My Lego We Do experience

Dancing birds

For the past 2 weeks Max and I have been doing a Lego We Do project. We got 2 Boxes with Lego in it, Max and I opened the boxes and started to have a play around with the Lego. Mr. McKie told us to make at least 2 projects out of 3 at minimum of the projects that had instructions that were on the lego WeDo program. The first one was the dancing birds which we had to follow the instructions on the program to complete it because without them it would of been pretty complex. So we built the Dancing birds (which took a while) and we shortened and lengthened the poles holding up the birds to make them different heights.

Air plane rescue

Next we made the Air plane, it was awesome because the way cogs and the propeller was remarkable. I learnt that when you connect cogs to other pieces of lego (like propellers) it looks cool and it works very effectively. Once we finished our air plane rescue project we looked at some other peoples projects, Max and I didn’t find the sensor to make the plane’s propeller go faster or slower.


Wheel testing factory

Max and I made another 2 projects one was the Wheel testing factory which was great because first we were just making a wall with the red long bricks with the holes in them. Then Max came up with this idea of putting cogs in them and then I came up with the idea of putting on the wheels to make it a wheel testing factory. I enjoyed this project because it was our first project that we made ourselves and didn’t have instructions.


Person spinning machine

Next Max and I made our final lego WeDo project it was a person spinning machine. We created it by using one of the basic models and changed it up a bit. We programmed it to spin one way then the other.

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