Kites in Microworlds EX

A few days ago we had to make kites in an app called Microworlds EX. Microworlds is fun because you have a turtle and you make it move forward, back, left and right.

What does each bit do?

Here is a picture of the Home screen in Microworlds EX, I will be explaining what buttons do what (well only the ones I know of).

This is blurry, but that is why I put the numbers in red.

  1. This button is to make you go back to the welcome screen, but if you press it it will ask you if you want to save the program. It looks like this (Underneath). Click on the turtles and geometry page if you wish to start a new project.                            
  2. This button you can press if you wish to start a new project, instead of having to go back to the Welcome Screen to start a new project.
  3. This button allows you to save the project as it is at the time before you saved it. If you like your project and you don’t need to start a new project you press that button to save the project.
  4. This button is the ‘Hatch a Turtle’ button. This button allows you to hatch a turtle. To hatch a turtle you tap on the hatch a turtle button and then you tap on the screen and the turtle will appear.
  5. This button is the ‘Create a melody’ button. This button will allow you to make a little song. If you tap on it it will come up with a little piano, you will be able to create a melody by tapping on the piano keys.
  6. This button is the Magnify button. This button makes your turtle turn big if you tap on the button and then on your turtle. Each time you tap on the turtle after tapping on the Magnify button your turtle will get progressively larger and larger each time.
  7. This button is the Demagnify button, it does the exact opposite from what the magnify button does.
  8. This is a space where you can teach your turtle new things to do, it is really fun to try new things.
  9. This is the space where you type in what you want your robot to. You can type the commands in here that you have just taught your turtle.
  10. This the screen where your turtle will do what you want it to. If you want to draw something always make sure the turtle’s pen is down.
  11. This the turtle it can do a lot of things, it can draw stuff, it can grow big, it can shrink small and it can change colour and that is only what I know so far!

What are the starting commands?

There are a heap of commands I know so far, they are listed below.

fd=forward, bk=back, lt=left, rt=right, pu=pen up, pd=pen down, setc=change colour and setpos=change position. For lt, rt, bk and fd you have to put a number to make your turtle go around the space where it roams free.

Here is a PowerPoint link underneath for my PowerPoint of me understanding the angles of the kite and properties of a kite, but also me making a paper kite.



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