Passion project

For my passion project this term I am making some wooden flashing cricket stumps and some wooden bails to go with them. I am going to use my camcorder to film it. For the first 2 stumps I shall make them wooden and the bails too and I might add a little camera to the middle stump. But for the leg stump I am going to take the electric flashing part out of a Plastic Zinger leg stump (Picture underneath in blue line).

I am looking forward to building the wood part of the stump, the bails, adding the lights in and the camera. This project is aimed at a year 6 audience with the way I will show my video of the process and stuff. Here is a teaser of what I am trying to aim the stumps like (except maybe no stickers or different stickers on the stumps).

Since my teaser, my first bit of progress is the cutting of the stumps and the measuring into thirds for 3 stumps.

The next bit after measuring the stumps was to cut them. Here is a picture of me doing that.

The next bit was to sand the top and the bottom to make the pointy bit at the end and to put some metal on to the top so it wouldn’t brake when a real ball hits it.

The sanding machine was much more powerful then sand paper so that is why we used it.

Here is a few pictures of a nearly finished stump.

Then my dad found a huge sander to use and it sanded much, much faster then the other sanding machine.

We sanded the end of the long wood pole to a point on each stump, so there would be a part to stick into the ground.

Sometimes we had to use the littler sanding machine at the end of one so we wouldn’t cut in too far. As my dad said “It can be too little but not too much cut in”.

The we did the other end to make it look like the base stump. Underneath is a picture of the base stump (but we we will add metal at the bottom of the stump):

Then we axle-grinded the metal to fit on the top bit of our stump (like our base stump).

Once we axle-grinded the metal to put on the top of my stumps, we had to get the melted metal bits on the end of the metal circle off. This was probably the most long and boring part of my passion project. I also had to measure the top of the metal tubes with this measuring thing which would tell you how wide it is.

Then we had to fit the little metal tubes on the top bit of the stump so they would kind of match the original stump.

Next we were at Ocean grove in our Grandfathers shed. We couldn’t make the bails at our shed so that is why it was good to be out there.

We first cut a piece of wood that we got from Bunnings and put it onto this machine that would roll it around.

Here is a picture of me using one of the tools to carve the bails.

Here is a picture of the progress on the bails.

Here is a picture of me measuring the barrel of the stump. Here I am measuring the middle of the barrel or the line of the barrel.

About half an hour later this is what we had kind of made.

This is our fully completed product after about 2 hours of carving the wood.

Here is me holding the bails.

One week later we were back on the last day before this passion project is due. My dad and me first off for the day took the metal point off the end of the base stump.

After we had taken the metal of the base stump. We had to sand the base bit of the bails or the holder back to the normal side of the bits that are placed on the stump.

Next I had to measure the metal bit at the end of the stump. When I finished I had the metal things on the stumps, on the top and bottom.

The next part was to cut the bails in half with a saw so there would be 2 bails, not 1.

Next we had to paint the stumps and bails in garden oil. It stunk and gave the stumps a more natural colour.

We couldn’t get the flashing bit in because we nearly ran out of time and then my dad had to go and help my brother. After that we added some paint on the bottom of the points that go into the ground and here is the final product of my stump set.

Thank you for reading my blog on my passion project on a cricket stump set :).

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