June 19

DC Cartoons

Today in DC the grade looked at lots of funny but meaningful cartoons to show that technology can get addictive so we looked and analysed the photos and came up with lots of different message that each photo provided.


The message in this cartoon is that in the day and age we live in everyone is looking at their phone and not the people they are hanging out with. This is an important message because if every person in the world had a phone and was just sitting at a table or at home in their bed then the world would be a boring place and the environment would fall apart.

After analysing this cartoon I still think that it is a good cartoon because the message is clear.


June 17


Photography is my passion, I love taking photos because nothing else matters when you’re eye is up to the lens and you hear the click as your wonderful photo is taken. What I learnt through this passion project is that not to leave it to the last min, Because if you leave it to the last week you feel stressed out. I learnt that the more effort you put in it the better it is. I realised this at the half way line and that is when I started really working hard and getting it done. To take the mid-day photos I walked around my home and to take the sunset photos I went down to the beach it shows that really wanted to get it done. I had lots of fun doing my passion project because i never knew i could take such good photos!!!!


June 8

Win at the Fair

Lesson 1

At the start of this subject “Win at the Fair” we played a losing game. In this losing game we were the people trying to make money here is how much money we lost in the data we created.

In the losing game the reason we lost so much money was because there was a high probability that it was going to land on the five and there were only two prizes that made money for the owner.

Lesson 2

In this lesson we made our own game boards on pieces of paper. It was lots of fun because you could put the money anywhere you wanted so in my game board I put 20c in the middle so it was harder to get the jackpot!!! At the start i found it really hard to find a working game but when I found out a strategy and got a working game board i realised that it was not enticing.

Sorry for it being upside down 🙁

Lesson 3

Our problem was to play 1000 games and try and make at least $300. In my game board there were three jackpots $75 $20 and $10. There was only two prize lost you money but I still made more than $300. Here is a photo of my game board in action.

Lesson 4

To make my game profitable I changed the arrows so that only 2,3 were facing right and 11,12 were facing left. By doing that it made it profitable because there was much higher chance of getting 20c and a very low chance of getting $75

To make it enticing I put a lot of jackpots so that people thought that they could get the big prizes but actually it really hard to get the big jackpots.


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May 28

Digital Etiquette

Netiquette is like etiquette on the internet. It means that when you are on the internet you treat people like you would treat someone in real life.

Flaming/Flame wars: Flame wars are like have a roast battle it basically means you are having a big argument you start using personal info to make the other person get to your side of the argument but it often ruins friend ship.

Trolls are random people that try to start arguments with people and make them feel bad about themselves.

Anonymous is when you have a hidden identity so that if you send something to someone they don’t know who it is so they could report you and you could get in trouble for something you did not intend to do.

Communicating clearly: DON’T USE CAPS LOCK, use emojis and don’t use abbreviations.

Permission: If you want to post something of someone else ask for their permission.

Tim means by saying once it is out you can not get it back off the internet. Because someone will have saved it so it is always out there.




May 22

Think Online

The acronym THINK is a acronym used for when you are about to post something online.

In this subject i learnt a lot about texting online. I learnt that if you are going to text something online it has to be nice because if you send something like “bad luck” they could take it the wrong way because they can not see your face or body language.


T is for true, if it is not true don’t say it.

H is for helpful, there is no need to say it.

I is for inspiring, inspire them.

N is for necessary, is there any point in saying it.

K is for kind, make sure it is nice.

May 19


I have taken some really could photos so far.

I have really enjoyed taking photos because I just get to go outside with nature. I have learnt a lot about the place that I call home and all the wonderful creatures and plants mother nature created.

Using my camera nearly every day has taught me a lot about how to use my camera and take better photos.

(PS)I think I will start editing soon .

April 25




What do you intend to create?

I intend to create a film that shows the wonder of nature and the places I like to be in for example my farm and the beach.

What technologies are you planning to use

My laptop is going to be used as the editing device and I will use Adobe Premiere. To take the photos I will use my Canon 1300 EOS  and a tripod given to me by my Great Grandfather. And I would like to learn more about Adobe Premiere so that I can do better editing in future films at school.

Who is your project targeted at?

This project is mainly targeted at people who do not respect nature so I am making this film to show how beautiful it is.

What are you looking forward to? 

I am looking forward to taking all the photos because then I will be able to see more about nature and take good photos.




April 23

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke was trying to tell the audience about where our food comes from and that scientists modify seeds to make them taste better even though they taste worst.


He used quotes and jokes to get the messages across to the audience like his quote “Would you rather pay the farmer or the hospital” or his joke where they put the DNA from a fish into a tomato

And made it look like this.

He had someone else switching the slides for him so he could use both his hands.


He had a really loud and really strong voice to attract the audience towards him.












April 22

Richard Turere TED Talk


I believe that Richard’s main messages was that you do not always have to solve a problem with violence and that you don’t have to be famous or an adult to solve a big problem.


Richard practice his lines over and over and over again until he did not need to have a script so he can always look at the audience and he used different emotions to hook the audience.


He used a projector to show all the images that helped his TED more powerful.



He projected his voice and to help his voice to be louder he used a Mic.


April 18

Thomas Suarez TED Talk



The main messages in T.S presentation is that kids need are getting smarter in these generations and that kids need to have wider opportunities like in T.S TED making apps!


T.S used great adjectives and put humour in to keep the audience hook and wanting to here more. T.S also used photos of his apps the show the audience what he’d been working on.


T.S used a “remote” that controlled a big “screen”, he also used a iPad with he’s script on it.


He was always was looking at the audience because he would read further into the script so he new what he was going to say. He also did not have lots of flashing photos to distract the audience from what he was saying.