Cartesian Plane Project Microworlds EX

Here is a screen we were doing and about the Cartesian plane project.

The point of this project was to make a shape in each quadrant using a command setpos which sets the position of your turtle (using Cartesian plan of course). In the Cartesian Plane method there are 2 letters with vertical and horizontal. X is always first and is horizontal and Y is always second and is vertical.

This project was hard because me and some of my friends thought that we had to make the whole thing out of setpos. I setpos to find the place of each and every shape I did. The shapes I made where the square, the rectangle, the cross and the parallelogram.

Underneath is a picture of my shapes and the coding.

My coding was the main thing that mattered here. Each part before the pen up is my coding for each shape.

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