We started a project called Arduino. Arduino is an electronic program and a circuit board. We chose our groups and I chose Raph and Xavier. On our first practise project we made a basic circuit which had a few alligator clips, a LED light, a battery pack and a battery.

On our second practise project we made a circuit with a breadboard, a LED light, a couple of basic cords, Arduino Uno board, a battery pack and a battery. It worked which was good.

I was away for the 1st project which was to make the a light blink which involved a Battery, battery pack and some standard cords.

For the second project I was back and we made another cool circuit. We had some troubleshooting to do though because we couldn’t get the right resistor. Once we found out that we had the wrong resistor we finally got the right one because we didn’t realise that you need the certain pattern and colours.

Our next problem for the second project was that the program wouldn’t load up. We made a different program but it still didn’t work so we found out that we had to try another computer because mine had a bit of a problem.

For our third project it was basic Xavier and Raph started their Blogs while I got the project working.

I didn’t really enjoy the fourth project because at the start it was hard to know where the holes were because on the breadboard picture on the screen it didn’t have any numbers which would of made it a lot easier. On our breadboard we finally figured it out that the resistors were in the wrong place.

The next problem that we had on our fourth project was that the program wouldn’t work, which was annoying because we didn’t know why. We tried to troubleshoot as we did last time but this time trying a different computer wouldn’t work and we ran out of time.

I give Arduino a 5 out of 10 because half of it was annoying and I didn’t like but the rest was okay. It was good to have a crack though because it is always good to try new things even if you don’t like them that much.

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