Green screen clinic

In our final clinic Mr. Henderson taught all 3 classes what and how to use Green screen. Green screen screens don’t have to be green. They are only called that because Green is the most popular colour because usually people don’t have that radioactive green clothing. We had a task to get a video of Shia Lebouef and some drone footage and green screen it on Adobe Premier Pro, here is the video of the successful editing. It is in an annoying link sorry so click on the link and press open :(.

Green Screen Clinic-wq8cws

Here are some more interesting facts about Green screen:

  1. Green screen doesn’t have to be Green, it’s just because usually people don’t wear that Radioactive Green colour on clothes.
  2. Green screen is technically called ‘Chroma-key’ or ‘Ultra Key’ as Adobe Premiere Pro.
  3. Weather reporters, Kid shows and all different other genres of Tv use Green screen.

Thanks for reading.

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