On Tuesday I realised that we would need two code kits and two computers so I asked Java to use hers. I re-made the program on her computer using Snap. I tried making the hummingbird light up but it wouldn’t work. I blew on it to remove dust, detached and re-attached things. I even used another computer. It didn’t work so I went back to my computer determined to make it work. It did work in the end because I had closed Bird-Brain (the launcher for Snap). For those wondering Snap is like Scratch. It’s a coding program for Hummingbird.

On Friday I got our kits and got to work. I got the program up on my computer (Java needed hers), brought the Lego over from the make-a-space and attached all of the cords to the board. I plugged it in and checked it was working. It worked and I set down the LED’s on the table. I took the LED’s in hand and started putting them on and in the wall. When I had finished I pestered Java (yes pestered. I am sorry for that Java) for me to be able to use her computer so I could have a look at what it would look like. She gave in and I had permission to use her computer. I attached everything I needed to and did the process all over again. Then we turned it on.

Week 9 Monday

Today Java brought in a homemade pensieve. I am taking it home to paint. It has a cut-out circle in the middle where a glass bowl will go. It has two pieces of wood on either side and makes and sideways ‘E’ shape. 

Week 9 Tuesday night

We bought the paint for the pensieve tonight. I chose black for the underside and a dark brown for the top. Mum thought I should’ve bought colours that had contrasted but I disagree. I think they will go perfectly together. We also got gold for the rims of the wood.

Week 9 Wednesday night

I have painted the pensieve. I did not get any photos unfortunately. I went with my original plan and it turned out great.

Reflection Blog post

Important Ideas

Ideas that are important to the project are                     

Making the disco ball spin.

Making sure that the lights turned on.

Not damaging anything in the process.

Turning music on using and Ipod and a stick

That it was going to be a disco alarm in the end.

It was not going to be bulky.

        What will happen if..? 

What will happen if we changed our idea?

What will happen if we changed our design?

What will happen if I used a different partner?

What else do I need to do?

I need to secure the alarm into one structure and then I need to test the product and make sure it works. After that I am pretty sure I am done.

How could I do better?

I could’ve chosen a different partner for my first go.

I could’ve used a different technique.

There could’ve been a more resourceful way of doing things.

I could’ve organised myself better.

Did I solve the problem?

I solved most of the problems I encountered along the way. Some of them being simple things like glue not sticking to my partner leaving halfway through.

What I have learned.

I have learned that you need to plan projects like this out and be organised. You need to make sure if you have something due by then you need to finish it and then move on.

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