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Green screen clinic

In our final clinic Mr. Henderson taught all 3 classes what and how to use Green screen. Green screen screens don’t have to be green. They are only called that because Green is the most popular colour because usually people don’t have that radioactive green clothing. We had a task to get a video of Shia Lebouef and some drone footage and green screen it on Adobe Premier Pro, here is the video of the successful editing. It is in an annoying link sorry so click on the link and press open :(.

Green Screen Clinic-wq8cws

Here are some more interesting facts about Green screen:

  1. Green screen doesn’t have to be Green, it’s just because usually people don’t wear that Radioactive Green colour on clothes.
  2. Green screen is technically called ‘Chroma-key’ or ‘Ultra Key’ as Adobe Premiere Pro.
  3. Weather reporters, Kid shows and all different other genres of Tv use Green screen.

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Wireless Microphone

In our 9th clinic Mr. Henderson told us about Wireless Microphones. The Wireless microphones are located in the cupboard underneath the TV in the cafe. Here is a video about what I mainly learnt.

I also learnt about the belt packs that go on you and what they do. Underneath is a little video about a hand held wireless mic.

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Royalty free music

In Mr. Galluccio’s 3rd clinic we learnt about copyright and what free music is.

If someone puts copyright on something and you use it you can in a lot of trouble with fines and sometimes prosecution. Try to keep clear of copyright stuff.

We also learnt about themes for music to plays, like for example; for Instructional films make the music a Poppy and upbeat tune, for Mystery films the music should be Moody and tense.

Mr. G gave us a final task to find good sound tracks on Ben sound to the following Movies;


The Greatest Showman,


Star Wars,


Listen to Titanic and Star wars.

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Camcorders and tripods

In our third clinic of the week we were with Mr. Henderson, his clinic was about Camcorders and Tripods. Underneath is a video of what I learnt.


In my video I explained mostly about the camera HFG25 but I will explain a bit more about the other ones. Underneath is a video of one of my friends videoing about the shots.


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Presenting you’re piece to camera

For our second clinic for Inquiry term 1 we were with Mr. G, the clinic was called ‘Presenting you’re piece to camera’. Please watch my video blog below for me to show you what I learnt.

After we learnt all these important rules, Mr. G gave us a challenge to perform a tongue twister that was up on the screen and use the rules that we had learnt. I chose the hardest tongue twister here. The video is underneath.

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