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Lego Mindstorms EV3 Project 2

Lego Mindstorms EV3 project 2 was probably even better than week 1 when Jack and I were building our EV3 Mindstorms robot. I think project 2 was better because at the start of the week our teachers gave our groups a few little challenge of homework (Some homework is boring and all but this one wasn’t).

There were 3 challenges the teachers asked us to do, the first challenge was to make our robot go forward exactly a metre and come back to exact start by reversing. We were not allowed to turn on this challenge. The second challenge was to make our robot go around a baseball diamond made of four 1 metre rulers. The third and final challenge was to make our robots go half a metre or a full metre forward and then turn around and come back to the start. Jack wasn’t here for the completion of all the challenges.
The first challenge was pretty easy (even though I got 3 days before I typed this blog) all we had to do was to make the robot go forward then back. Jack and I started the 4 weeks with these challenges, we completed all the challenges but then there was a glitch in my program on my file. I found this out on the Thursday before the Monday when my blog is due.

This is the coding of the first challenge, I used seconds to help, I figured out that it took 3 seconds for the robot to go an exact metre if the robot was going at full power. The last brick on my screen was used to reverse and negative 100 power makes it reverse back at full pace I forgot to get a video for this challenge but the other challenges all have videos).

The second challenge was hard for Jack and I because we were getting so close each time and it wouldn’t go around the diamond with out turning to late and then turning to early. The troubleshooting for this challenge was to make it turn at the right time.

This is my coding for the second challenge (I had to break it into each brick because the whole snip of the coding for this challenge was to big to put on).





The first brick’s coding was to make the wheels go forward 6 rotations because 6 rotations equals just over a metre so our robot didn’t turn to early or to late. I found rotations easier for this one because I could just use my robot ruler that shows my rotations, and I found degrees harder because I don’t know how to use degrees for turning and going forward with my EV3 robot.

The second brick’s coding was to make the robot turn. I found out that to make the robot turn 90 degrees using rotations you have to make it turn 65 on full power to make it turn exactly 90 degrees (I used this same brick after each metre). I found Rotations easier for this brick because Luka Didulica helped me use the rotations to make it turn and see how much rotations my robot needed to turn 90 degrees. I tried making it steer 50 but that was to short and didn’t turn 90 degrees so I tried 55 but that didn’t work so I tried 60 but that didn’t work either, so I tried 65 and it worked perfectly. Using seconds didn’t work for this brick as effective as rotations because I coul“dn’t work out how long it took and using a stopwatch would take to long.

The third brick’s coding was to make the robot go forward. But I found out that I needed to make each metre after the turn half a second longer than the last one because otherwise the robot would turn to early. I found out that using seconds for me was the same effect for Rotations and Seconds because I could of just used my rotations ruler to measure how much rotations it would take for me to go a bit further than the ruler so I could get a good turn and not have my robot turning into the ruler. I used seconds though because I thought that 3 and half seconds would make the robot go further than the ruler and it worked perfectly after about 33 tries.

The fourth brick’s coding was after the turn (because I used the brick 2 after each metre because it was super effective). I found out that after each turn I had to make it go half a second further then each metre brick before this brick so the our robot always has room to turn. Rotations could have worked for us to like the brick before but I decided to make it seconds because I had found out the pattern for going half a second further each time.

The fifth brick’s coding was nearly the exact same as the last 3 because by the time I had finished coding the fourth brick the coding was turning into the pattern of going up half a second each time.


This is my video my robot doing a lap of a baseball diamond. Hope you enjoy :).

The third and final challenge for the last few weeks was when we were set a task to make our robot go half a metre or a full metre forward and make it turn around and come back because it was going to be tagged out by a baseball fielder. I chose my robot to go half a metre forward because it would make more sense for a robot to go half a metre because in baseball if you are about to be tagged out by a fielder you would be safe if you went to the other base.

This is the coding for the third challenge, For the first brick I found out that going 3 rotations with our robot’s power at 50 would make it our robot go half a metre forward. For the second brick it took a bit more tries to get the robot to turn 180 degrees. I could of also use 1 rotation instead of 1 second because it still would have worked but I decided to use seconds to try something a bit different. The third brick was the exact same as the first because when my robot turned it would go exactly half a metre forward and land where our robot started.

I found EV3 robotics project 2 really fun because I learnt a lot of stuff and had fun with my partner. Even if you don’t complete or win something it is still fun to try.

Me Book Reflection

How did this activity help you to get to know your classmates?

The Me book activity helped me to know some of my classmates more like some people I didn’t really know that much. Also it showed me some things I didn’t know about my mates.

Was it difficult to think of things to draw?

It wasn’t that hard for me to think for the things for my Me book because I listed the things I wanted to do and then randomly chose with my eyes closed.

Did you discover anything about yourself?

I discovered that some of my best mates don’t know some stuff about me which was interesting. I also found out some people thought what I like was pretty awesome.

This is my front cover of my Me book





We started a project called Arduino. Arduino is an electronic program and a circuit board. We chose our groups and I chose Raph and Xavier. On our first practise project we made a basic circuit which had a few alligator clips, a LED light, a battery pack and a battery.

On our second practise project we made a circuit with a breadboard, a LED light, a couple of basic cords, Arduino Uno board, a battery pack and a battery. It worked which was good.

I was away for the 1st project which was to make the a light blink which involved a Battery, battery pack and some standard cords.

For the second project I was back and we made another cool circuit. We had some troubleshooting to do though because we couldn’t get the right resistor. Once we found out that we had the wrong resistor we finally got the right one because we didn’t realise that you need the certain pattern and colours.

Our next problem for the second project was that the program wouldn’t load up. We made a different program but it still didn’t work so we found out that we had to try another computer because mine had a bit of a problem.

For our third project it was basic Xavier and Raph started their Blogs while I got the project working.

I didn’t really enjoy the fourth project because at the start it was hard to know where the holes were because on the breadboard picture on the screen it didn’t have any numbers which would of made it a lot easier. On our breadboard we finally figured it out that the resistors were in the wrong place.

The next problem that we had on our fourth project was that the program wouldn’t work, which was annoying because we didn’t know why. We tried to troubleshoot as we did last time but this time trying a different computer wouldn’t work and we ran out of time.

I give Arduino a 5 out of 10 because half of it was annoying and I didn’t like but the rest was okay. It was good to have a crack though because it is always good to try new things even if you don’t like them that much.

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Project 1

A few weeks ago Jack and I started building a Lego EV3 robot. The steps to making the robot were fun and some of them where pretty challenging but they paid off in the end once Jack and I got them built. Here is a few pictures to show the process.

This was a picture that was taken just when we started building the first bit of our robot.

This is our robot half built as you can see but without some other pieces.

This is the brick the main structure of the robot, it is like a motor to a car but you tell it what to do with the coding. The brick is pretty big but it will store a bit of space for your programs as well.

This is our fully completed robot with the wheels and the brick on.

The robot was fun to build with all the challenges and troubleshooting like trying to find the parts and the robots not working that well but week 1 of robotics was fun.

Year 4 camp

  1. Camp was a good experience for me to make friends with, I played with a lot of people I didn’t usually play with.
  2. I have changed as a person when I went on camp because of the friends I made and how much fun I had.
  3. I learnt on camp that there is only 196 Helmeted honey-eaters on earth.
  4. My favourite part of camp was going to the Healseville Sanctuary to the Wet-lands area and seeing the Black-necked storks,Pied herons,  Glossy-ibis, Royal spoonbills and the White-faced heron.




Book Review: Wedgetail

Andy is fascinated by Wedgetail eagles. One day a ranger brings an orphaned eaglet so tiny that it seems unlikely to survive. Wedgetail is the story of Andy’s struggle to save it’s life, and to finally watch it grow into a beautiful and proud eagle. But sooner or later, Andy must release it into the wild.

Dogrocks Reflection

We went to Dogrocks with our ELC buddies. At Dogrocks I saw one of my favourite land birds the Red Browed Finch.

 The Red Browed Finch was flying around from tree to tree looking for food.

We also saw a Wedge tailed eagle flying next to a little raven and a little eagle. Dogrocks was fun, I felt calm and happy and bored.


farm day excursion

On the 22nd of August, we went on an excursion that we called Farm Day.

On Farm Day we went to the Venter’s and George’s farms. First we went to the Venter’s farm, we did a lot of activities. One of the activities we did was the one where Joe showed us around the farm and we also had a quiz. Lee showed us how to shear a sheep, it took about 5 minutes. The sheep didn’t like it.

After we finished the activities we left the Venter’s farm and we drove on the bus to the George’s farm. At the George’s farm the son of the owner of the farm Davis showed us around. We went to a beautiful spot which had a great view. Davis told us that every generation Geelong gets a hill closer to the farm. Davis also told us that they spend a lot of time trying to replant trees on the farm.

I had a great time on farm day.



Reading response: you and me, murrawee

What does the author want us to think about?

I think the author wanted us to think about that aboriginal people are not that different from us. The girl in the story was explaining that she really wants to see the aboriginal girl and listen and live how they did. Like we both fish eat eggs etc.


Semester 1 Reflection

Semester 1 for me has been…..well challenging but fun and great. In term 1 the focus question was ‘how does our food garden grow’, our final project for term 1 was ‘the pot to plate project’, I grew Sugar snap peas, beetroot and radishes. But term 2 for me has been the best term I have ever had at school because the terms question was on of  my interests. In week 5A term 2 we finished the pot to plate project when we had the big feast on Friday (and here is the picture of what I made for the pot to plate feast).

The focus question for term 2 was ‘how are our living things around us connected’, the final project for term 2 was ‘the local animal diorama project’ where you chose a animal around the enviro and studied it. I chose the Straw-necked ibis and the Australian white ibis. You also got to borrow cameras and binoculars to look at birds and other animals.


Semester 1 has been a really good semester so far.