I have been practicing my solo really hard and figuring out the spacing but that was the hard part because I don’t know where I am going to be when I present. For my costume I have decided to wear my practice tutu and one of my light blue leotards.

This what my tutu looks like!

(sorry the pic would not work)


Birke Baehr TED Talk

We watched our last TED Talk before we start our own. This boy was called Birke Baehr and he talked about the food that we eat, and it is not what I thought it was.

I think his main messages are

  1. Choose organic, know your farmer and know your food
  2. We can change this problem 1 child at a time
  3. Don’t fall for the look of organic food

He whated to be a NFL player but chose to be an organic farmer in stead because he wanted to change the world!

We can pay the farmer or we could pay the hospital, that is what he said because they put cemicals in seeds.


This is Birke Baehr

Richard Turere TED Talk

We wached another TED Talk today, and it was about this very smart boy called Richard Turere. His community had trouble with lions eating thier live stock so he came up with an idea to stop them.

I think some of his main messages were to never give up hope – by trying your hardest with everything you do and not giving up.

He used a clicker to move to the next slide and a microphone to project his voice.

This is Richard Turere.

Thomas Suarez TED Talks

We are starting our TED talks this term and have watched a video of a boy our age called Thomas Suarez doing a live TED talk about his passion which is making apps.

The technology that he used to help make his performance better was a wireless mic, a clicker (that helped to change the screen behind him) as I said he used the screen behind him to show the apps that he made and used a head set to project his voice.


This is Thomas Suarez


Passion Project – Dance

For my Passion Project I am going to do my solo live at school because I think it will be a fun experience for me. I am look forward to dancing for my friends, setting up my little stage and I am quite sure that I will be using my laptop for the music. This project is targeted for upper primary.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an editing software that we all use to make our films. We leant alot in this clinic, and here it is!

Before you even try to open Adobe make sure that you do a restart and put your battery onto best performance so then you can have the best chance of making a great film.

Here is a picture of what your battery should look like after doing this..

If you are at home and need help, just go into the tutorials and it will help you.

Mr Henderson gave all of us a file with sound tracks, videos and photos that we could use to make a film of our own. We made our films and here is mine!..



Green Screen

The finel clince was green screen we had anlot of info so here is 10 dot points

  • No shoes are aloud
  • no food or drinks are permited in side the green screen
  • never lock the door incase interupion of shoot
  • Try to have no shadows
  • Try to get ride of ase mouch sound ase you can
  • There are 4 roof cameras
  • There are 2 big cameras and one swich
  • There is a cool green cloth that makes your body disipear when on shoot and in video
  • Be careful about the step up to the green screen and of cords
  • 2,3,4 and 5 to turn on the stage light

Fun Fact!

there is a costum rack for you to use for your film.

Wireless Microphone

In this clinic we learnt how to use the Wirelss Mics.

Notes Taken:

  • Never tap any microphone
  • Put the cord in the right plug (the one that says mic)
  • Make sure to turn resever on
  • There are to different types of mics, one of them is a Lapel and the other is a hand-held.
  • You conncet the resever to were you hold you camera nomaly
  • Hold down the power botten to turn it off

Shot List And Story Boards

In shot list and story boards we learnt about what shot lists are and what to use them for, and how to use story boards if we didn’t all ready know.

This is what a Shot List looks like..

A Shot list is just what it sounds like. It is just a list of all the shots that are in your film!


And this what a Story board looks like..

With a Story board you draw the picture in the box and then write the text under the picture that it goes with. Story boards save time, alot of time!


With Shot List and Story Boards the Planning takes 60% of your time Production takes 10% and Editing 30%.

When you are about to film print a copy of your story board, so then you know what is going to happen next.

Zoom Cameras

In Zoom Cameras we learnt that you shouldn’t zoom in with cameras, it will just make it fuzzy. Insted just walk up to what ever or who ever you are filming. With the audio there is a weel from 0-10 that controls the audio.

A good number to use is 6 or 7. These sorts of cameras will only pick up sound in front of them because the mics are positioned in front of the camera.

Here is a picture of one!

We also did some more tongue twisters. There was Wristwachers and Anemone.

Here is Maddie doing Wristwachers!


Sorry for making it a link I couldn’t put it in otherwise.

Here is Audrey doing Anemone!


Sorry for making it a link again.

Thank You!