Lego Mindstorms EV3 Project 1

A few weeks ago Jack and I started building a Lego EV3 robot. The steps to making the robot were fun and some of them where pretty challenging but they paid off in the end once Jack and I got them built. Here is a few pictures to show the process.

This was a picture that was taken just when we started building the first bit of our robot.

This is our robot half built as you can see but without some other pieces.

This is the brick the main structure of the robot, it is like a motor to a car but you tell it what to do with the coding. The brick is pretty big but it will store a bit of space for your programs as well.

This is our fully completed robot with the wheels and the brick on.

The robot was fun to build with all the challenges and troubleshooting like trying to find the parts and the robots not working that well but week 1 of robotics was fun.

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