My Term 3 Extended Holidays

On 30/6/18 me and my family departed from our home to go on our dads big long service leave holiday, this holiday would go until the end of the term 3 holidays, so we had to be prepared for a long trip.

Our first destination that we would be staying at was Mildura which is a little city next to the South Australian and New South Wales border. It took about 6 or 7 hours to get from Geelong to Mildura. There were cool places on the way like St. Arnauds and Ouyen but apart from those towns it was mainly bush and farmland. Once we got there me and my siblings went to the Jumping pillow to play games while our parents set up the van. The next morning we got up and left. On the way to our next place we learnt what the weight of our caravan was, the caravan was exactly 28 tons, the car was 3640 Kg and the grand total was 6440 Kg. It took 552 Km to get from Geelong to Mildura.

Once we had left Mildura we were going to a German settlement in the Barossa Valley called Nuriootpa which is near Adelaide. It took 3 or 4 hours to get to Nuriootpa, there wasn’t much towns along the way but there was a few like Renmark and Monash (which was off the road but we went there because there is an awesome playground. When we arrived in Nuri (nickname for Nuriootpa) we set up and then went into town, we bought German foods like Mettwurst and Fritz, we also filled up on fruit and veg and then we headed back to the caravan park to have an early night so we could get up the next morning and go to Port Augusta. It took 323 Km to get from Mildura to Nuriootpa.

The next morning we woke up early again to go to Port Augusta. We set off and got there by 1:00 pm (there were no towns that we stopped ;u at or looked at on this part of the trip). Once we had set up we went into town and went shopping for a few hours and then we went up to the botanical gardens of Port Augusta and looked at the sunset. The sunset was beautiful, we watched it for half an hour and thben we headed back to the caravan park and played games and then went to bed so we could get up the next morning to go to Coober Pedy. It took 295 Km to get from Nuriootpa to Port Augusta.

This was the last time for 2 days that we would be waking up early in the morning to get to another place, we were going to stop at a pretty famous place known for underground homes called Coober Pedy. The drive was 5 or 6 hours but we stopped at a few places on the way, I saw my first ever Roadhouse called Pimba (a roadhouse is a tiny settlement where there is usually a pub or a bar and spots for camping when there is no town near). This Roadhouse was near a town called Woomera (Wi-me-ra). After we had visited our first roadhouse (called Pimba or Spuds Roadhouse) we went into the Woomera and looked at all the jets and warcraft that people used in the war, I also got to see a Canberra Bomber which my uncle worked on. After we looked at the warcraft we ate some lunch and headed up to Coober Pedy. Underneath is a photo of the Bomber.

Coober Pedy is a very unusual but cool town (It literally does get cold at night there and is cold in the underground houses) because the town is not really what you expect, lets just say you can’t compare it with a normal town, like for example the shops are actually better then your local IGA, Woolworths or Coles, they are really good on the inside but they don’t look like much on the outside but rusty big old sheds. Underneath there is a picture of the town from above the Umoona mining muesem (which is underneath a hill). The total Kms from Port Augusta to Coober Pedy was exactly 600 Kms.

For our first whole day staying at somewhere for a full 24 hours (Which would sadly be our only day in Coober Pedy :(). First we went to a place called the Brake Aways which was along a road about half an hour outside Coober Pedy, we looked and saw two rocks, one white and biege (Europeanily known as salt and pepper) but I’m not sure what the indiginous name for the two rocks are called. Along the Brake Aways we also went to a place called Luna Landscape becau se there were piles and piles of rocks and above looking at the rocks from above it formed a crescent moon. I also learnt at Luna Landscape that you can tell what flint is because it makes a sound like glass when it cracks. After Lunchtime we went on a mining tour which we learnt a bit of stuff about but we knew what most stuff was about. I learnt a lot from Coober Pedy and how and why people live underground and why the town is like this.

Once we woke up we said goodbye to Coober Pedy we headed back on the road again, this time to get as far as we possibly could. There was no towns only a few roadhouses along the way, we did stop at the border to take a photo

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