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Camcorders and tripods

In our third clinic of the week we were with Mr. Henderson, his clinic was about Camcorders and Tripods. Underneath is a video of what I learnt.


In my video I explained mostly about the camera HFG25 but I will explain a bit more about the other ones. Underneath is a video of one of my friends videoing about the shots.


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Presenting you’re piece to camera

For our second clinic for Inquiry term 1 we were with Mr. G, the clinic was called ‘Presenting you’re piece to camera’. Please watch my video blog below for me to show you what I learnt.

After we learnt all these important rules, Mr. G gave us a challenge to perform a tongue twister that was up on the screen and use the rules that we had learnt. I chose the hardest tongue twister here. The video is underneath.

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Point and shoot cameras

Point and shoot cameras

In the Point and shoot cameras clinic there are 6 rules of photography which I will explain the video below;

Here are some photos that I took with Lucas Gray based on the 6 rules of photography Miss Williamson told us about.

Leading lines

Rule of thirds

Balancing elements

View point



And finally Framing

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Term 4 project

This term we are doing a project based upon what you can create with your ideas. Me and a couple of my friends (Shannon Fury and Mitch Bickett) decided to make a Rube Goldberg Machine. For this we needed to bring some stuff from our homes and also some stuff from the makers space. For the first design session we did pretty well but the structure was quite basic.


This was the first sessions part of the Rube Goldberg machine. This consists of pretty much an Inclined plane which is the only simple machine in it. The materials we used were Dominoes, a marble and Lego robot track.

For the second and third session of our project we changed our Rube Goldberg a heap, we got rid of the Lego track and put in hot wheels track going down the side of the chairs. We also put in a pipe which the ball would hit and roll down to knock down more dominoes. There was also a few other things we added in like a funnel taped to a tube.

Here is our Funnel and Tube at the start of our Rube Goldberg Machine. The ball is meant to go down funnel into a Tube and jump up into a pipe. In the third session We changed the tube and the funnel to make the ball go into the pipe exactly instead of jumping in because only 1 in 10 of those jumps worked.

This part of our machine is the middle of it all. The point is for the ball to roll down the funnel hit the next dominoes and knock the ball off the table which was connected to a piece of string that at the other end was attached to a Popsicle stick which had a ball behind. Then the ball would go down the track. The materials we used for this part of the machine were a pipe, dominoes, a marble, string and a Popsicle stick. The Simple machines on this part were an Inclined Plane, I think a Lever or a Pulley and a Wedge.

Here is our Hot Wheels track that goes down the table (with a few cards to make sure it doesn’t fall off), and then go into a bucket. We put a few Jenga blocks underneath the  bucket so when the ball hits the bucket it will fall over and knock more blocks. This part of the Rube Goldberg machine has an Inclined Plane and I think it involved a Lever as well.


Here is 3 videos of the machine 2 of them don’t work and the other does.


For the fourth and fifth session Shannon, Mitch and I decided to make some changes like to add some stuff in that we came up with. Underneath is a video of me and James’ machine.


The plan was to make a some stuff from me and James’ house to bring in like Hot wheels tracks to make the ball roll down. Underneath is a few descriptions and explanations for the tweaks and changes we made.

We changed this bit of the project a bit to benefit the new part of the machine so when the ball falls down it knocks the chupa chup box onto Jenga blocks set up as dominoes to knock over a Jenga block with string on it which pulls a marble off the table which starts the next part of the project.

This part is a new bit which I kind of made off the first part of my Rube Goldberg machine I made at my house. When the marble falls off from the Jenga block with string on it pulls a domino off the track which is holding a ball behind it. Once the domino has fallen off the marble flows down the track knocking a Jenga block off the track and off the table that is attached to a domino pulling more dominoes. When the last domino has been pulled off it pulls a domino off the track on the other side of it’s string allowing a ball to pass through knock a domino with string off the track while on the other end of the string the final domino gets pulled off with the ball going down the track into a funnel. This part consists of Inclined Planes and I think levers and pulleys.


Here is a video of how it worked out.


For sessions six to ten we made some new adjustments like the tunnel, the lever and the goal pipe. Underneath is a description of the new parts of our RGM (Rube Goldberg Machine).


The first part of this bit of our RGM is where a ball goes down the funnel and into a pipe which leads n down to hot wheels track with Jenga blocks on the side to make sure the ball goes fast but then make sure it doesn’t hop out the side. The second part is at the end of the first part, it is where the ball will hit the K’nex piece holding the marble. The K’nex piece will then fall off the track leaving the marble to go down and knock a Jenga Block into a Lever with the force of the ball to knock it down.

This part isn’t that good footage because of the sun light but the whole point of this part continues on. After the marble the part before knock into the Jenga block giving it the force to push the lever there will be a domino at the top of the table right next to the other side of the lever which will knock the domino over knocking more dominoes (We ended up not using the Hot Wheels track that is this picture). We found out that a little domino could not knock a Jenga block unless it had more force and the lever at the start of this part was to light to knock a Jenga block so we decided to tape 2 marbles to the top of a little domino that would be strong enough to knock a Jenga Block. The Jenga block would then knock a Pulley filled with 5 or 6 marbles would then pull and lead on to the next part of the RGM.

This part of the RGM was pretty short. After the Pulley pulled the marbles off the table there was a marble resting on top of the rod (with a little help from some tape) the pulley this end of the pulley would pull a little bit just enough to make the marble fall down the pipe.

Once the marble has gone down the pipe it goes across a bridge of Hot Wheels track, into a pipe and then finally into the goal knocking the goalie into the goal with the ball.


This machine took 209 tries to make it work.

Here is the full product of the Rube Goldberg machine working.

My Term 3 Extended Holidays

Highlights of my trip around Australia

Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory

Uluru and Kata Tjuta was the first interesting stop, it is pretty cool because they are actually big slabs of iron that are rusted. The walks around both are amazing especially looking at all the holes and the red conditions of the rocks. Underneath are my pictures and some explanations.

This picture is of me, my family and a few other people watching the sunset at Uluru.

The sunset was amazing because Uluru turned from bright red to orange to blue to purple and then to black.

Another cool part of Uluru and Kata Tjuta was The big walk around Uluru, it was long but we got to see every crack and rock on it, we also saw some cool cave art.

Here is some of the Cave art and the holes in Uluru. Uluru is a spectacular rock. I learnt that underneath all the rock is a huge slab of Iron that has rusted in the sun to get it’s red colour.

Kata Tjuta was cool as well like the walks and the gorges.

Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Alice Springs in an interesting town because it is behind a few big hills and has a river next to it. It also has a bit of an interesting history for how it became called Alice Springs. Underneath are pictures and explanations.

This is one of the pictures of us in the muesem in Alice Springs. We also walked around the Todd street mall after we went to the muesem.

This is a picture in front of a gum tree at the first Alice Springs Telegram station. We learnt a lot about Alice Springs, for starters, the guy who founded the town found a water spring and named the place after his bosses wife, Alice.

Darwin, Northern Territory

5 days in a place like Darwin can really get some good times up like free water parks and cool markets and sunsets. One of the main highlights of Darwin was the Mindil Markets which were at dusk on Mindil beach in Darwin.Image result for sunset mindil beach The Sunset was amazing watching from Mindil beach, but guess what a tourist boat went past when the last bit of the sun was going down.

Broome, Western Australia

Broome is amazing especially the Moon rises and beaches. Pearl divers have a big history at Broome and so does the WW2 other bombing raid. Broome is hot as so you would definitely go to the beach. We also went on a camel at the sunset on Cable beach, Camel riding is really fun but it actually is quite high off the ground. Here is a picture of a camel ride on the sunset. Image result for cable beach wa

Our car sadly broke down and couldn’t be fixed by the Broome Toyota workers so we had to fly back to Melbourne by a plane so I guess at least it was our first plane ride.

Two Weeks later.

My parents have got another trip to spend the time at a cool place and the aim is to get to Townsville to see my uncle.

Cairns, Queensland

Cairns is an amazing place, right near the Great Barrier Reef. It is a pretty big City right off the coast.

On the 3rd day of being in Cairns we went to the Great Barrier Reef, and on the ad on the boat it was meant to be a nice experience except it was kind of but the boat kept wobbling up and down. When we finally got to the Pontoon there was a slide and a heap of stuff like a big snorkelling part where you could see the coral and animals closer up and also experience some cool stuff. The slide was pretty cool as well it was huuuuge!!! The Great Barrier Reef was probably one of the best experiences of my life. My favourite fish there were the Parrot fish because of there bright colours. Here is the Pontoon we were on and also some fish pictures. Image result for great barrier reef pontoon cairns

Image result for moore reef

Hervey Bay, Queensland

Hervey Bay is amazing, from Fraser Island to watching Whales.

The main part of Hervey Bay I want to talk about is the whale watching. It was about 3 hours of watching amazing whales, the Humpback whale is an amazing whale, especially when they do the headslap, I learnt that the reason they leap out of the water is to get rid of barnacles and parasites. Whales are amazing creatures.

Image result for Hump back whale hervey bay