Category: TED Talks

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

We watched Birke Baehr’s TED Talk.

Birke’s main message is that we should know where our food comes from, that we can change the world from this 1 kid at a time by spreading the message and also that we can make the food we have and eat natural from nature instead of adding chemicals to it to make it unnatural.

Birke found out that the chemicals are in food because he researched a lot. He also found out that supermarkets aim their products directly at people especially little kids by adding colourful packaging and also plastic toys. The other thing he found was that there are actually some farmers in the world who are already making a difference from the chemical industries and are being called crazy.

This is a picture of Birke Baehr.

Richard Turere TED Talk

We watched Richard Turere TED Talk.

There was a pretty clear message that I think was that just because an animal does something bad, you don’t have to kill the animal.

Richard got these messages across to his audience by adding in humour but then also being serious when he was talking about the dead animals and his idea.

I think Richard used the floor as a bit of a script to remember but he didn’t use that basically at all. He also use a lot of pictures to get his ideas across to the audience.

He used his pictures well so people could understand what he was saying and where it was, and he also used his hands as gestures, pointing at the pictures and stuff.

This is a picture of Richard doing his TED talk. Overall I think Richard was a very good presenter.