Arduino Reflection

These three weeks 5C are doing Arduino programming and it was great! Here is a picture of what the pieces looked like.

Some of them were really confusing like the resisters and the button and something else I don’t know the name of. We were to get into groups of three or four I was with Eve and Lexie. I was so excited to start!

Then we got a box of Arduino and started. The first thing that we made was a battery powering the breadboard through to the LED with a resister. This is what it looked like…..

That one was quite cool but as I went on I found out more and more about circuits and how electricity flows. The next one that we did was with the Arduino Uno board that gives the power to the breadboard and then to what ever is on the breadboard like an LED. On that one we had two wires one red and the other one black and then we had an red LED inline with the two wires like in this picture…..

The one after that got a lot more advanced. It had a button, a red LED, two resisters and six wires. It was quite hard to make but we got there in the end as you can see. I got really excited at this point! This is what it was meant to look like.

Then it got so much more advanced I had to use a square thing that has a round top and that turns around and it looks so cool but it doesn’t do very much though.We got the light to work though! Here is what it looked like.

We did one more and we had to make a light scroll it was so hard though because the light wouldn’t turn on! I made a video about it with Eve and Lexie. Here watch it! And here is the photo!

Me Book Refection


  1. How did this activity help you to get to know your classmates?

Because we all had to write a four page book that has things that not many people know about us.

Here is my Me Book!

It was very interesting to find out things about other people.

  1. Was it difficult to think of things to draw?

It wasn’t that hard for me because all the picture had to do was to mach the writing. And I was also really exited to draw as well.

  1. Did you discover anything about yourself

I discovered that I found out more about myself than I all ready knew. It was lots of fun!

I hope to do something like this again!