April 25

Passion Project




What do you intend to create?

I intend to create a film that shows the wonder of nature and the places I like to be in for example my farm and the beach.

What technologies are you planning to use

My laptop is going to be used as the editing device and I will use Adobe Premiere. To take the photos I will use my Canon 1300 EOS to take the photos and my tripod my Great Grandfather gave me.   And I would like to learn more about Adobe Premiere so that I can do better editing in future films at school.

Who is your project targeted at?

This project is mainly targeted at people who do not respect nature so I am making this film to show how beautiful it is.

What are you looking forward to? 

I am looking to taking all the photos because then I will be able to see more about nature and take good photos.




April 23

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

Birke was trying to tell the audience about where our food comes from and that scientists modify seeds to make them taste better even though they taste worst.


He used quotes and jokes to get the messages across to the audience like his quote “Would you rather pay the farmer or the hospital” or his joke where they put the DNA from a fish into a tomato

And made it look like this.

He had someone else switching the slides for him so he could use both his hands.


He had a really loud and really strong voice to attract the audience towards him.












April 22

Richard Turere TED Talk


I believe that Richard’s main messages was that you do not always have to solve a problem with violence and that you don’t have to be famous or an adult to solve a big problem.


Richard practice his lines over and over and over again until he did not need to have a script so he can always look at the audience and he used different emotions to hook the audience.


He used a projector to show all the images that helped his TED more powerful.



He projected his voice and to help his voice to be louder he used a Mic.


April 18

Thomas Suarez TED Talk



The main messages in T.S presentation is that kids need are getting smarter in these generations and that kids need to have wider opportunities like in T.S TED making apps!


T.S used great adjectives and put humour in to keep the audience hook and wanting to here more. T.S also used photos of his apps the show the audience what he’d been working on.


T.S used a “remote” that controlled a big “screen”, he also used a iPad with he’s script on it.


He was always was looking at the audience because he would read further into the script so he new what he was going to say. He also did not have lots of flashing photos to distract the audience from what he was saying.