Arduino Password Door

Week 1

In Design this time we have been given the choice to do our own project. Lottie,Lexie and I have chosen to make a password door. We decided to get inspiration from the inside of a computer and we got to pull one apart. The feeling was indescribable as we opened up a computer. It was interesting to see what the computers were made out of and there were lots and lots of screws. We also found a mother board, wires, quite a few other boards and quite a bit of plastic too. This was very hard work!

Week 2

First we had to decide on what to make it out of (material). We first thought of making it out of cardboard but then we realised that it might be flimsy so we made it out of wood.

Then we thought of when to make it. We thought that we might not have enough time to do it in class so I thought that we could all come together and build it some where but it would be too much work to do. So I decided to do it at home with my dad. Here is a picture of me doing it…

Once I finished it looked like this…

Week 3

I bought the door to school on Tuesday the next week and Lottie and Lexie were very pleased. We have drawn out little models of what we might like the door to look like and what we might like to have on it. We search up on YouTube on how to make a password door with electronics.  The most clips that we found were using Arduino.  We found a video that we wanted to use, we got an Arduino kit and started. We had a two other things come a few days later, like our keypad and servo motor. Our Keypad came this week!

Week 4

This week before we did anything to do with our project we had to fill in a table in our design book and write about what we had done in our project so far. This part was called Create and this is what i have done in my table. Here is a picture of my work…

The Servo motor was meant to come on Monday but it came on Wednesday and we were very exited when it came! 🙂
Today we got the time to attach the  Servo motor and that means that we are all most done!

Week 5

We got to solder a red and green LED with a 220 Ohm resistor together. It was very interesting to see it being done. Emma one of our class mates helped us to solder the LEDs and resistor together. It was great to see this done so then we can move on!

Week 6

This week on Tuesday our soldered red and green LEDs and 220 Ohm resister broke :(. All that hard work gone! I was so disappointed to see it broken.Then I realised that we had the Exhibition that Friday (that was when I posted this).

Week 7  Term 4

We have painted our door!! I am so excited to have that done, we have been wanting to do that for a long time and now it is done! I think that we should show you it…

and we also drilled a hole so we could slot the keypad though and stick it to the side of the door as you can see in this other picture

and we have also got a shelf for our Arduino UNO board as well,

We also tried to use the programming but sadly it didn’t work! 🙁 Even when we had the right libraries. Then we went up to IT.

We still haven’t figured out what is wrong but we will get there!

Week 8  Term 4

I have decided to not continue on with the project and start a new one with Eve. We have decided to make a LED Cherry Blossom tree.

This has been a great project to make and bring to life and some what confusing but a lot of fun, and i also wish to try it again.

By Bronte 5C

BLOXELS and LittleBits

This term we are trying out some different things for design. Here are some of the things that we could choose from…

  1. MakeyMakey
  2. LittleBits
  4. Scratch
  5. Sphero

I chose BLOXELS and LittleBits.

In BLOXELS we had to make a video game, and i know what your thinking “how do you make a video game in two weeks?” well it’s not that hard at all!

I worked with Millie. You can make lots of fun things like creating your own characters, building your own levels and challenging friends. One of the things that we made was this level.

I found out that it was a lot easier to make a video game in BLOXELS than I thought. How I made this level was that I found a new page to work with, found the blocks that I needed and started to put it together. Here is a picture.

This is how I started off. Once I had made a few adjustments, I was ready to add the detail into the blocks. Down below  there is a little hot bar and there are small adjustments that you can make to your blocks and other things. If you press configure you can change what powerups have in them, what signs say and what enemies look like. You can also change your character. If you press on decorate, you can add signs, grasp blocks, make yellow blocks into coins and choose what your enemy will look like. As well as adding water particles.

After I had finished all of this, I could play my game. Here is a video of me playing my game.

Millie and I also created different characters. We made a messed up chicken who walks backwards, we attempted to make a ballerina, but she didn’t really work out and we made a rainbow!

I don’t think that it was that challenging to use but some things were a bit complicated, like finding out what all the buttons did. I really enjoyed BOXELS.



LittleBits was also a challenging, but fun experience.  I worked with Lottie and Lexie and we made lots of different things, like a guitar and Tug ‘o War.

First we made Tug ‘o War, it was a great and very cool thing. There was a little tutorial to show us how to build the circuit and what the programming was. It also let us know that we would have to create different side of the Tug ‘o War rope. I found out that if you went for too long, the rope would break and you would have to start again.

The Tug ‘o War looked really cool when it was finished with all the electronics on the circuit board and the circuit being connected up to the computer. Here bis a picture of our Tug ‘o War!

After we made the Tug ‘o War it was time to make the guitar. The guitar was awesome, you could change the notes and play it like a real guitar. Ont he little screen it haves the sound waves. To make the guitar work, we had to press a button for the sound to come out of the speaker. This is a picture of what the guitar looked like.

Doesn’t it look awesome! We had to cut out the shape of the guitar out of cardboard and then stick the board on to the cardboard guitar. We also used some pens to make the guitar look more realistic and much cooler! I could even play a song on it. Here is a video – try and guess the song!!


This was also a bit challenging like BOXELS but also really fun. I  hope that we will get to do it again.

Arduino Reflection

These three weeks 5C are doing Arduino programming and it was great! Here is a picture of what the pieces looked like.

Some of them were really confusing like the resisters and the button and something else I don’t know the name of. We were to get into groups of three or four I was with Eve and Lexie. I was so excited to start!

Then we got a box of Arduino and started. The first thing that we made was a battery powering the breadboard through to the LED with a resister. This is what it looked like…..

That one was quite cool but as I went on I found out more and more about circuits and how electricity flows. The next one that we did was with the Arduino Uno board that gives the power to the breadboard and then to what ever is on the breadboard like an LED. On that one we had two wires one red and the other one black and then we had an red LED inline with the two wires like in this picture…..

The one after that got a lot more advanced. It had a button, a red LED, two resisters and six wires. It was quite hard to make but we got there in the end as you can see. I got really excited at this point! This is what it was meant to look like.

Then it got so much more advanced I had to use a square thing that has a round top and that turns around and it looks so cool but it doesn’t do very much though.We got the light to work though! Here is what it looked like.

We did one more and we had to make a light scroll it was so hard though because the light wouldn’t turn on! I made a video about it with Eve and Lexie. Here watch it! And here is the photo!

Me Book Refection


  1. How did this activity help you to get to know your classmates?

Because we all had to write a four page book that has things that not many people know about us.

Here is my Me Book!

It was very interesting to find out things about other people.

  1. Was it difficult to think of things to draw?

It wasn’t that hard for me because all the picture had to do was to mach the writing. And I was also really exited to draw as well.

  1. Did you discover anything about yourself

I discovered that I found out more about myself than I all ready knew. It was lots of fun!

I hope to do something like this again!